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Obstetric medicine: interlinking obstetrics and internal medicine. Acquah, L.; Burton, R. Case study Aug 30, 2014 2691
Healthy Moms Program Helps Women Who Are Obese Limit Weight Gain During Pregnancy. Aug 28, 2014 1122
9/11 Dust Cloud Most Likely Have Created Pregnancy Issues: Celebrities Who Posed Nude During Pregnancy. Aug 18, 2014 390
Shakira Reportedly Pregnant With Second Baby: Pregnant Women Should Stop Using Antibacterial Soaps -- Study. Medical condition overview Aug 15, 2014 310
Pregnancy alarm trial at hospital. Aug 12, 2014 254
Early birth linked to prepregnancy diet: consuming junk food before conception may harm baby-to-be. Seppa, Nathan Aug 9, 2014 357
Work out in water during pregnancy to stay fit. Aug 3, 2014 778
A cross-sectional analytical study of geophagia practices and blood metal concentrations in pregnant women in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mathee, A.; Kootbodien, T.; Mahuma, T.; Nkomo, P.; Naik, I. Report Aug 1, 2014 4716
Current considerations of HIV and HCV testing and the risks of vertical transmission during pregnancy. Urry, Kelley; Mardis, Connie Cover story Aug 1, 2014 2040
Pregnancy Accommodation Laws Surprise Employers. Jul 19, 2014 400
'Avengers: Age of Ultron': How Scarlett Johansson's Pregnancy Affects Filming. Jul 19, 2014 377
Eva Mendes Pregnant with Ryan Gosling's Child: Actress Couldn't Imagine Having Babies Years Back-Report. Jul 10, 2014 369
Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy: An Eye Opener To Many Going To Be Mommies. Jul 10, 2014 521
Fears over mental health care for pregnant women. Medical condition overview Jul 10, 2014 496
Now, biomarker that predicts 'preeclampsia' 6 weeks into pregnancy. Jul 9, 2014 257
More pregnancy troubles for overweight women. Brody, Jane E. Jul 9, 2014 877
Inadequate weight gain ups preterm risk in twin pregnancies. Worcester, Sharon Jul 1, 2014 405
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: PUFA supplementation. Koren, Gideon Jul 1, 2014 632
Ways to Alleviate Pregnancy Discomforts From Jul 1, 2014 556
'I'm going to keep working until I go into labour' 'I'm going to keep working until I go into labour' Pregnant TV goddess and new Garnier girl Holly Willoughby, 33, talks baby brain and keeping busy before the new arrival. Jun 29, 2014 1282
'I'm going to keep working until I go into labour' Pregnant TV goddess and new Garnier girl Holly Willoughby, 33, talks baby brain and keeping busy before the new arrival. Jun 29, 2014 1280
Mum's the word no more! News of Yosra el Lozy's pregnancy out in the open! Jun 24, 2014 155
NZ Woman Rebecca Oldman Advised to Have Her Ovaries Removed, 'Shocks Doctors With Pregnancy'. Jun 17, 2014 338
Breathing pregnancy problems away. Jun 14, 2014 874
Is Kelly Rowland pregnant with her first child? Jun 11, 2014 181
Myths and facts about infertility. Jun 7, 2014 1507
Kourtney Kardashian Tells Khloe Kardashian and French Montana About Her Pregnancy [PHOTOS]. Jun 6, 2014 327
Herbal medicine use in pregnancy. Tester, Jodie Abstract Jun 1, 2014 675
Outcomes after cranberry use during pregnancy. Tester, Jodie Abstract Jun 1, 2014 663
Timing of antenatal care and ART initiation in HIV-infected pregnant women before and after introduction of NIMART. Mnyani, C.N.; Marinda, E.; Struthers, H.; Gulley, M.; Machepa, R.; McIntyre, J. Report Jun 1, 2014 1646
Drugs approved in 2013. Briggs, Gerald G. Jun 1, 2014 1467
Folate status in pregnant women: current situation on the island of Ireland. May 31, 2014 143
Active pregnant women could give birth without medical intervention: Study. Medical condition overview May 29, 2014 127
Poor-quality sleep during pregnancy ups risk of weight gain in offspring during adulthood. May 18, 2014 324
Pregnancy linked to serious car crash risk. May 13, 2014 176
Mothers prone to diabetes in second pregnancy. May 11, 2014 359
Heavily pregnant; Mums-to-be putting on dangerous amount of weight, research warns. May 8, 2014 567
Beyonce Knowles Pregnant with Second Baby: Reason Why Jay Z is Co-Touring with Her? May 5, 2014 367
Smoking during pregnancy may raise heart defects risk in babies. May 5, 2014 317
Motherhood begins before pregnancy. May 2, 2014 612
