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Processing equipment and supplies.

Rheon's CWC Plant and EZ Table

Back in 1988 Rheon Automatic Machinery Ltd established a full scale production facility for test purposes at Charlotte in North California, USA. This facility has enabled Rheon to study in practical terms the total automation of bread/pastry manufacture, using the most advanced control systems. This in turn has led to rationalisation of variety production as well as the innovative technology of preproofed products.

The Charlotte centre incorporates a system called FAR 11 (factory automation Rheon 11), which includes an order control system, automatic material supply system, quality control system and dispatch system, all under process control with the relevant software. A novel and central part of this concept is the make-up plant which operates on the basis of continuous weight control (CWC), producing a dough sheet automatically with precise fat/butter apportioning right to the final shaping of high quality pastries or breads without the need for intermediate resting or proofing time.

The I-type CWC plant is of in-line configuration and combines a CWC dough feeder with a Universal make-up table equipped with the necessary devices for producing breads, rolls, etc, to individual requirements from a continuous dough sheet. The addition of laminating section and subsequent stress-free stretchers will form a C-type CWC for additional production of croissants and puff and Danish pastry products. With this unit, capacities up to 4 tonnes an hour are possible with just three operatives.

As an addition to these production systems, a new maintenance system, using a Modem, has been developed, allowing the C-type plant to be connected directly to Rheon head office so that in-house checking on screens in virtually instantaneous.

Rheon have also brought out a small bread production unit called EZ Table. This utilizes similar technology but with less sophistication. It employs a newly developed action roller, which performs a similar function to the stress-free stretcher and is particularly suitable for fermented doughs. Continuous dough sheet widths of 300 to 400mm at thicknesses between 4 and 15mm can be made by inputting the required dimensions and production speed at the control panel; maximum capacity is 500kg per hour. By adding a simple make-up table, the EZ can be used to produce a variety of breads and pastries.

Both these units will be on show at the forthcoming iba exhibition in Berlin but readers wanting more information can also contact Rheon at 114 Monnow Street, Monmouth, Gwent, tel: 0600 714531.

FAM's Cubic Technology

The new generation of FAM cutting machines marketed in the UK by Peter Holland Ltd, is suitable for a processing a diverse range of products, like vegetables, fruit and cheese. FAM is now correctly called DeVree FAM as the company was acquired by the Antwerp-based DeVree company in 1990. DeVree themselves are a well known engineering company; they are the market leaders in the supply of paint filling machinery across Europe, for instance.

Although there have been developments in cutting machinery in recent years, DeVree FAM have set to make fundamental changes in the design of such equipment with the introduction of their Cubic Technology.

The most obvious attribute of the new style of machine is that it is housed in a cabinet that is virtually a cube. Access can be gained from the three sides by means of hinged doors that may be removed in seconds when necessary. As the machine is usually built on a stainless steel stand positioning the machine above waist height, all drive parts are easy to reach. Both infeed and outlet chutes have been extended so that it is quite impossible for operators to reach the blades by that route! The doors are interlocked so the blades are stopped immediately any door is opened.

The inside of the cube has been designed so that moving parts, like belts, pulleys or drive motors, are separated from the are through which the product being cut passes, so eliminating the possibility of any lubricant contamination occurring. Likewise, when servicing or repairing the unit, the engineer can gain access to the working parts without touching the cutting blades. On some models the circular knife assembly can be lifted out by a hinged assembly so that the unit can be changed from being a dicer to a strip cutter or a shredding unit in a matter of moments.

As to the actual design, the parts themselves have been examined from a design point of view. Thus, the radius of the cross-cut knife spindle has been so designed that product dice can be produced without having rounded surfaces.

Several types of cutting machine are available. They are constructed from stainless steel and there is a new slicing guide on their Multi-Cutter. By increasing the width of the slicing barrel and the throat of one particular machine, they have improved the technique of creating cabbage strips for coleslaw production. Earlier machines had throats as small as 5.5in. but the new models have throats of twice that diameter. This means a cabbage of twice the diameter and probably four times the weight can now be handled without the need for preliminary cutting, which means that more strips of cabbage of the correct size are produced and there are fewer |chips' or |flats', which producers don't want. In some instances the FAM designers have now been able to ensure that the knives in their machines are now fully supported along their entire lengths, which means that blades cannot bow and can have differently radiused cutting edges.

All this technology has taken some time to create but their UK agents at ST. Peter's Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086 will be pleased to tell you more.

