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* POSTSCRIPT: OpCon East, our twice-yearly operations conference, will devote two days (Boston, Sept. 14-15) to an extended discussion of productivity strategies for technical support and customer service groups. The schedule includes four plenary session on performance metrics, forecasting, the measurement of "quality," and service innovation, plus a dozen highly-focused workshops on management, marketing, and technology issues (such as training, compensation, scheduling, multi-vendor resources, outsourcing, knowledge bases, customer tracking, fax-back systems, interactive voice, audits and surveys, fee-based programs, and techniques for fine-tuning service offerings). As usual, we've recruited a faculty of top speakers, and there will be plenty of occasions for personal networking and peer-to-peer discussions. If you're serious about looking for ways to improve service productivity, OpCon East is where you'il find the solutions, the ideas, and the


For a detailed schedule and registration information, please call Allison Byck at Soft.letter, 617/924-3944.
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Title Annotation:OpCon East operations conference
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Jul 7, 1992
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