Association between maternal serum perfluoroalkyl substances during pregnancy and maternal and cord thyroid hormones: Taiwan maternal and infant cohort study. Wang, Yan; Rogan, Walter J.; Chen, Pau-Chung; Lien, Guang-Wen; Chen, Hsiao-Yen; Tseng, Ying-Chih; Lo Report May 1, 2014 7008
Treat subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Boschert, Sherry Medical condition overview May 1, 2014 683
Wonderful news on Crisis Pregnancy Centers: a big win in court and the deception of NARAL and PPFA revealed. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2014 798
Tila Tequila Pregnant With First Child: Is Jose Cuervo the Father? Apr 21, 2014 310
I BLEW [euro]90,000 ADDICTED TO DRINK AND PILLS then a miracle baby saved me from death; Liz Badcock was slowly killing herself with alcohol and pills when she suddenly found herself pregnant with the baby she and her husband longed for... Apr 16, 2014 1447
I BLEW PS75,000 ADDICTED TO DRINK AND PILLS then a miracle baby saved me from death; Liz Badcock was slowly killing herself with alcohol and pills when she suddenly found herself pregnant with the baby she and her husband longed for.. Apr 16, 2014 1447
I BLEW PS75,000 ADDICTED TO DRINK AND PILLS; then a miracle baby saved me from death Liz Badcock was slowly killing herself with alcohol and pills when she suddenly found herself pregnant with the baby she and her husband longed for... Apr 16, 2014 1439
Blood pressure warning on pregnancy. Apr 16, 2014 137
Women Who Gain Too Much or Too Little Weight During Pregnancy at Risk for Having Overweight Child. Apr 15, 2014 466
The role and efficacy of misoprostol in pregnancy termination--a review article. Alavi, Azin; Mahmudi, Forugh; Shahrzad, Mohammad Esmaeil; Shahri, Rokhsare Zare; Namazi, Seyed Shoja Report Apr 15, 2014 3473
Sleep quality in pregnancy during treatment with Bryophyllum pinnatum: an observational study. Lambrigger-Steiner, C.; Simoes-Wust, A.P.; Kuck, A.; Furer, K.; Hamburger, M.; von Mandach, U. Report Apr 15, 2014 3936
Women Who Gain Too Much or Too Little Weight During Pregnancy at Risk for Having an Overweight Child. Apr 14, 2014 916
'Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Victoria Pregnant; Adam Newman Returns? Apr 7, 2014 349
Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to child's risk of ADHD. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Apr 5, 2014 169
A unique co-culture model for fundamental and applied studies of human fetoplacental steroidogenesis and interference by environmental chemicals. Thibeault, Andree-Anne Hudon; Deroy, Kathy; Vaillancourt, Cathy; Sanderson, J. Thomas Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 6792
The case of sacrococcygeal teratoma in an IVF pregnancy: is there any association between congenital tumors and assisted reproduction techniques? Tempe, Anjali; Singh, Nilanchali; Sharma, Ila; Agarwal, Satish Case study Apr 1, 2014 1948
Antiphospholipid antibodies alone may confer modest risk: key to risk are prior clots and losses, APS diagnostic criteria. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2014 1048
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: methylphenidate for ADHD. Chambers, Christina Apr 1, 2014 705
Male chromosome hinders female cattle reproduction. Avant, Sandra Apr 1, 2014 1051
Cost benefit analysis of same day pregnancy tests in elective orthopaedic surgery. Hutzler, Lorraine; Kraemer, Kandy; Palmer, Nickie; Albert, David; Bosco, Joseph A. Report Apr 1, 2014 1927
Induction of labour at a regional hospital in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Malende, B.; Moodley, J.; Kambaran, S.R. Report Apr 1, 2014 4182
Smoking while pregnant still a Wales-wide issue. Mar 28, 2014 237
Midwives to take lead on no smoking in pregnancy. Mar 28, 2014 561
Mood disorders during pregnancy. Mar 27, 2014 290
Failing the test: how Tanzanian schools deny pregnant students their education. Bjerregaard, Alisha Mar 21, 2014 2051
Rwanda: where abortion can lead to prison. Umuhoza, Chantal Mar 21, 2014 2530
'Friends' Star Jennifer Aniston Demanding Marriage from Beau Justin Theroux Because She is Pregnant? Wedding on the Cards for the Couple? Mar 21, 2014 351
