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Cairo Forum Urges Muslim Moderation & Fair Religious Edicts. Aug 24, 2015 1024
The MNJTF Strategy. Aug 3, 2015 648
Dr Ghani's Approach. Jul 27, 2015 444
The Chances Of 'Alawite & Kurdish Mini-States In Syria. Jul 13, 2015 544
Buharis Nigeria: now, the bigger task. Ezeh, Peter Jul 1, 2015 855
Madagascar: a new political crisis. Ackbarally, Nasseem Jul 1, 2015 634
Macedonian President Ivanov attends GLOBSEC 2015. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 215
President Ivanov attends Summit100 Business Leaders of South East Europe in Portoroz. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 201
President Ivanov attends summit of Brdo-Brijuni Process heads of state in Budva. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 174
Tales of my husband--a testament to Harry Barnes. Barnes, Betsey Apr 15, 2015 7769
Venezuela's crisis, U.S. sanctions and the UNASUR reaction. Duddy, Patrick Apr 15, 2015 1159
President Ivanov attends 18th Eurasian Economic Summit in Turkey. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 154
Pohamba: the man, the leader, his legacy ... and that prize. Mbakwe, Tom Apr 1, 2015 1861
The art of diplomacy. Brief article Mar 15, 2015 193
LEBANON - Mar 11 - Lebanon parliament fails to elect president. Brief article Mar 14, 2015 211
Boko Haram and Jonathan's failure. Liman, Bala Mohammed Cover story Feb 1, 2015 1196
A global response to a global threat. Williams, Stephen Feb 1, 2015 1503
President Ivanov visits state of Qatar. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 178
President Ivanov hosts diplomatic reception in Krusevo. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 126
Another try to fill cabinet. Brief article Nov 28, 2014 144
Majlis axes another cabinet nominee: wins fewer votes than any previous Rohani pick. Nov 21, 2014 485
New try at science minister. Brief article Nov 14, 2014 205
Rohani nominee crushed by Majlis: president's honeymoon is over. Nov 7, 2014 685
ICC:0--Uhuru: 1--Kenya:? Schneider, James; Kabukuru, Wanjohi Nov 1, 2014 1583
Multiple challenges to S. Africa reform. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 186
Putin: key player in the "New World Order": a cursory look at world events, especially in Ukraine, suggests that Vladimir Putin is re-engaging the Cold War, but a closer look indicates that he is working with the West. Newman, Alex Cover story Oct 6, 2014 5035
Let the succession battle begin. Ntomba, Reginald Oct 1, 2014 1046
President Ivanov at 38th Meeting of Trilateral Commission's European Group. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 186
Judiciary orders Rohani to ban popular apps now. Sep 26, 2014 441
President Ivanov attends Turkish president Recep Tayyip erdogan's inauguration. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 156
President Ivanov attends Brdo-Brijuni process and summit 100. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 161
Arm Syria's opposition. Ford, Robert S. Jun 27, 2014 957
Egypt's Sissi Boosts Riyadh's Sunni Front Against Islamism; Obama Turns To Proxies. Jun 2, 2014 1297
Macedonian President Ivanov attends Ukrainian President Poroshenko's inauguration. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 156
President Ivanov attends WWI centenary commemoration. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 164
President Ivanov pays working visit to Brussels. Brief article May 1, 2014 117
Merkel, Putin and The Lessons Of History. Handley, John Apr 16, 2014 554
Syrian president boasts that the three-year war has worked in his favour. Brief article Apr 13, 2014 105
Putin phones. Brief article Mar 21, 2014 132