Flat Surface Electrodes

Sensorex flat surface combination pH electrodes are rugged, self-cleaning and have a flat measuring surface. The electrode's built-in gel-filled reference junction encloses the pH responsive flat glass surface and the large area of the porous junction provides good sample contact. This flat surface ensures that the full area is scrubbed by the turbulent flow.

This electrode is mounted in a special T junction so that it can be inserted into a flowline, say the suppliers Semat Technical of 1 Executive Park, Hatfield Road St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel:0727 41414.

APV Tweedy Relocating

Immediately after Easter the Tweedy division of APV Baker will be moving to new premises in Burnley. The new premises cover 22,000sq ft and will house both commercial and technical offices as well as spares and service workshop.

Their new address is Simonstone Business Park, Blackburn Road, Simonstone, Burnley, Lancashire, tel: 0282 78622.

Waterproof Robot

GMFanuc have developed a |washdown' robot that resolves a dilemma for the food industry where strict hygiene requirements have to be enforce. Earlier robots could not be hosed down but this new model can withstand all the chemical s substances likely to be encountered in wash or wipe-down procedures.

This robot, designated the Wasdown 510, conforms to USDA requirements for incidental food contact. It comprises an horizontal arm with three angular movements in the horizontal plane - one around the base, one elbow and a third at the wrist. In addition there is a vertical movement generated by a column extending from the case, so that the main body of the machine is kept away from the process area.

Two versions of this unit are available from GMFanuc Robotics Ltd at Seven Stars Industrial Estate, Wheler Road, Coventry, tel: 0203 639669.

Colour-Coded Wipes

Saul D Harrison & Sons Plc have brought out a range of colour-coded non woven wipes. They tell us these wipes are tough, durable and hygienic, and they can be machine washed, so they are economical.

The colour-coding blue, pink, green, yellow and white-means they can be designated to particular areas or used for one wiping task only, which helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

They are in manufactured form thick rayon and will soak up around eight times its their weight but such detail can be discussed with Harrisons' subsidiary Dispofab Ltd of Stronghold Works, 35 Waterden Road, Hackney, London E15, tel:081-533 5054.

Wemco Have Moved

Just before the turn of the year Wemco Pump moved from Northampton to Rugby. Their current address is Baker Hughes Pumps Europe, Swift House, Cosford Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire, tel: 0788 546996.

Non Contact Thermometer for Food

Icron Ltd of Unit 6, Park Road, Swanley, Kent, tel: 0322 613224 have brought out the Modline 22 infra red thermometer to measure temperatures of static or moving food products without containing them. They tell us temperatures up to 250C can be measured at accuracies of 1 percent, and likewise down to -50C.

The prefocused optical system on this thermometer provides a cone of measurement, offering a range of target size from 25m diameter at 380mm distance up to 200mm at 1800mm distance. Targeting is made simple by precise alignment of the optical system with the Modline housing.

The accuracy of this unit have been improved by concentrating sensitivity in the wavebands between 8 and 14 microns, so excluding water vapour and carbon dioxide which can cause errors by variable attenuation. Response time is adjustable and can be as slow at 10 seconds but is usually milliseconds to allow continuous measurement to be made.

LW Cryogenic Screw Conveyors

Readers will recollect that L W International Ltd was formed towards the end of last year and the company is based in Stowmarket. The Dutch company itself was only formed in 1987 but has enjoyed considerable success from the beginning.

On display at their UK premises one can see a Lubot Wakker Cryogenic system complete with BOC nitrogen control and supply system, Under a new agreement, BOC Ltd and Lubot Wakker are working together to supply the industry with the Cryomaster cryogenic screw feeder for the in-line chilling and freezing of particulate products. Currently such a unit is being used for chilling prepared vegetables prior to packaging but grated and diced cheese may also be chilled in the same manner.

When used for freezing the screwfeeder produces high quality individual quick frozen rice and meat products, and it can also be used to freeze herbs prior to grinding.

The body of this unit is an omega-profiled trough in which the auger rotates, gently propelling and turning the product in it. Made entirely from stainless steel, this unit can be supplied in a range of sizes. Freezing or chilling is effected by direct contact with liquid nitrogen that is injected through spray nozzles at a rate which depends on the product's exact cooling requirement. Temperature reduction is swift as the liquid nitrogen and its associated dense cold vapour mix intimately with the product.

The unit incorporates a balanced flow draught system to ensure that gas is removed from the product when the refrigerant effect of the gas has been fully utilised. To suit the application the screw can be fashioned in solid or open form and the whole until can be tilted to ensure proper product immersion and to provide the right output height. Other adjustments, like fan speed, gas pressure and auger speed, can call be made to suit the exact parameters required by the product.