Celebrity Pregnancy Rumours: From Kate Middleton to Selena Gomez. Mar 18, 2014 366
One in ten pregnant women still smoking. Mar 14, 2014 516
Pregnant smokers still risking harm to babies; Nearly one fifth of mums-to-be continue to light up in parts of Midlands. Mar 13, 2014 721
Specialists Who Provide Fertility Treatment in the UAE Cautioned to Avoid Multiple Pregnancies. Medical condition overview Mar 11, 2014 559
Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins? Change in Diet Plan Revealed. Mar 10, 2014 358
Multiple pregnancies can be of
 high risk for mothers and babies. Mar 10, 2014 338
Corniche Hospital holds parent education classes. Mar 9, 2014 2449
Mums-to-be withabit of craveamenu adifference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 8, 2014 705
Mums-to-be crave a menu with a bit of a difference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 6, 2014 1009
Mums-to-be crave a menu with a bit of a difference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 5, 2014 704
Mums-to-be with a bit of crave a menu a difference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 4, 2014 701
Mums-to-be crave a menu with a bit of a difference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 4, 2014 1009
Mums-to-be crave a menu with a bit of a difference; Chalk, toothpaste, ice cream with chips; LISA SALMON finds out why being pregnant can lead to women munching on some very strange food combinations. Mar 4, 2014 1009
20% of pregnancies end in termination; Conwy has the highest abortion rate in N.Wales. Mar 3, 2014 425
Foucault among Ipili speakers. Biersack, Aletta Essay Mar 1, 2014 2991
Seeing high-needs women at home 'a privilege": a team of primary care community midwives cares for pregnant women who have no lead maternity carer and who often come with complicated social needs. Manchester, Anne Mar 1, 2014 803
The Prophylaxis for the Patient in Her First Trimester of Pregnancy: Two Dentists, Two Opinions. Faria, Thatiane Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2014 915
Pharmacologic Considerations in the Treatment of the Pregnant Dental Patient. Viola, Thomas Report Mar 1, 2014 1610
The prophylaxis for the patient in her first Trimester of pregnancy: two dentists, two opinions. Faria, Thatiane Mar 1, 2014 912
Pharmacologic considerations in the treatment of the pregnant dental patient. Viola, Thomas Mar 1, 2014 1608
Kate Middleton Pregnant : Is She Really Having a Baby Girl Due in August or Is it Another Hoax? Feb 27, 2014 347
Ovuline's users now report a pregnancy every four minutes; women's reproductive health company grew users 784% in 2013. Feb 26, 2014 712
Kindara App Announces 10,000 Pregnancies in Last 12 Months - Digitally Assisted Pregnancies Begin to Rival USA's Entire IVF Clinic Output. Feb 26, 2014 712
Paracetamol use in pregnancy may cause behavioral dysfunction in tots. Feb 25, 2014 136
Paracetamol Use in Pregnancy May Lead to ADHD in Children. Feb 25, 2014 361
It was now or never for me to get pregnant; TV STAR MAURA'S JOY AT EXPECTING FIRST BABY AGED 43. Feb 22, 2014 570
Risk of blood clots lasts 12 weeks after pregnancy: Research. Feb 15, 2014 398
New stroke guidelines focus on women's risks: focus is on unique risk factors such as pregnancy, hormonal therapy, contraception, and migraine. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 15, 2014 896
Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian Divorce Shocking Rumors: Khloe Pregnant With Lamar Child, Is On Drugs and Having An Affair With The Game. Feb 14, 2014 410
Consumption of Iranian herbal medicine by infertile men can improve pregnancy outcome. Khoradmehr, Arezoo; Khalili, Mohammad Ali; Ramezani, Mina; Vahidi, Serajeddin; Moein, Mohammad Reza; Author abstract Feb 14, 2014 3297
Controlled blood sugar is the best way to promote healthy pregnancy. Feb 6, 2014 360
Evaluating the effectiveness of fish consumption advisories: modeling prenatal, postnatal, and childhood exposures to persistent organic pollutants. Binnington, Matthew J.; Quinn, Cristina L.; McLachlan, Michael S.; Wania, Frank Report Feb 1, 2014 8468
Clustering in Northern Territory perinatal data for 2003-2005: implications for analysis and interpretation. Steenkamp, Malinda Report Feb 1, 2014 3180