Liberia: where will a stern hand come from? Travel narrative Mar 1, 2014 2240
New president takes office. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 135
Tito--personal reflections. Roberts, Walter R. Feb 19, 2014 3357
Russia's Realities Before The Sochi Olympics. Feb 10, 2014 591
The Economic Results. Brief article Feb 10, 2014 318
CAR: an iron lady takes charge. Nakombo-Sizwe, Jean-Pierre Feb 1, 2014 1311
The last emperor: why Putin will rule Russia for the next quarter-century, and what does that mean for the West. Aland, Kurt Jan 15, 2014 4998
China's Xi Jinping: Hawk or Reformer? Rogers, Joe O. Brief article Jan 15, 2014 202
No money down. Dec 24, 2013 579
Lessons from the ICC and Westgate. Kabukuru, Wanjohi Nov 1, 2013 1720
Chinese presidency: institutionalisation, constitutional ambiguities and the trajectories towards democratisation. Wang, Zhengxu Report Aug 1, 2013 7659
EGYPT - June 2 - Egypt's Top Court Undermines Key Tool Of Morsi's Rule. Jun 8, 2013 562
The Algerian powder keg. Blanche, Ed Jun 1, 2013 2038
Yemeni Parties Get Closer In Dialogue On Crucial Issues. May 13, 2013 538
What's so sinister about presidential signing statements? Ostrander, Ian; Sievert, Joel Essay Mar 1, 2013 10386
After Abbas. DeAtkine, Norvell Feb 20, 2013 348
United Arab Emirates : UAE President officially launches Khalifa Port. Dec 13, 2012 463
Morsi will stand by his new powers. Brief article Nov 27, 2012 203
EGYPT - Nov 22 - Egypt's President Gives Himself New Powers. Nov 24, 2012 484
Partners in capital crime. Berlind, Alan Oct 17, 2012 3323
Assad Assumes Military/Security Command In A Dis-Integrating Syria. Oct 15, 2012 1041
Putin's Russia: even as the government clamps down on dissent, more Russians are protesting President Putin's longtime reign. Smith, Patricia Oct 8, 2012 1417
United Kingdom : Yemeni President Hadi visits UK ahead of Friends of Yemen meeting in New York. Brief article Sep 25, 2012 303
Philippines : WEST PHILIPPINE Sea is signed by Aquino. Sep 13, 2012 317
Maldives : President Waheed lays foundation for 3 institutions in Maamendhoo. Brief article Sep 12, 2012 180
Maldives : President Waheed opens The Residence Maldives. Brief article Sep 11, 2012 127
Macedonian delegation attends 67th Session of: UN General Assembly. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 282
Paraguay's de facto president Federico Franco finds new role more difficult than expected. Gaudin, Andres Aug 31, 2012 1409
Syria protests against Morsi comments on Assad regime. Aug 30, 2012 362
Iran Ramps Up Its Genocidal Rhetoric. Brief article Aug 30, 2012 113
Sudan : President Al-Bashir affirms commitment to support peace in South Kordufan. Brief article Aug 29, 2012 174
Putin & The Arab Spring. Aug 13, 2012 353
Sudan : H.E Kiir holds series of meetings with heads of state and delegations. Brief article Jul 17, 2012 319
Pax Americana For The Arab-Persian Gulf - Part 4 - Syria, Iran & Iraq In Media War. Jul 16, 2012 589
Malawi 100 days of Joyce Banda: how do Malawians see the first 100 days of their new president, Joyce Banda? Mixed reactions, reports Lameck Masina from Lilongwe. Masina, Lameck Jul 1, 2012 1245
Chile: Pinochet Documentary Raises Questions About Dictator's True Legacy. Jun 8, 2012 903
The death of Iran's economy. Behbudi, Behrooz May 1, 2012 1210
The uses of protocol-diplomacy: what did President Barack Obama tell president John Atta Mills of Ghana when the Ghanaian visited Washington DC in early March? Welcome to protocol-diplomacy! Duodu, Cameron Column Apr 1, 2012 1469
Struggle continues in Paraguay to hold dictatorship-era repressors accountable. Gaudin, Andres Mar 30, 2012 1451
Calderon's economic legacy. Heath, Jonathan Mar 1, 2012 813