Readers requiring move information should contact L W International at Unit 5a, Tomo Business Park, Creeting Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk, tel: 0449 771202.

High Heat Resistant Floors

A range of highly heat resistant resin floors has been launched by Flowcrete Systems Ltd. This solvent-free, resinbased mortar provides a near seamless dense thin layer floor finish that can be laid at thickness between 6 and 9mm.

Flowtex 2000 is one member of the range and it have been developed especially for the food and allied industries. It has high strength, good abrasion and impact resistance and will withstand steam temperatures. This flooring can be laid in a range of colours but complete details can be obtained from the company of Radnor Park Industrial Estate, Back lane, Congleton, Cheshire, tel:0260 270631.

Boots for Food Factories

Vredestein UK Ltd have introduced a range of boots developed specially to withstand use in food factories.

Their premium quality boots are once again being marketed under the Hevea brand name. This relaunch is marked by the introduction of a food industry boot in yellow. The Hevea Acifort boot is manufactured in Holland from a compound that makes it strong and yet it provides good insulation and resistance to manure acids and animal blood. These qualities, combined with the boot's shock absorbent non skid sole, make it particularly suitable for a wide range of industry requirements.

This is only one example of the company's range of special boots. For instance, their polyurethane boots are about twice as warm, about a third lighter and will last 60percent longer that conventional wellington boots, they assure us. But why not find out the details of the complete range from the company at Unit D, Whittle Close, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, tel: 0933 677770.

Jumbo Jelly Sprayer

Record Bakery Equipment 2000 Ltd have launched a new jelly sprayer that is capable of continuous operation, with options for either manual or fully automatic operation. The Jumbogel is manufactured by WVE in Holland and available in the UK from Record at Unit 10, Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel:0727 55559.

This unit comes in two parts, a base unit and a conveyor. The former consists of the spraying equipment including an 80 litre tank, two spray pistols attached to self-retracting hoses, the pump and heating element. The conveyor unit incorporates an automatic jellying unit and the belt itself comprises Polycord belts whose speed is adjustable.

Maintenance Sorbents

The new industrial maintenance Sorbents from 3M Environmental Safety Group allow manufacturers to achieve containment and easy clean-up of spillages of oil and non aggressive liquids. They are available in boom and pillow format, and provide high absorbency in a matter of seconds and, due to the their high liquid retention capability, can be retrieved without drips or break-up.

More information is available from 3M United Kingdom Plc at 3M House, PO Box 1, Market Place, Bracknell, Berkshire, tel: 0344 858546.

Screw Trough Outlet

There is a need for a clead discharge cut-off from U-trough screw conveyors and Carrier Bulk Materials Handling Ltd have developed the Trough Form Slide to eliminate the pocket of material trapped beneath the auger unit in conventional flat shutter designs.

Based on twin opposed radial shutters, the outlet slides fully open for uninterrupted discharge of material and close to restore the clean curve of the trough without ledges to retain material.

A range of Trough Form outlets is available to fit diameters from 150 to 600mm from the makers at East Street, Braintree, Essex, tel: 0376 21102.

Temperature Logging

The latest 500 Series Squirrel data loggers from Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd have been specifically designed to log temperatures throughout the cold chain.

Three models are available from the company at Barrington, Cambridge, tel: 0763 260811. There is one for use in rigid body vehicles, which is cab-mounted, another that is sufficiently robust to allow it to be mounted on the outside of an articulated vehicle, and the remaining unit is suitable for use in either cold stores and display cabinets.

These 500 Series units measure and record temperatures from up to 16 sensors and also accept up to 8 inputs, which can be used to monitor doors opening or closing and the status of a refrigeration system. Logged data can be output directly to a hand-held printer.

These units wee displayed at the Chilled Food Services exhibition.

Hair Nets

The problem of keeping hair out of food products is recognised as being a high priority as far as hygiene levels are concerned. Whilst it is difficult to totally contain hair with hats or caps, a hairnet can solve the problem.

Lion Hair Care, part of the A C Gill Group, now produce hairnets in very visible colours - sky blue, white, red, lemon and green. These can be used to denote rank areas of the factory or even the company's corporate colour.

A C Gill Ltd are located at Warser Gate, Nottingham, tel: 0602 502268.

Pancake and Waffle Bakers

Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd are now able to supply a range of high volume machines for the automatic production of all types of pancake and waffle. Their SOW range of machines is manufactured by Hass of Austria and is available in a range of sizes holding from 48 to 110 sets of baking plates, each of which has 6 to 9 waffle moulds.