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: antidotes, detoxification agents. Briggs, Gerald G.; Pharm, B. Feb 1, 2014 1395
Mila Kunis Pregnant by Boyfriend Ashton Kutcher Soon? Actress Taking Pregnancy Vitamins; Couple Loves Babies Talk. Jan 30, 2014 368
Smoking `pregnant` mums `can turn babies gay`. Jan 20, 2014 188
Pregnancy Massage Helps Ease Back & Leg Pain, Sleeplessness & Anxiety Says Perth Massage Therapist. Jan 19, 2014 327
"Pregnancy Confidential" Study Reveals Secrets of the First Trimester. Medical condition overview Jan 14, 2014 1698
Abort your baby or die; I SPENT FOUR YEARS TRYING TO GET PREGNANT BUT THEN DOCS TOLD ME... Jan 14, 2014 1738
'AFTER THREE MISCARRIAGES, AN ASPIRIN GAVE ME TWO HEALTHY BABIES' Jo Parker, 43, didn't think she could go through the trauma of losing another child. Until a friend recommended a simple but effective treatment during her pregnancy... Medical condition overview Jan 12, 2014 1474
Super foods for a super baby; Eating well in pregnancy will give that little life inside you the best chance of a healthy start. Jan 12, 2014 841
Nicki Minaj Pregnant with Lil Wayne's Child? Twitter Fans React. Jan 10, 2014 341
Higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy may result in stronger babies. Jan 4, 2014 224
United Kingdom : Higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy could help babies become stronger. Jan 4, 2014 435
Effects of dietary protein levels for gestating gilts on reproductive performance, blood metabolites and milk composition. Jang, Y.D.; Jang, S.K.; Kim, D.H.; Oh, H.K.; Kim, Y.Y. Report Jan 1, 2014 7455
The relationship between awareness and supplementation: which Canadian women know about folic acid and how does that translate into use? Nelson, Chantal R.M.; Leon, Juan Andres; Evans, Jane Report Jan 1, 2014 6083
Spontaneous ventral urethral fistula in a young man whose mother had a retained IUD in uterus during the gestation. Wei, Shuyi; Li, Qiang; Li, Senkai; Zhou, Chuande; Li, Fengyong; Zhou, Yu; Ding, Jian; Cao, Yujiao; Z Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1730
Hypertension that presents in pregnancy often persists. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2014 762
Pregnancy rate hit a 12-year low in 2009. Haelle, Tara Jan 1, 2014 520
Protective effects of antioxidants on sperm parameters and seminiferous tubules epithelium in high fat-fed rats. Mortazavi, Motahareh; Salehi, Iraj; Alizadeh, Zohreh; Vahabian, Mehrangiz; Roushandeh, Amaneh Mohamm Report Jan 1, 2014 3620
Sexual and reproductive outcomes in early stage cervical cancer patients after excisional cone as a fertility-sparing surgery: an Italian experience. Fanfani, Francesco; Landoni, Fabio; Gagliardi, Maria Lucia; Fagotti, Anna; Preti, Eleonora; Moruzzi, Report Jan 1, 2014 2961
Comparing the roles of sperm chromatin integrity and apoptosis in intrauterine insemination outcomes of couples with mild male and female factor infertility. Ali Khalili, Mohammad; Nazari, Saeedeh; Dehghani-Firouzabadi, Razieh; Talebi, Alireza; Baghazadeh-Na Report Jan 1, 2014 3389
Study: Nuts in pregnancy do not raise allergy risk for child. Marchione, Marilynn Dec 24, 2013 398
Giving mothers a fresh start to quit habit; An average of 16% of Welsh mothers smoke during pregnancy - the highest rate in the UK. Here, Fresh Start Wales looks at the support available that can help women kick the habit. Dec 16, 2013 1417
Time to plan for pregnancy. Dec 11, 2013 415
Commentary: atypicals during pregnancy: what do we know? Cohen, Lee S. Dec 1, 2013 1120
Netmums publishes maternal mental health research. Dec 1, 2013 369
UPDATE. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 208
The oportunidades conditional cash transfer program: effects on pregnancy and contraceptive use among young rural women in Mexico. Darney, Blair G.; Weaver, Marcia R.; Sosa-Rubi, Sandra G.; Walker, Dilys; Servan-Mori, Edson; Prager Report Dec 1, 2013 8491
Women's Autonomy Not Always Related to Men's Help with Maternal Care. Dec 1, 2013 1070
The frequency of the clinical risk factors in postmenopausal osteoporosis: Postmenopozal Osteoporozda Klinik Risk Faktorlerinin Sikligi. Kutsal, Yesim Gokce; Savas, Serpil; Inanici, Fatma; Ozdemir, Oya; Karahan, Sevilay; Dogan, Asuman; H Dec 1, 2013 4444