Nigeria we don't want to be another Greece: despite the outcry and protests over the removal of fuel subsidy, the Nigerian government insists that the removal is good for the future of the country. "We don't want what has happened to Greece to happen to us," Finance Minister Okonjo-lweala told parliament. And there is also the grave matter with Boko Haram, reports Osasu Obayiuwana. Obayiuwana, Osasu Mar 1, 2012 2216
Curious accord reignites debate on Chile's binomial election rules. Witte-Lebhar, Benjamin Feb 10, 2012 1611
Niger Delta making Shell responsible: Raymond Eyo wants President Goodluck Jonathan (pictured) to be more alive to his responsibilities by pushing Shell to do the decent thing in the Niger Delta: clean up the oil mess. Eyo, Raymond Feb 1, 2012 650
President Ivanov hosts new year's reception for diplomatic corps. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 121
Assad cousin denied entry to Switzerland. Brief article Jan 2, 2012 142
Democracy delays dam. Jan 1, 2012 492
Roadkill. Brief article Dec 13, 2011 321
Paraguay's president Fernando Lugo's vision crippled by friends and enemies. Gaudin, Andres Oct 7, 2011 1458
The Yemen Drama & Saleh's Tricks. Sep 26, 2011 371
Survival, adaptation and uncertainty: the case of Cuba. Mujal-Leon, Eusebio Report Sep 22, 2011 8788
Iran's WuF Now Is Called 'Concept For A Republic Of Fear' As Khomeinists Are Silenced. Jun 6, 2011 1482
Khamenei 'Backs' Ahmadi-Nejad's Govt. Brief article Jun 6, 2011 284
Khamenei/Ahmadi-Nejad Rift Worsens. Apr 25, 2011 350
Saleh Rejects GCC Proposal To Step Down. Brief article Apr 11, 2011 166
Libya and the law of unintended consequences. Editorial Apr 1, 2011 824
GHANA : President launches GHAo90-million Rural Electrification Project. Brief article Mar 31, 2011 291
Does democracy stand a chance? Twenty years after the collapse of Communism, are the Russian people ready for freedom? Harvey, Mary Mar 14, 2011 1098
Two steps forward, one step back: looking at the situation in Burundi less than six months after the country's electoral marathon in 2010, one must be forgiven for feeling a hint of pessimism, reports Jamila El Abdellaoui. Abdellaoui, Jamila El Mar 1, 2011 1180
The Chilean model. Bamrud, Joachim Editorial Mar 1, 2011 702
Cote d'Ivoire the story behind the story. Mbakwe, Tom Cover story Feb 1, 2011 2497
Strange bedfellows in Cote d'Ivoire: Cote d'Ivoire titters on the brink. As African democrats we need to be careful about who we get into bed with. Wambu, Onyekachi Feb 1, 2011 637
More power to Chavez. Brief article Jan 28, 2011 201
Goodluck Jonathan: how he is selling his candidacy. Jonathan, Goodluck Jan 1, 2011 2280
Yemen Diverted US Aid To Fighting The Houthis & Others. Dec 13, 2010 485
President Ivanov's annual address in Parliament. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 189
Maleki Has 30 Days to Form Govt. Nov 29, 2010 1327
Venezuelan legislative elections rein in President Hugo Chavez's power. Gaudin, Andres Oct 15, 2010 1557
Fourth Congress "Islamic Civilization in the Balkans". Brief article Oct 1, 2010 133
Charter of Republic of Macedonia for Dr. Wladyslaw Barcikowski. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 113
The New Cabinet. Brief article Sep 27, 2010 295
Petraeus Backs Karzai As Gates Visits. Sep 13, 2010 884
IRAN - Sept 10 - Iran's President Intervened In American's Release-Sarah Shourd. Sep 11, 2010 610
The West Bankers in Washington. Sep 2, 2010 105
Sixteen years of Yahya Jammeh. Sowe, Bubaccar Aug 1, 2010 1947
Good luck Jonathan: with the death of President Umaru Yar'Adua and the expected "new" political order about to be put in place, perhaps the time has come when Nigerians should insist that the rules prescribed by the national constitution be followed. Maja-Pearce, Adewale Jun 1, 2010 1198