These machines incorporate twin chain rails and an endless link chain for transporting baking plates through the oven. Heat is provided by a adjustable gas burners and an infra red sensor ensures that the temperature remains constant. Batter is deposited into the moulds by means of a stainless steel container and sieve, infinitely variable impeller pump and depositing arm. nce cooked, the waffle is automatically lifted off the plate either by a drum using needles or vacuum suction caps but such detail can be discussed with the suppliers of 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel: 0727 43136.

Lovibond's Turbidity Measurement System

The Tintometer Ltd, makers of Lovibond instruments, have brought out a range of on-line instrumentation for turbidity measurement. Employing such technical advances as |ratio method' signal processing and patented |solid optical geometry', all Lovibond turbidity meters use a horizontal light path so that measurements are not affected by setting out of particulate matter and silicone photodiodes ensure that measurements are unaffected by coloured liquids.

Four different styles of units are available and to discover which would suit a particular application, why not contact the company at Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, tel: 0722 327242.

Container Box Bakery

Baktech International Ltd have been installing bakeries internationally for some years but recently they developed their Container Box Bakery. In essence, this consists of a fully equipped bakery fitted inside a standard 12m ISO container. Totally self-contained, it requires only raw materials to be able to produce bread within hours of being placed in position. It is even possible to ensurance it has full mobility by fitted it inside a 40ft trailer. We understand such a bakery has an output of 720 by 500g tin loaves an hour and needs three operatives. Layouts can be varied to suit the type of output required.

This unit is basically divided into two part, one being the fully air conditioned dough-making area and the other being the proving and baking area in ambient conditions controlled by extraction fans.

Readers needing more information about this bakery and their other project management services should contact the company at 260 Hillmorton Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, tel: 0788 61658.

Alpeninox from Electrolux

The Electrolux company has launched on to the market a whole range of specially designed refrigeration equipment that is Italian made.

To differentiate this range from others, it is being marketed by Alpeninox Refrigeration UK Ltd of Unit 6, 307 Merton Road, London Sw18, tel: 081-875 0051.

This range is primarily intended for the catering business but certain items could well interest manufacturers just because of their size. For instance, they have available a range of cabinets in slimline, dual temperature and economy varieties, a range of counters, mini clod rooms, pass-thru/roll-in cabinets, ice makers, blast chillers/freezen, etc.

All items are made in stainless steel to high specification, to ensure they stand up to commercial use.

Continuous Separator for Sugar

A range of high efficiency continous centrifugal separators has been designed and developed by Protec Machinery Ltd of East Kilbride, Scotland, tel: 03552 43929.

These units, developed in conjunction with Connor Mirlees, are known as the Centec range. Designed particularly for the sugar industry, these separators have the advantage of a low inertia and low overall centre of gravity. They also need less energy input for a given output, we are assured. There are three models in the range and they have been designed to achieve constant feeding conditions, good molasses purity and consistent colour in the finished product.

Automatic Poultry Skinner

APS 9800 is the model number for the latest automatic poultry skinner from Food Industry Equipment Europe Ltd. In tests they tell us that production rates using these skinners can be increased by a factor of at least three.

Constructed from stainless steel, the APS 9800 requires no tools to strip it down and a roller cleaning system ensures it does not clog up in use.

Readers needing more information should contact the suppliers at Unit 2, Sunters End, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tel:0494 471831.

Penetrating Polyurethane Treatment

A specially formulated penetrating polyurethane treatment has been introduced by Kerner Greenwood & Co Ltd of Station Works, Bury Road, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, tel: 0487 710303. Called Dycol, this material is able to seal, decorate and protect walls and floors.

Apparently, it become an integral part of the substrate and therefore does not peel but permanently seals the surface against dust, dirt, grease and water. It will also resist spillages of dilute acids, alkalis and chemicals. Dycol can be used on concrete, asbestos cement, plywood, hardboard, renderings, brick or other absorbent construction materials.

WWC's new Rotary Valves

WWC Engineering Ltd have brought out a new range of rotary valvesfor the controlling the flow of particulate material.

Constructed in heavy gauge mild steel and powder coat painted, these valves utilize reduction geared motors driving Neoprene tipped valve blades to allow a controlled flow of material. They are available in a range of lenghts from WWC at Units 2 and 3, Soho Mill, Wooburn Green, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tel: 06285 28412.

Auto Systems new Chickway Unit

The Chickway 2C2 has been designed to bring the benefits of on-line sizing and grading to poultry processors wishing to take the first step towards full automation. All settings are made via the control cabinet's integral keypad - the user being guided through each stage by a series of menus on the LCD screen. During operation this screen shows the total weights and counts in each weight range.