The influence of HIV status on prenatal genetic diagnosis choices. Bee, J.S.; Glass, M.; Kromberg, J.G.R.; Christianson, A.L. Dec 1, 2013 5230
Haematological implications of folate food fortification. Metz, J. Dec 1, 2013 4291
Speed bumps; As a study claims mums-to-be who reegularly exercise have brighter babies, four women tell us how they kept on running while they were pregnant and how it worked for them. Nov 29, 2013 1111
Am I glad to see you... Mum backs hospital appeal after near blindness in her pregnancy. Nov 25, 2013 429
Lifestyle factors linked to healthy pregnancy identified. Nov 22, 2013 330
Kelly Clarkson Confirms Pregnancy on Twitter. Nov 20, 2013 349
MY BABY WAS BORN 4 MONTHS EARLY; To mark today's World Prematurity Day, an event to focus attention on the rising problem of premature births, Vicki Thompson, 33, tells the story of how her son Kieron was born at just 24 weeks, so early in her pregnancy that it would still be legal to have an abortion. Nov 17, 2013 1259
Ovuline's New Ovia App Turns Your Smartphone into a Personalized Pregnancy Guide. Nov 14, 2013 857
Obstetricians eye importance of delivering babies on time. Brody, Jane E. Nov 13, 2013 983
How diabetic women`s pregnancy chances can be boosted. Nov 11, 2013 268
Anne Hathaway denies pregnancy rumours. Nov 7, 2013 112
A New Pregnancy Acupuncture Treatment Service is Now Available in Sydney. Medical condition overview Nov 7, 2013 475
Pregnancy snoring could lead to smaller babies. Nov 1, 2013 259
Endometrial scratching improves ART outcomes. Nogrady, Bianca Nov 1, 2013 381
Ob.gyns. should lead the way forward. Espey, Eve Brief article Nov 1, 2013 270
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: ondansetron--troubling data. Koren, Gideon Nov 1, 2013 1195
Cushing's syndrome in pregnancy: a diagnostic conundrum. Garla, Vishnu; Kheetan, Reem; Saleem, Tipu Report Nov 1, 2013 1386
Ambient air pollution and preeclampsia: a spatiotemporal analysis. Dadvand, Payam; Figueras, Francesc; Basagana, Xavier; Beelen, Rob; Martinez, David; Cirach, Marta; S Report Nov 1, 2013 6862
Childhood cancer and traffic-related air pollution exposure in pregnancy and early life. Heck, Julia E.; Wu, Jun; Lombardi, Christina; Qiu, Jiaheng; Meyers, Travis J.; Wilhelm, Michelle; Co Report Nov 1, 2013 10081
When maternity doesn't matter: dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum. Book review Nov 1, 2013 3707
The comparison of mother-infant attachment, mother attachment styles and marital satisfaction among mothers with preterm infants and mothers with full-term infants. Peyvandi, Parisa; Ahadi, Hasan; Mazaheri, Mohammad Ali; Jomehri, Farhad; Kiamanesh, Alireza Report Nov 1, 2013 4670
Things that happen during sex while pregnant and after baby birth revealed. Oct 27, 2013 489
Exercise may not limit pregnancy weight gain. Oct 21, 2013 618
ALMOST KILLED MY TWINS; Sally Onions, 27, believes NHS cutbacks meant she didn't get the specialist care her pregnancy needed...LIVING IN THE WRONG PLACE. Oct 20, 2013 1315
10 pc women drink little alcohol during pregnancy. Oct 16, 2013 239
Keep calm & carry on; From exercise to what foods to eat.. expert tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy. Oct 11, 2013 699
Air Pollution and Psychological Distress During Pregnancy. Oct 9, 2013 403
Effects of IFN-[gamma] on IL-18 expression in pregnant rats and pregnancy outcomes. Si, Li-fang; Zhang, Shou-Yan; Gao, Chun-sheng; Chen, Shu-lin; Zhao, Jin; Cheng, Xiang-chao Report Oct 1, 2013 3776
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Abstract Oct 1, 2013 2367
Mom's weight gain during pregnancy tied to childhood obesity. Oct 1, 2013 809
Supporting a physiologic approach to pregnancy and birth; a practical guide. Book review Oct 1, 2013 277
Congenital disorders sourcebook; basic consumer information about nonhereditary birth defects and disorders related to prematurity, gestational injuries, prenatal and perinatal infections, maternal health conditions during pregnancy, and birth complications..., 3d ed. Book review Oct 1, 2013 197
Pregnancy scare: a crowing network of 'crisis centers' uses taxpayer funds to mislead and evangelize women, critics say. Jones, Sarah E. Oct 1, 2013 2079