The Kandahar Offensive Plan Now Questionable. May 10, 2010 414
Challenging Mubarak: Mohammed ElBaradei, former head of the UN's nuclear watchdog agency, has become Egypt's champion of the people to run against President Hosni Mubarak and lead the fight for political reform. Blanche, Ed May 1, 2010 1906
Statue of controversy: is Senegal's brand-new "African Renaissance Monument" a triumph of African liberation or a monumental gaffe? Critics have condemned it but its supporters have praised the man behind it, President Abdoulaye Wade. Sheriff Bojang Jnr reports from Dakar. Bojang, Sheriff, Jr. May 1, 2010 1666
Nigeria must not fail: from an African continental point of view, it is extremely important that Nigeria should be stable and continue to help to guarantee the integrity of vulnerable African countries. It must therefore not become a failed state, writes Cameron Duodu. Duodu, Cameron Apr 1, 2010 2014
Nigeria: Yar'Adua's last riddle? Maja-Pearce, Adewale Apr 1, 2010 1127
Yemen's President Salih and al Qaida. Rugh, William Mar 1, 2010 2805
UN mediator Matthew Nimetz visits Macedonia. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 90
2010 key year for EU enlargement. Mar 1, 2010 112
Macedonian order for Uffe Ellemann-Jensen. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 113
Rawlings is latest victim of fires: a spate of fires that has gutted state buildings in the past year claimed the home of former President Jerry Rawlings on 14 February, when his government-provided retirement home in the heart of the capital, Accra, was completely destroyed. Stephen Gyasi reports. Gyasi, Stephen Mar 1, 2010 608
Constitutional character: virtues and vices in presidential leadership. Thompson, Dennis F. Report Feb 25, 2010 7570
Venezuela. Brief article Feb 20, 2010 114
President Ivanov hosts reception for diplomatic corps. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 110
Former Bulgarian president Zelju Zelev decorated. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 131
A bewildering country! The long absence of President umaru yar'adua from his duties in Abuja, following his prolonged stay in a saudi arabian hospital, and his refusal to invoke laid-down constitutional provisions to allow Vice-President Jonathan Goodluck to take over, albeit temporarily, has angered Nigerians and threatens the country's nascent democracy. Osasu Obayiuwana reports from Lagos. Obayiuwana, Osasu Feb 1, 2010 2197
AFGHANISTAN - Jan 4 - Karzai Recalls Parliament To Vet New List. Jan 10, 2010 398
Peres Pardons 71-year-old 'Kidnapper' Grandmother. Brief article Jan 10, 2010 82
New castro, same Cuba. Williams, J. Edgar Dec 14, 2009 407
Fighting a proxy war for America? Washington's focus on counterterrorism and military support in Mali dwarfs funds for development. Mali's debt burden and the impossibility of governance are not on the US agenda, which says more about the anxiety in Washington than about the dynamics in Mali, reports Vijay Prashad. Prashad, Vijay Dec 1, 2009 1247
Holdout Vaclav Klaus signs Lisbon Treaty creating EU super-state. Brief article Nov 23, 2009 310
US Rep. Cantor: Answer Enemies with Renewed Vigilance'. Brief article Nov 10, 2009 84
Economic apartheid lives on! Commey, Pusch Nov 1, 2009 1486
When Buganda turned violent. Asiimwe, Agnes Nov 1, 2009 1372
Will Assad Take Back Golan At Any Cost? Brief article Oct 5, 2009 267
West Bank elections: a party atmosphere surrounded these elections that saw controversial names voted out, and some equally controversial ones voted in. Buttu, Diana Oct 1, 2009 1017