Offering throughputs up to 6000 birds an hour, this single line system has a two weigh-station capacity serving a maximum of 16 drop points, any number of which can be allocated to each station. Each drop can be set to handle two sizes of bird simultaneously, in accordance with preprogrammed weight bands set by the user, and a rate-limiter allows the rate of birds at any number of drops to be controlled. All these details can be discussed with the company at Crosland Hall, Netherton, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire tel: 0484 665111.

Modular Machine Guards

Fortress Interlocks Ltd of 148-150 Birmingham New Road, Wolverhampton, tel: 0902 403546 have developed a range of stainless steel perimeter guarding units. These modular items are designed to allow the construction of enclosures around potentially hazardous machinery.

Being stainless steel, they will withstand aggressive cleaning regimes and comprise locks and guarding tailored to each application.

Small Scale Freezers

In 1985 Instacool In was founded to exploit a newly patented method of ultra rapid freezing. Instacool meets the needs of companies that require the flexibility to process small batches of high quality product.

Currently they are marketing four freezers. The smallest is a self-contained pilot or project freezer with a capacity of just 4lb an hour; the next size up can manage 20lb an hour. Their largest batch model can handle up to 220lb per hour but their continuous unit should have an output of around 1500lb when fully developed.

The company itself is located at 11300 Sanders Drive, Suite 14, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742, USA, fax:(916) 635-5802.

Steam Filters

A complete range of steam fillers is now available from Balston Ltd of Monckton's Lane, Maidstone, Kent, tel:0622 686611. They are designed to remove contaminants from direct contact steam used for cooking, agitating or mixing food products. They eliminate particulate contamination and reduce steam condensate used in the process. The filters available for line sizes from 1 to 2in. in diameter at flows up to 900kg per hour and pressures up to 8.5 bar. Type 23R stainless steel housings supplied with their SR grade Microfibre Filter Tubes to operate at more than 98 percent efficiency down to levels of 0.1 micron.

APV's |R' Series Pumps

The |R' Series positive displacement rotary pumps, introduced into the UK by APV Crepaco, are ruggedly designed and suitable for hygienic applications. The casing and shafts are made from 316 stainless steel and all pumps in the range are fitted with food grade seals and rotor materials.

A variety of rotor types and mounting configurations provide flexibility. With stainless steel body and resilient moulded rotors, disassembly is simple but the full specification can be discussed with the suppliers at Fort Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, tel:0323 22804.

Contibac Continuous Thickener

An addition to the Dr M range of filtration and separation equipment is the Contibac system. This is a derivative of the Dr M Fundabac filtration system and full information on it can be obtained from Martyn Scott Associatews of PO Box 71, Newbury, Berkshire, tel:0635 521066.

The Contibac uses a modified Fundabac filter that is used on very low solid suspensions as a continuous thickener to produce a completely clear filtrate. This unit can be used for concentrating suspensions before centrifuging, as a final step in filtering suspensions for post-filtration of centrifuge over-runs and filtrates containing a few parts per million of solids, or for the recovery of solids in the wash phase or waste stream and for the final filtration of industrial waste streams.

Enzyme-based Sensor

The MC2 is a microprocessor-controlled multi-sensor unit designed for carrying out analysis in the food industry. Developed by the French company Dosivit, the unit consists of an electronic control unit and probe, which can detect particular substances in complex mixtures where a number of components are present in varying concentrations.

In particular, the probe can sucessively analyze the presence of several substances, depending on the type of detector in the measurement head. The unit has initially been programmed for five substances-glucose, sucrose, lactose, lactates and ethanol.

Dosivit are located at Atlanpole, Site de la Chantrerie, CP 6024, 44070 Nantes Cedex 03, France, fax:(01033)40687006.

Graseby Goring Kerr's TEK DSP

The renamed company Graseby Goring Kerr has developed a new detector that is claimed to provide greater levels of sensitivity than are available from other metal detectors.

The TEK DSP is said to be the world's first to use a digital signal procesor to replace the conventional micro-processor. This provides processing power not previously available at a reasonable price, enabling complex mathematical processes to be performed on digital signals in real time. The benefits include clearer signals, thus greater sensitivity, as well as quicker and more flexible processing and setting-up.

The TEK DSP will detect metallic substances approximately a third smaller than was possible with the earlier technology. Sensitivity related features are described as residual compensation, digital noise reduction, dual signal technology, auto product mode selection and auto sensitivity adjustment. For a more precise definition of these characteristics, readers should contact the company at Vale Road, Windsor Berkshire, tel:0753 869351. We understand this new unit will fit in with line speeds from 0.25 to 1000 m a minute.
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