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Eco Speakers ($15; are lightweight and portable and work with most MP3 players. They're made from 70 percent post-consumer recycled material, and 10 percent of proceeds go to Global Green, an environmental nonprofit.

Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals Mini Body Butter Collection ($24; is paraben-free and scented with essential oils.

Burt's Bees Head to Toe Starter Kit ($15; includes peppermint peppermint: see mint.


Strongly aromatic perennial herb (Mentha piperita, mint family), source of a widely used flavouring. Native to Europe and Asia, it has been naturalized in North America.  soap and lemon butter cuticle cuticle /cu·ti·cle/ (ku´ti-k'l)
1. a layer of more or less solid substance covering the free surface of an epithelial cell.

2. eponychium (1).

3. a horny secreted layer.

The Do Just One Thing daily desk calendar ($12; by green-living guru Danny Seo is chock-full of simple planet-saving tips.

Eddie Bauer's snowflake-decorated reusable hand warmers ($19.50 for two; are pocket-size and release heat for an hour. Place them in boiling water to "recharge" them.

Chico Bag ($5; or Envirosax ($8 to $25; will encourage giftees to dispense plastic shopping bags. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, the bags fold up to save space when not in use.

Paromi Teas ($12.50 for 15 biodegradable sachets; come in unique blends like Lemon Ginger and Pineapple Papaya papaya (pəpī`ə), soft-stemmed tree (Carica papaya) of tropical America resembling a palm with a crown of palmately lobed leaves.  and are housed in lightproof light·proof  
Impenetrable by light: film stored in lightproof containers.

Adj. 1. lightproof - not penetrable by light; "lightproof containers"
 amber glass jars that look like supplement bottles.

Brookfarm Macadamia Oil ($13; is mild and nutty, has a balanced ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids This is a list of omega-3 fatty acids.

Common name Lipid name Chemical name
α-Linolenic acid (ALA) 18:3 (n-3) octadeca-9,12,15-trienoic acid
Stearidonic acid 18:4 (n-3) octadeca-6,9,12,15-tetraenoic acid
, and is made by an Australian company that's actively involved in reforestation Reforestation

The reestablishment of forest cover either naturally or artificially. Given enough time, natural regeneration will usually occur in areas where temperatures and rainfall are adequate and when grazing and wildfires are not too frequent.

