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Power rotation, not Nigerian.

In your April cover story ("Nigeria at the crossroads"), you stated that there is an agreement in Nigeria that political power should rotate between the North and South, with each side getting two tenures. I would like to correct that statement: There is no such agreement in Nigeria or in the national constitution. That arrangement only exists within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which incidentally has been ruling the country since 1999. But Nigerians generally do not subscribe to that agreement. This power rotation will only be implemented if the PDP wins the 2011 elections. But as far as Nigerians are concerned, it's "let the best man (Northerner or Southerner) win".

Obiokoye Amala

Abuja, Nigeria

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Title Annotation:READERS' VIEWS
Author:Amala, Obiokoye
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jun 1, 2010
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