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: risks of newly approved drugs. Briggs, Gerald G. Oct 1, 2013 1276
Plasmodium vivax malaria during pregnancy, Bolivia. Brutus, Laurent; Santalla, Jose; Schneider, Dominique; Avila, Juan Carlos; Deloron, Philippe Oct 1, 2013 6167
Leprosy in pregnant woman, United States. Gimovsky, Alexis C.; Macri, Charles J. Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2013 600
Childbirth education and obstetric interventions. Abstract Oct 1, 2013 154
Urinary Glycol Ether metabolites in women and time to pregnancy: the PELAGIE cohort. Garlantezec, Ronan; Warembourg, Charline; Monfort, Christine; Labat, Laurence; Pulkkinen, Juha; Bonv Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 6856
Bulky DNA adducts in cord blood, maternal fruit-and-vegetable consumption, and birth weight in a European mother-child study (NewGeneris). Pedersen, Marie; Schoket, Bernadette; Godschalk, Roger W.; Wright, John; von Stedingk, Hans; Tornqvi Report Oct 1, 2013 8579
Prenatal exposure to environmental phenols: concentrations in amniotic fluid and variability in urinary concentrations during pregnancy. Philippat, Claire; Wolff, Mary S.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiaoyun; Bausell, Rebecca; Meadows, Moll Report Oct 1, 2013 7518
Is the relationship between prenatal exposure to PCB-153 and decreased birth weight attributable to pharmacokinetics? Verner, Marc-Andre; McDougall, Robin; Glynn, Anders; Andersen, Melvin E.; Clewell, Harvey J., III; L Report Oct 1, 2013 5707
I lost five stone to have a baby and now my dream is coming true at last – Leanne Rushforth yesterday; REVEALED PREGNANCY JOY OF NANNY – AFTER JOY OF NANNYAFTER DIETING FOR IVF. Sep 29, 2013 1118
Outdated studies feeding false panic about older pregnancies, claims expert. Sep 29, 2013 211
'I adored my kids and husband but despised myself' Although much attention is given to postnatal depression, many women find it difficult to get support for perinatal mental health problems. Here, Mind Cymru outlines the work they are doing to support women during pregnancy. Sep 26, 2013 1214
Hospital should rethink parent, pregnancy cuts. Sep 25, 2013 791
Possible selves and prenatal father involvement. Adamsons, Kari Report Sep 22, 2013 4783
Pregnancy cured me of anorexia; Friends and family feared for Fiona Russell as her weight plummeted to less than 7 stone.. the Glasgow mum tells how having a baby transformed her into a fit and healthy woman. Sep 12, 2013 1431
Young feminist: being empowered to ask for health care we want...and don't want!. Mansour, Shadia J. Sep 1, 2013 1177
LARCs hold key to reducing unplanned pregnancy rate. Worcester, Sharon Sep 1, 2013 1717
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: atypical antipsychotics. Cohen, Lee S. Sep 1, 2013 1121
Contraception and abortion in a low-fertility setting: the role of seasonal migration. Sevoyan, Arusyak; Agadjanian, Victor Report Sep 1, 2013 7889
Maternal stress and effects of prenatal air pollution on offspring mental health outcomes in mice. Bolton, Jessica L.; Huff, Nicole C.; Smith, Susan H.; Mason, S. Nicholas; Foster, W. Michael; Auten, Report Sep 1, 2013 7182
Perinatally administered bisphenol A as a potential mammary gland carcinogen in rats. Acevedo, Nicole; Davis, Barbara; Schaeberle, Cheryl M.; Sonnenschein, Carlos; Soto, Ana M. Report Sep 1, 2013 7209
A rare cause of postpartum chest pain. Jain, Sumesh; Chen, Bruce; Moreland, Jason A. Report Sep 1, 2013 1685
Plasmodium falciparum mutant haplotype infection during pregnancy associated with reduced birthweight, Tanzania. Minja, Daniel T.R.; Schmiegelow, Christentze; Mmbando, Bruno; Bostrom, Stephanie; Oesterholt, Mayke; Sep 1, 2013 7220
Reducing direct causes of maternal death. Pattinson, R.C. Editorial Sep 1, 2013 1868
Stillbirth rates in singleton pregnancies in a stable population at Karl Bremer and Tygerberg hospitals over 50 years. Odendaal, H.J.; Gebhardt, G.S.; Theron, G.B. Report Sep 1, 2013 3704
A survey of antenatal advice and education by the Sedgemoor health visitor team. Curtis, Cheryl; Davidson, Joanna Survey Sep 1, 2013 2018