Gaddafi celebrates 40 years at Libya's helm; forty years after the revolutionary coup that brought him to power on 1 September 1969, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (Brother Leader, as he likes to be known) is thriving. Oct 1, 2009 1024
Africa's new path: Paul Kagame charts a way forward. Zakaria, Fareed Sep 22, 2009 797
Time for a new president. Stransky, Martin Jan Sep 22, 2009 537
New cabinet to take helm on Thursday. Sep 8, 2009 403
IRAN - Aug 20 - Ahmadi-Nejad Nominates Allies To Cabinet. Aug 22, 2009 434
Mau Mau ever-present past. Wa Ngugi, Mukoma Aug 1, 2009 1838
'Time to do business with Robert Mugabe'. Holman, Michael Aug 1, 2009 957
Tsvangirai 'those who accept me have to accept Mugabe'. Sasa, Mabasa Aug 1, 2009 2380
Inside Eritrea: Matthew J. Morgan has been to Eritrea and reports about a country that appears to have been forgotten by time. Unlike in neighbouring Somalia, where pirate activity has commanded the world's attention, there is scant interest in Eritrea's woes. Morgan, Matthew J. Aug 1, 2009 1445
Prague autumn: the Czechs escaped Soviet domination only to face a new tyranny. Hitchens, Peter Aug 1, 2009 2939
What legacy the Special Court. Penfold, Peter Excerpt Jul 1, 2009 4309
When two brothers fight ... Ebow Godwin reports on the disquiet in the Togolese capital, Lome, as a half-brother of the president is accused of staging a coup to overthrow him. Godwin, Ebow Jul 1, 2009 862
LEBANON - June 27 - Saad Hariri Set To Be PM. Jun 27, 2009 550
Electoral reforms, but we are Nigerians! Obayiuwana, Osasu Jun 1, 2009 2351
Prosecuting the prosecutor: the collapse of Zambian Airways has not only led to job losses and a missing link in the economy, but also a protracted battle in which the airline's owners, politicians and a popular private newspaper are engaged. While the fall of the airline is a business matter, politics is also playing a role in this whole saga. Austin Mbewe reports. Mbewe, Austin Jun 1, 2009 1283
PALESTINE - May 19 - Abbas Swears In New Hamas-Free Government. May 23, 2009 348
There may be trouble ahead ... May 1, 2009 2740
Israel Govt Deadline Extended. Brief article Mar 23, 2009 175
Election reform goes to a vote. Brief article Feb 6, 2009 110
For Zimbabwe, bishops say, time for talking is over. Brief article Feb 6, 2009 348
Winds of change blow across Cuba. Burbach, Roger Feb 6, 2009 1323
Eating with the enemy. Brief article Feb 1, 2009 236
Once a model, health care in Zimbabwe has collapsed. Linskey, Regina Jan 23, 2009 375
Laws made, amended and broken. Buttu, Diana Jan 1, 2009 1205
One key word: change. Cattivelli, Adrian Jan 1, 2009 405
Leaders' declaration endorses a world without nuclear weapons. Dec 26, 2008 374
Uruguayan Congress supports abortion rights, President issues veto. Brief article Dec 22, 2008 165
The puppet doth protest. Nickerson, Michael Column Dec 1, 2008 778
PALESTINE - Nov 24 - Bank Alone Could Go To Polls. Nov 29, 2008 556
President Obama to recognize code talkers. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 93
PALESTINE - Oct 22 - Abbas Sacks Key Official Ahead Of Fatah-Hamas Talks. Brief article Oct 25, 2008 302
AFGHANISTAN - Oct 11 - Afghan President Reshuffles Cabinet Posts. Oct 18, 2008 783
Kabul For Talks With Taliban & Joint Afghan-Pak-US Offensive On Extremists. Oct 6, 2008 985
An open letter to the next President; Agenda for a new Administration. Woodwell, William H. Cover story Oct 1, 2008 325
Assessing the 2008 Zimbabwean elections. Hamill, James; Hoffman, John Sep 22, 2008 4797
Emirati President bans the series "Sa'doon Al Awaji". Brief article Sep 17, 2008 212