Smartwool Baby Polka polka, ballroom dance for couples in 2/4 time. Originated by Bohemian peasants about 1830 from steps of the schottische and other dances, the polka by 1835 reached the drawing rooms of Prague, from which it spread to the capitals of Europe.  Dot Hat/Mitten Set ($25; uses wool that is sustainably and humanely harvested from sheep in New Zealand and colored without the use of chemicals or heavy metals. CHARITABLE Target Thanks and Giving Thanks and Giving is the national fund-raising program of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a leading pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases that was founded by the late entertainer, Danny Thomas.  Plush Elephant Gift Card Holder ($3; Target stores nationwide) donates 100 percent of its profits to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, founded in 1962, is a leading pediatric treatment and research facility focused on children's catastrophic diseases. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 1996, Peter Doherty, Ph.D., of St.
. Art for the Animals Madagascar Solitaire solitaire or patience, any card game that can be played by one person. Solitaire is the American name; in England it is known as patience. There are probably more kinds of solitaire than all other card games together.  game ($40; is made with hand-polished stones. Funds from the purchase benefit the Lemur Conservation Foundation. Veladora "Loyal" soy wax candle ($29; is lightly scented and all proceeds from the purchase benefit the Humane Society of the United States The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a Washington, D.C-based animal welfare advocacy group. It is the largest animal welfare organization in the world, with nearly 10 million members and a 2006 budget of US$103 million. . Choxie Thanks and Giving Truffle truffle (trŭf`əl) [Fr.], subterranean edible fungus that forms a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship with the roots of certain trees and plants. The part of the fungus used as food is the ascoma, the fruiting body of the fungus.  Tiles set ($10; Target stores nationwide) features artwork on each chocolate by children receiving treatment from St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital; 100 percent of proceeds go to the hospital. Dancing Deer Sweet Home Gingerbread House Kit ($22; makes for a fun holiday activity, and Dancing Deer will donate 35 percent of the proceeds to the One Family Scholars Program, a charity for homeless mothers and their children. FAIR-TRADE Balitono ($5 each; Whole Foods Markets nationwide) and World of Good ($10 to $12 each; have adorable animal ornaments handmade by artisans in Peru and Bali. Dominos Boxed Set ($33; are hand painted by artisans from Thailand who receive fair wages for their work. A Greater Gift Salt and Pepper
For the American R&B and hip hop group, see Salt-N-Pepa.
For the seasonings, see Edible salt and Black pepper.
For the type of noise, see Salt and pepper noise.
 Shaker Spheres ($8;, carved from the gorara stone and polished to a shine, are produced by Tara Projects, a group that works to end child labor in India. Theo Chocolate 3400 Phinney Bar Collection ($22; contains six milk and dark chocolate bars in flavors like Chai Tea and crunchy Bread & Chocolate. HANDMADE Rabbit Food Cookbook ($20; by Beth Barnett is ideal for the vegetarians on your list. In addition to creating the recipes, Barnett silk-screened the cover by hand and drew the 250+ illustrations inside. Boule's Korova Sables ($10 for 10; are chocolaty, buttery, not-too-sweet cookies for grown-ups. The Savannah Savannah, city, United States
Savannah, city (1990 pop. 137,560), seat of Chatham co., SE Ga., a port of entry on the Savannah River near its mouth; inc. 1789.
 Bee Honey Sampler ($21; contains three-ounce jars of orange blossom, black sage, raspberry, and tupelo honey. RECYCLED The Tarma Snowflake Pendant ($25; is crafted from recycled stainless steel. The Pine Mountain All-Natural Firelog ($3.29 each;, made from recycled sawdust and vegetable wax, conserves natural resources and releases 70 to 80 percent fewer emissions than traditional firewood. Sub-Studio's Deer cards ($15 for five; are silk-screened by hand onto recycled paper and benefit the Shama Sha´ma

n. 1. (Zool.) A saxicoline singing bird (Kittacincla macroura) of India, noted for the sweetness and power of its song.
 Foundation, a nonprofit that provides educational programs for African children in need. ORGANIC The Origins Smile It's Organic lip-tint kit ($27.50; is 95 percent organic and contains four shades of lip color: Raw Honey, Eco-pink, Vintage, and Organic Plum. If you prefer to donate to charities in lieu of gifts, we recommend the following resources: ABC ABC
 in full American Broadcasting Co.

Major U.S. television network. It began when the expanding national radio network NBC split into the separate Red and Blue networks in 1928.
 Home & Planet Foundation's MISSIONmarket ( Choose from 13 different charities—including one that supports victims of violence in the Congo and another that cares for animals abused by factory farming. ABC Home & Planet screened the charities to ensure donations would be used responsibly. and These websites act as portals that direct you to mainstream companies like Macy's, Hallmark, Sony, and The difference is that by starting at these sites, a portion of your purchases funds charities. benefits Global Giving, a nonprofit that supports grassroots human rights and environmental campaigns, and supports The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Rainforest Site, The Animal Rescue Site, and Let your gift recipient be more involved in the donation process: This website allows you to purchase gift certificates that your friends and family redeem and donate to the charities of their choice (there are 75 to pick from). This is a social-networking site that connects you directly to people looking to raise funds for charitable projects big and small. Support a family doing a walk for cancer research or donate to a lesser-known charity like The Foundation for Self-Sufficiency in Central America (FSSCA), a Texas-based group working to improve the quality of life in low-income communities in Central America. What are your favorite charities? Share your thoughts on the Message Boards.
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