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Welcome to Charleston! Yes, it has been a year since Memphis, and we are gathering in the great city of Charleston for our annual Forum. We have another superb, and we think improved, program planned for you. This year you will find even more focus on education and knowledge sharing.

The NDTA NDTA National Defense Transportation Association
NDTA National Dance Teachers Association
NDTA Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association (Laguna Beach, CA)
NDTA North Dakota Telephone Association
 is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational association. Our mission is to foster a strong and efficient global travel, transportation, and distribution system by:

* Advancing the knowledge and science of travel, transportation, and distribution;

* Facilitating knowledge sharing; and

* Educating members on important issues affecting the Defense Transportation System.

Our emphasis on education starts with a Sunday class on Lean Management. Last year in Memphis, Dr. Tom Greenwood introduced us to the principles of Lean Management/Six Sigma. This seven-hour class will examine these topics in more depth and provide attendees with Continuing Education Units continuing education unit (CEU),
n educational classes or experiences for licensed dental professionals that extend, update, or renew their knowledge of practices in their field. Some classes may be required for relicensing.
 (CEU CEU Continuing Education Unit
CEU Central European University
CEU College of Eastern Utah (Price, UT)
CEU Centro Escolar University (Manila, Philippines)
CEU Centro Escolar University
) and a better understanding of the principles introduced by Dr. Greenwood. On Wednesday MajGen Morrill, USAF, Vice Director DLA DLA

dog leukocyte antigen.
 will lead a panel discussing Lean/Six Sigma success stories--real world examples of the results of implementing improved processes using these principles.

On Tuesday afternoon, attendees will have an opportunity to visit and share knowledge with the Aerial Port An airfield that has been designated for the sustained air movement of personnel and materiel as well as an authorized port for entrance into or departure from the country where located. Also called APORT. See also port of debarkation; port of embarkation.  operators. Learn how the resupply re·sup·ply  
tr.v. re·sup·plied, re·sup·ply·ing, re·sup·plies
To provide with fresh supplies, as of weapons and ammunition.

 pallets are "built" in the DLA Depot, transported to the Charleston Aerial Port, processed, and then loaded on the C-17 Aircraft or commercial airlift for movement to the theater of operations Noun 1. theater of operations - a region in which active military operations are in progress; "the army was in the field awaiting action"; "he served in the Vietnam theater for three years"
field of operations, theatre of operations, theater, theatre, field
. Others may visit the Ocean Terminal and observe heavy equipment being loaded/discharged from Military or Commercial Roll-On/Roll-Off ships and/or Commercial Container ship operations. Both of these "field trips" provide attendees with an opportunity to see actual operations and share knowledge with those performing the tasks.

We continue with our format of Government, Military, and Industry keynote speakers during the morning sessions, augmented with roundtable discussions and followed by breakout sessions on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. There is a superb selection of topics and sessions conducted by industry and military leaders. To gain the most value from all of the speakers, roundtables, and sessions, one must engage in dialogue. Ask questions, share your experiences, and share knowledge with all the attendees.

Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, we are offering a three-hour table top exercise for those interested and involved in Emergency Preparedness. Lean management/six sigma, keynote speakers, professional development sessions, and table top exercises form the core of this Forum. Every attendee has the opportunity to learn and share their knowledge with others, and all should depart better informed and more knowledgeable of Travel, Transportation, and Distribution.

Included throughout the program are opportunities to network, have one-on-one conversations with your industry or government associates, and contribute to our national objectives. Let the networking start on Sunday night Sunday Night, later named Michelob Presents Night Music, was an NBC late-night television show which aired for two seasons between 1988 and 1990 as a showcase for jazz and eclectic musical artists.  aboard the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown during the YRC YRC Yellow Roadway Corporation
YRC York Railway Company
YRC Yokohama Rubber Company, Ltd.
 Worldwide-sponsored NDTA Scholarship event. Take advantage of the opening expo session at noon on Monday. Visit the exhibit area, talk to the exhibitors, learn about their products and services, and depart better informed about industry capabilities. Wrap up Monday by discussing the day's activities or planning the evening's dinner with friends or colleagues at the FedEx sponsored Scholarship event. These two scholarship events help provide the resources for NDTA to award our National-level Scholarships each year.

Tuesday provides more networking opportunities during the second exhibit period and the President's reception and Chairman's Awards dinner that evening. This year, as an exception to our normal policy, we are recognizing three individuals who have made outstanding contributions to NDTA throughout their careers with the NDTA President's award: General Walter Kross, our outgoing Vice Chairman of the Board; Mr. Daryl Deel, our outgoing Chairman of the Surface Committee; and Mr. Ken Gaulden, a VISA "plank holder," original member of the sealift sea·lift  
tr.v. sea·lift·ed, sea·lift·ing, sea·lifts
To transport (troops or supplies) by sea, as when ground or air routes are blocked.

A system or an instance of such transport.
 committee EWG EWG Environmental Working Group
EWG Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft (German: European Economic Community)
EWG Expert Working Group
EWG Executive Working Group
EWG Electron-Withdrawing Group
EWG UN/EDIFACT Working Group
, and leading industry supporter of DOD (1) (Dial On Demand) A feature that allows a device to automatically dial a telephone number. For example, an ISDN router with dial on demand will automatically dial up the ISP when it senses IP traffic destined for the Internet. . The evening awards ceremony concludes with the recognition of Mr. James Henry as the recipient of the NDTA Transportation Award and LTG LTG
lieutenant general
 C.V. Christianson, J-4 receiving the NDTA Defense Meritorious Service Award.

Thank you for attending the 61st annual Forum and Logistics Exposition. Thank you for your support as NDTA members, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and contributors. As always, I seek your feedback and suggestions on the leadership and management of your association. Enjoy the Forum!

LTG Ken Wykle, USA (Ret.)

NDTA President

COPYRIGHT 2007 National Defense Transportation Association
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Author:Wykle, Ken
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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