Back in the USSR: two decades after the end of the Cold War, Belarus has yet to warm to democratic capitalism--for good and ill. Hitchens, Peter Country overview Sep 8, 2008 2709
Most Zimbabweans Disapprove of Their Leadership; Seventeen percent approve of Robert Mugabe's job performance. Tortora, Bob; Rheault, Magali Survey Sep 3, 2008 563
Venezuela adds more aid. Brief article Jul 25, 2008 158
New hurdles hamper Libya's rehabilitation: Libya's president, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, was a global pariah when Saddam Hussein was still the West's best friend. But how times change. Between Saddam Hussein being captured, tried and hanged, the Libyan president had remodelled himself and his country to emerge as shining examples of total rehabilitation in the eyes of the world. Seymour, Richard Jun 1, 2008 1373
Populist bishop elected president. Torres, Gustavo May 16, 2008 840
Hugo Chavez has a mission--and oil. Fraser, Barbara J. May 16, 2008 1593
Iran With Its Gas Seeks Energy Integration With Pakistan & India; But USA Is Opposed:. May 12, 2008 915
Syria-Israel Bargaining, Via Turkey, Promises Hot Summer In Lebanon & Iran. May 5, 2008 860
Assad's Price. Brief article May 5, 2008 319
Iran insider. Seymour, Richard May 1, 2008 1332
Nigeria: not yet at ease. Barrett, Lindsay May 1, 2008 1705
Peres Blames 'Weak' Palestinian Leadership. Apr 21, 2008 399
Hands extended. Brief article Mar 7, 2008 174
The corruption of democracy in Venezuela: under Pres. Hugo Chavez's regime the last nine years, corruption has reached heights undreamed of by even the greediest of despots, as the people of Venezuela have been fleeced out of billions of dollars. Coronel, Gustavo Mar 1, 2008 3671
Courage in Pakistan. Davison, Charles B. Mar 1, 2008 2307
Superpresidentialism and the military: the Russian variant. Barany, Zoltan Essay Mar 1, 2008 12919
The most dangerous nation in the world? A nuclear-armed U.S. ally, Pakistan has been in turmoil for months: Why Washington, and the world, are so worried about what lies ahead. Smith, Patricia Feb 11, 2008 1537
IRAN - Feb 4 - Iran Unveils Space Center, Launches Rocket. Feb 9, 2008 687
Cities urge President to focus on growing problems in America. Appel, Sherry Conway Feb 4, 2008 410
South Africa: it's getting dirty! Commey, Pusch Feb 1, 2008 2112
Mubarak's Option. Jan 28, 2008 363
Three days that changed the Middle East Sadat's visit reconsidered. Medzini, Meron Jan 1, 2008 2312
Relating to Iran ... and the world. Hagel, Chuck Jan 1, 2008 4023
Governance in Russia: what's the problem? Keeping, Janet Jan 1, 2008 1210
The 27th GCC Summit: and guess who came to dinner? Darwish, Adel Jan 1, 2008 1588
A native stranger in Freetown: Fred Kamara, a consulting social scientist, is a Sierra Leonean living in London. After a recent one-month visit to his motherland, he writes about his impressions of the country and what the new government can do to make it better. Kamara, Fred Travel narrative Jan 1, 2008 1276
Biya's 25 years in power: Cameroonians are divided as President Paul Biya marks 25 years in office. Tansa Musa reports from Yaounde. Musa, Tansa Jan 1, 2008 597
Assad Under Internal Pressure. Dec 24, 2007 1632
Afghanistan: regaining momentum. Jalali, Ali A. Dec 22, 2007 6713
PALESTINE - Dec 5 - Abbas Rejects Concept Of Provisional Palestinian State. Brief article Dec 8, 2007 240
Cote d'Ivoire: how Houphouet's house of sand collapsed (2). Duodu, Cameron Dec 1, 2007 2119
Pasdaran power: the US Congress brands Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organisation as it tightens its grip on the Islamic Republic's economy and builds political muscle. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2007 2529