Pregnancy Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2013. Medical condition overview Aug 28, 2013 2313
Alcohol and Pregnancy Advice in New Book is Flawed and Harmful. Aug 21, 2013 496
Pregnant mums should eat veggies. Aug 16, 2013 264
Stay healthy and give your baby a good start in life; A study by the British Medical Journal highlighted the effects of being overweight in pregnancy. Here, Health Correspondent Julia McWatt looks at what expectant mothers can do to stay healthy during and after their pregnancy. Medical condition overview Aug 15, 2013 1201
Do you want to get pregnant? Aug 14, 2013 332
Cultural myths influence women's expectations about pregnancy. Aug 12, 2013 430
Mums on the run; PREGNANT PERSONAL TRAINER'S FITNESS TIPS. Aug 7, 2013 949
Clinical pharmacology during pregnancy. Book review Aug 1, 2013 156
Fetal exposure of rhesus macaques to bisphenol A alters cellular development of the conducting airway by changing epithelial secretory product expression. Van Winkle, Laura S.; Murphy, Shannon R.; Boetticher, Miriam V.; VandeVoort, Catherine A. Report Aug 1, 2013 6701
Nutritional requirements in pregnancy and use of dietary supplements. Williamson, Claire; Wyness, Laura Report Aug 1, 2013 3561
Safety, feasibility and efficacy of a rapid ART initiation in pregnancy pilot programme in Cape Town, South Africa. Black, S.; Zulliger, R.; Myer, L.; Marcus, R.; Jeneker, S.; Taliep, R.; Pienaar, D.; Wood, R.; Bekke Aug 1, 2013 5069
Minister Slams OK! Magazine for Kate Middleton Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Issue. Jul 29, 2013 445
Plain sailing for Kate e after a bumpy start; At the end of one of the most eagerly-awaited royal pregnancies in history, Laura Elston looks back over nine momentous months in the life of the Duchess of Cambridge. Jul 23, 2013 1469
Plain sailing for Kate e after a bumpy start; At the end of one of the most eagerly-awaited royal pregnancies in history, Laura Elston looks back over nine momentous months in the life of the Duchess of Cambridge. Jul 23, 2013 1469
Weight gain during pregnancy leads to bigger, fatter babies. Jul 17, 2013 341
Exercising 3 times per week during pregnancy lowers risk of high birth weight babies. Jul 17, 2013 305
Ladies in waiting; WE are all going ga-ga over hopes of a v Royal o birth very soon. But it's not just Kate who is excitedly counting down the days to a new arrival. There are ladies in waiting in Merseyside too. JANET TANSLEY speaks to three soon-tobe-mums about pregnancy, the birth and their hopes for their unborn babes... Jul 10, 2013 690
All mums-to-be need mothering; Kate expectations'Queen' Victoria's pregnancy diary! Jul 9, 2013 643
Diclegis for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy Now Eligible for Medicaid Coverage in all States. Jul 9, 2013 1564
Low vitamin D level 'common in pregnant women in Qatar'. Medical condition overview Jul 3, 2013 701
Royal Baby Condoms: Pregnant Kate Middleton Gifted Birth Control By Finnish Government. Jul 3, 2013 324
It's waiting that's got me terrified; Kate expectations'Queen' Victoria's pregnancy diary! Jul 2, 2013 654
Liver protein vital for pregnancy. Jul 1, 2013 281
Fighting for the health & rights of pregnant women. Ryan, Kate; Torres-Montoya, Melissa Jul 1, 2013 883
Reproductive outcome following thawed embryo transfer in management of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Absalan, Forouzan; Ghannadi, Alireza; Kazerooni, Marjaneh Report Jul 1, 2013 2762
Comparison of Letrozole and Clomiphene Citrate efficacy along with gonadotrophins in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation for intrauterine insemination cycles. HaqNawaz, Fauzia; Virk, Saadia; Qadir, Tasleem; Imam, Saadia; Rizvi, Javed Clinical report Jul 1, 2013 2323
Successful prognosis of brain abscess during pregnancy. Yoshida, Masashi; Matsuda, Hideo; Furuya, Kenichi Report Jul 1, 2013 1753
Rural healthcare disparities: challenges and solutions for the pregnant opioid-dependent population. Lander, Laura R.; Marshalek, Patrick; Yitayew, Miheret; Ford, Dolly; Sullivan, Carl R.; Gurka, Kelly Jul 1, 2013 4259
Drugs, pregnancy, and lactation: asthma medications. Chambers, Christina Jul 1, 2013 695
Your Pregnancy After 35, third edition. Book review Jul 1, 2013 113
