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Pritchitt Foods' successful growth and development.

Pritchitt Foods' Successful Growth and Development

The paths of Pritchitt Foods and the Food Trade Review have run on parallel courses for a remarkable number of years. Pritchitt, founded in 1925, was one of the original subscribers to Food Trade Review. Both are independently owned companies which have weathered the varying economic conditions and each has enjoyed sustained and satisfying progress over the years. Perhaps more importantly, both companies can look forward with some confidence to the future.

Pritchitt Foods has been enjoying excellent levels of trade both in the UK and overseas. Indeed, the success of their export business was recognized earlier this year by the granting of The Queen's Award for Export Achievement-a proud moment in the company's history.

Their successful growth began with the introduction in the early thirties of vegetable fats to the ice cream trade. This innovation was followed by the development of sales of Comelle ice cream and Millac powdered milk, and led to a range of products for caterers. Over the years the company has gained a deep understanding of the catering market and of caterer's requirements and has developed and tailored its products to suit these needs. Helping caterers to solve their problems by introducing appropriate products is a key element of Pritchitt's philosophy.

Marketing is backed by a full range of research facilities and by a programme of product development designed to ensure continuing growth for the company over the coming year.

Their research unit is based at Newtownards, in Northern Ireland, where they have a factory equipped with modern, technologically advanced machinery that is continually updated. Recently acquired is a (2 Pounds m.) portion pack machine, the only one in the UK and one of only four in the world, which can produce 2 million portion pots a day. The research unit, like the remainder of the factory, is fully equipped and, in addition to the vital function of quality control, carries out continuous research into improving existing products and developing new ones.

The Autumn of this year sees the introduction to the UK market of the latest product developed by their team. This is Half Fat Millac Maid, a portion pot product designed to help caterers satisfy the enormous and expanding market for reduced fat milk products which currently represents over one third of total milk sales to consumers. Half Fat Millac Maid contains only 1.6 percent fat, the same level as in semi-skimmed milk.

In addition to developing products, the company is also seeking to source and market food items which compliment their existing range. Thus, following successful test marketing earlier this year, Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies were introduced nationally in July. These cookies, made to a recipe that includes 10 percent of chocolate chips, are intended solely for the catering trade. They are individually wrapped and presented in trays of 20. Encouraged by demand for the Giant Cookies, Pritchitts are hoping to extend the range later in the year.

Another product range which shows excellent potential for the future is the Maid range of portion pots-Millac Maid, Cafe Maid and Half Fat Millac Maid. Caterers have rapidly come to appreciate the advantage offered in terms of economy and convenience by these easy to handle and store products.

The future also offers excellent potential for Roselle Supreme their market leading brand which provides caterers with an alternative to dairy cream. Roselle Supreme whips up to three times its own volume, is highly stable and will hold its shape for 24 hours. Its versatility enables caterers to use a cost effective alternative to dairy cream with no compromise on taste.

Pritchitt is also looking to continue development of its Comelle brand of ice cream. Available in dairy and dairy alternative versions, and in both liquid and powder form, Comelle has recently introduced a new range of attractive and effective point of sale material.

Readers can get the company at Comelle House, Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent, tel: 081-464-3399.
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