Zimbabwe: burying the truth; Hajia Aminata Sow, a retired Guinean jurist and historian, spent six months in Zimbabwe earlier this year, and, encouraged by the "Zimbabwe debate" in our last issue, writes about what she saw during her visit. Sow, Hajia Aminata Nov 1, 2007 2826
South Africa: the Scorpions vs the police boss. Commey, Pusch Nov 1, 2007 1323
Libya edges in from the cold. Land, Thomas Oct 1, 2007 975
Old fears die hard: Sudeshna Sarkar reports from Istanbul. Sarkar, Sudeshna Oct 1, 2007 1236
Russia builds fuel-bank for Middle East reactors. Land, Thomas Oct 1, 2007 1225
Debating Zimbabwe. Oct 1, 2007 4770
CFE: will it remain a "cornerstone of European security?". Andres, Janet Sep 25, 2007 8423
The 'sick man of Europe' resurges. Rasizade, Alec Sep 22, 2007 7101
Executive clemency or bureaucratic discretion? Two models of the pardons process. Erler, H. Abbie Sep 1, 2007 9558
The political fallout of taking a stand: the President, Congress, and the Schiavo case. Haider-Markel, Donald P.; Carr, Carol K. Sep 1, 2007 8630
The Contemporary Presidency: Who Wants Presidential Supremacy? Findings from the Institutions of American Democracy Project. Aberbach, Joel D.; Peterson, Mark A.; Quirk, Paul J. Sep 1, 2007 7492
The Law: Executive Order 13422: an expansion of presidential influence in the rulemaking process. Copeland, Curtis W. Sep 1, 2007 7274
A tale of two Vaclavs. Kraus, Michael Jun 22, 2007 2501
Progress in Abidjan. Brief article May 1, 2007 236
Who rules logistics? service versus COCOM authority. Paparone, Christopher R. Nov 1, 2005 2147
Protocol. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 100
The grand old spending party. Slivinski, Stephen Jul 1, 2005 4673
The new czar? President Putin at his second inauguration, at the Kremlin in Moscow in May. Since becoming President in 1999, he has rolled back democratic reforms. Myers, Steven Lee Cover Story Nov 15, 2004 1697
The Gambia: for whom the bell tolls; Momodu Musa Secka reports on a new anti-corruption commission making waves in The Gambia. Secka, Momodu Musa Oct 1, 2004 413
Whose life? Power, Rachel Oct 1, 2004 1057
What is the message? Annual Informe ritual exposed as anachronistic. Rendon, Joel Estudillo Oct 1, 2004 674
Watergate blowback: the White House's ongoing battle against post-Nixon sunshine laws. Welch, Matt Aug 1, 2004 1282
Culture vultures will flock to 'new' Governors Island. Moore, Peter Apr 21, 2004 520
President Bush Signs Unborn Victims of Violence Act Into Law, After Dramatic One-Vote Win in Senate. Apr 1, 2004 2017
President Bush rules in favor of Chinese steel shirt hangers, rejects ITC. (Washington Alert). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 268
President or ruler? (The Last Word). Grigg, William Norman Mar 24, 2003 837
A time of transition: a new view of South Africa. (PassPort). Gumede, Saul Nyangeni Mar 1, 2003 693
The challenges of the presidency: could you lead the most powerful nation in the world? (USA). Landauro, Victor Brief Article Jan 24, 2003 700
Finnish president is no longer necessary, says book. Brief Article Jan 2, 2003 100
The law: when presidential power backfires: Clinton's use of clemency. Fisher, Louis Sep 1, 2002 7269
IRAN - Aug. 28 - Khatami Seeks Enhanced Powers. Brief Article Aug 31, 2002 184
FTAA progress report. (Insider Report). Brief Article Aug 26, 2002 325
Presidents' success when appointing justices. (Supreme Court). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 510
TPA: An insider's guide to trade promotion authority. (Spotlight). Smith, Mark Jul 1, 2002 1207
The emaciated executive? (Insider Report). Brief Article Jun 17, 2002 274
Unilateral presidential powers: significant executive orders, 1949-99. (Articles). Mayer, Kenneth R.; Price, Kevin Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 9427