Screening scheme call to end smoking during pregnancy; 'ONE BABY DIES EVERY DAY DUE TO MOTHER LIGHTING UP'. Jun 28, 2013 526
Iodine in pregnancy is important for IQ. Jun 27, 2013 421
Insurance coverage of abortion: beyond the exceptions for life endangerment, rape and incest. Boonstra, Heather D. Jun 22, 2013 4301
Daily dose of iron during pregnancy helps improve baby's weight. Jun 21, 2013 208
Time our bumps got a break.. and Ben & Jerry's! Kate expectations; Pregnancy diary of royal baby no 2! Jun 18, 2013 568
Life support: studies reveal the placenta's crucial role in healthy pregnancies. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 15, 2013 2751
I'm gearing up to welcome my copy-Kate baby; MIRROR ROYAL REPORTER IS PREGNANT TOO. Jun 11, 2013 886
Beauty for bumps; Take a pause to enjoy some pregnancy pampering. Lisa Haynes reveals perfect beauty routines for mums-to-be. Jun 10, 2013 386
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An active pregnancy is good for mother and for baby. May 30, 2013 513
An active pregnancy is good for mother and for baby. May 30, 2013 513
Pregnancy weight can be a worry. May 22, 2013 391
72 pc women experience constipation, bowel problems during pregnancy. May 21, 2013 360
Diclegis Now Available Nationwide To Treat Pregnant Women With Nausea And Vomiting Of Pregnancy (NVP). Medical condition overview May 21, 2013 1513
People can call me a silly, fat, selfish, old but I don't b****** care.. I'm having a baby with man I love; EXCLUSIVE: SHAMELESS STAR TINA MALONE ON GETTING PREGNANT AT 50. May 19, 2013 1684
When to tell the world you're pregnant; TOP TIPS. May 16, 2013 155
When to tell the world you're pregnant. May 16, 2013 155
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Shakira Talks Pregnancy on Ellen DeGeneres Mother's Day Special: 'I Looked Like a Shar-Pei When I First Delivered'. May 11, 2013 341
Experts underline need of fitness during pregnancy. May 4, 2013 397
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Beauty claims for pregnant women debunked. Apr 28, 2013 618
Light Drinking During Pregnancy: CanFASD Responds to Confusing Information That Continues to Cloud the Issue. Apr 24, 2013 751
Kim K calls herself 'hypocrite' for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Apr 20, 2013 148
Light drinking in pregnancy not linked to development problems in childhood. Medical condition overview Apr 17, 2013 452
Kim Kardashian's Body Evolution: From Hot Bikini Body to Pregnancy Bump [PHOTOS]. Apr 7, 2013 347
TV HOLLY'S JOY AFTER SECOND BABY DRAMA; Actress was diagnosed with potentially fatal 'sticky blood' syndrome during her pregnancy. Apr 1, 2013 645
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What not to wear when pregnant; Two fashion experts believe mum-to-be Kim Kardashian is trying too hard to stay glam. But while you might not be the height of fashion, there's no need to be frumpy with a bump. Mar 29, 2013 625
Physical activity and muscular strengthening in pregnancy: a Rural urban comparison. Marshall, Elaine S.; Melton, Bridget; Bland, Helen; Nagle, Jacquelyn Report Mar 22, 2013 3887
Framing preglimony: exploring the implications of pregnancy support models through family law values. Reder, Candice Marie Mar 22, 2013 14593
Antidepressants during pregnancy don't affect infants' growth. Mar 21, 2013 319
Hard to find good info on drug safety in pregnancy. Mar 16, 2013 990
Lifelong Antiretroviral Treatment for HIV-Infected Pregnant Women Prevents Infection in Children, Saves Mothers' Lives, Study Finds. Medical condition overview Mar 12, 2013 723
Novel Marker Helps Identify Preeclampsia Risk in Pregnancy. Mar 11, 2013 836
WebMD Launches New Pregnancy App for iPhone Providing Expectant Moms Support Throughout Their Healthy Pregnancy Journey. Medical condition overview Mar 7, 2013 1347
Stress during pregnancy can affect offsprings' brains. Mar 5, 2013 675
Pregnancy leads to permanent changes in women's feet. Mar 2, 2013 379
Tips to make air travel safe for the pregnant. Mar 2, 2013 489
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When pregnancy is an injury: rape, law, and culture. Bridges, Khiara M. Mar 1, 2013 24006
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