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Procter & Gamble. (Feminine Hygiene Market News).

Among several new feminine hygiene products being offered by P&G, Cincinnati, OH, is the Tampax Pearl tampon which features an absorbent braid that can expand width-wise to provide a better fit. The tampons also feature a plastic applicator, a contoured grip that allows women to position the applicator more comfortably and a discreet wrapper. Tampax Pearl's packaging allows women to easily choose which product will suit their needs--the tampons' regular, super and super plus absorbency varieties are color-coded in yellow, orange and green, respectively. Tampax Pearl is available in scented or unscented varieties and is now available in mass retail locations with a retail value ranging from $3.99-$4.99.

P&G has also developed a Tampax Satin Learner's kit for girls, while serving as a tool for mothers or other trusted adults to initiate discussion about menstruation. The learner's kit combines comprehensive information regarding the use of tampons, including an instruction book, Tampax Satin Lites tampons and Alldays panty liners. Tampax Satin Lites applicator tampons have a rounded top to help with insertion. The tampons can be used alone or in conjunction with the provided samples of Alldays Combo wrapped panty liners, which absorb moisture and odor to help maintain a fresh feeling.

In other news, in May P&G announced a goal of doubling its business in Western Europe to mirror the penetration the company currently holds in the U.S. Paul Polman, president of P&G Western Europe, said he hopes that the 388 million households in Western Europe will help to double P&G's overall business.
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Title Annotation:Tampax Pearl tampon, Tampax Satin Learner's kit for girls introduced
Comment:Procter & Gamble. (Feminine Hygiene Market News).(Tampax Pearl tampon, Tampax Satin Learner's kit for girls introduced)
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Date:Nov 1, 2002
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