Bush's 2003 budget proposal includes provision for private education. (Government spotlight: the latest news from and about education from the U.S. government). Angelo, Jean Marie Apr 1, 2002 585
Back to Bedrock: George W. Bush vs. Fred Flintstone. (Rant). Gillespie, Nick Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 684
The contemporary presidency: parties, process, and presidential power: learning from confirmation politics in the U.S. Senate. (Features). Andres, Gary J. Mar 1, 2002 4836
The power of the presidency: How has the president's job changed since September 11? (USA). Hanson-Harding, Alexandra Jan 21, 2002 1035
You decide! Jan 21, 2002 377
Fast-Track Revisited. (Insider Report). Brief Article Dec 17, 2001 215
House passes fast-track trade authority by one vote. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Dec 17, 2001 366
The Presidency Powers Up. KELLEY, TIMOTHY Sep 17, 2001 1867
The Law: Constitutional Understandings of the War Power. BOYLAN, TIMOTHY S. Sep 1, 2001 7140
TURKEY - Aug. 3 - Sezer Moves Against State Land Sales. Brief Article Aug 4, 2001 259
Presidential Powers. LOWRY, BILL Jul 1, 2001 1257
Networking in the Shadow of Hierarchy: Public Policy, the Administrative Presidency, and the Neoadministrative State. DURANT, ROBERT F.; WARBER, ADAM L. Jun 1, 2001 12132
Presidential Power and Political Science. HARGROVE, ERWIN C. Jun 1, 2001 8824
The Law: The President and the Independent Counsel: Reflections on Prosecutors, Presidential Prerogatives, and Political Power. HARRIGER, KATY J. Jun 1, 2001 5788
RUSSIA - May 10 - Chernomyrdin Is Named Ambassador To Ukraine. Brief Article May 12, 2001 102
Pardon Me! Brief Article Mar 26, 2001 168
The War Powers Resolution: A Rationale for Congressional Inaction. BOYLAN, TIMOTHY S.; PHELPS, GLENN A. Mar 22, 2001 8075
Reform As Affirmation: Jimmy Carter's Executive Branch Reorganization Effort. SEYB, RONALD P. Mar 1, 2001 8401
Should Power Be Shared? Friedman, Thomas L. Brief Article Dec 11, 2000 485
Hail to the (New) Chief. BERMAN, JANICE Dec 1, 2000 1121
Presidential Elections' Economic Importance. KANE, TIM D. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 989
WITCH HUNT OR WHITEWASH? Gorvett, Jon Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2000 1181
Divided Government and Democratic Presidents: Truman and Clinton Compared. CONLEY, RICHARD S. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2000 10471
The imposition of martial law in the United States. Davies, Kirk L. Mar 22, 2000 22470
Hard Times for Presidential Leadership? (And How Would We Know?). ABERBACH, JOEL D.; ROCKMAN, BERT A. Dec 1, 1999 11060
Unilateral Action and Presidential Power: A Theory. MOE, TERRY M.; HOWELL, WILLIAM G. Dec 1, 1999 12060
The Law: Executive Privilege: Definition and Standards of Application. ROZELL, MARK J. Dec 1, 1999 6368
War Powers, Constitutional Balance, and the Imperial Presidency Idea at Century's End. BOYLAN, TIMOTHY S. Jun 1, 1999 9705
Inside Lincoln's Clemency Decision Making. RUCKMAN, P. S. JR.; KINCAID, DAVID Mar 1, 1999 8396
Serving the president: when must a president obey a subpoena? Whittington, Keith E. Nov 1, 1998 1988
Former Governor's perceptions of a presidential line-item veto. Douglas, James W. Sep 22, 1997 7155
Executive privilege in the Reagan administration: diluting a constitutional doctrine. Rozell, Mark J. Sep 22, 1997 6139
The Attorney General's first separation of powers opinion. Dellinger, Walter; Powell, H. Jefferson Dec 22, 1996 3450
The Clinton courts: liberals need not apply. Nichols, John Cover Story Sep 1, 1996 3228

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