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Articles from Polymer Engineering and Science (August 1, 1999)

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Biodegradability of poly(vinyl alcohol). Lopez, Betty Lucy O.; Mejia, Amanda Ines G.; Sierra, Ligia G. 3687
Characterization of liquid carboxy terminated copolymer of butadiene acrylonitrile modified epoxy resin. Nigam, Vineeta; Setua, Dipak K.; Mathur, Gyanesh N. 2893
Composites of poly(vinyl acetate) filled with calcium carbonate: microscopy, diffractometry and thermophysical properties. Kovacevic, Vera; Packham, David; Lucic, Sanja; Hace, Drago; Smit, Ivan 4638
Determination of the kinetic parameters of the thermal oxidative degradation of styrene/butadiene copolymers. Grguric, T.H.; Rek, V.; Jelcic, Z.; Hace, D.; Gomzi, Z. 1356
Effect of temperature gradient on polymer migration. Choi, Hyoung J.; Cho, Min S.; Kim, Chul A.; Jhon, Myung S. 3417
Effects of gamma-radiation on mechanical characteristics of recycled polyethylene blends. Suarez, Joao Carlos Miguez; Mano, Eloisa Biasotto; Bonelli, Claudi Maria Chagas 2417
Effects of injection molding-induced morphology on the work of fracture parameters in rubber-toughened polypropylenes. Karger-Kocsis, J.; Mouzakis, D.E. 3680
Electrorheological properties of poly(aniline-co-o-ethoxyaniline) suspensions. Kim, Ji W.; Choi, Hyoung J.; To, Kiwing 2865
Influence of crystallinity on gas transport in polymeric films. Horas, Jorge A.; Rizzotto, Marcos G. 1820
Influence of the structure of soft and stiff chain fragments in properties of segmented polyurethanes. I. Phase morphology. Privalko, Valery P.; Privalko, Eleonora G.; Shtompel, Vladimir I.; Pissis, Polyucarpos; Kanapitsas, 3182
Mechanical characterization of carbon fiber reinforced phenolic resol and epoxy condensate plastic. Varghese, P.; Yadav, P.; Jain, S.; Ghuratia, S.; Nema, S.K. 3210
Neutron reflectometry studies on the interfacial width between polysterene and various poly(alkylmethacrylates). Schubert, D.W.; Stamm, M.; Muller, A.H.E. 2720
Newspaper reinforced plastic composite laminates: mechanical and water uptake characteristics. Yadav, P.; Nema, A.; Varghese, S.; Nema, S.K. 3701
Physicochemical characterization of alloy of polymide with varying degree of crosslinking through diisocyanates. Rajani, S.; Jain, S.; Verma, M.M.; Dubey, M.; Nema, S.K. 3809
Polyimides based on novel multifunctional maleimide derivative. Patel, C.B.; Patel, H.S. 1545
Precipitation-redissolution liquid chromatography of styrene-ethyl acrylate copolymers. Chiantore, Oscar; Simonelli, Alessandra 2399
Prediction of the tensile impact behavior of injection molding samples from quasi-static data. Viana, J.C.; Cunha, A.M.; Billon, N. 4842
Preparation and characterization of composites of polypyrrole. Bhat, Narendra; Geetha, P.; Pawde, Sunita 4141
Stress oscillation in amorphous copolyesters due to tensile impact. Karger-Kocsis, J.; Czigany, T.; Moskala, E.J. 2868
Structural, rheological, and mechanical properties of ternary blends of PEN, PET, and liquid crystalline polymer. Kyotani, Mutsumasa; Saeed, Akhtar 3666
Study of the mechanical, thermal, and thermodegradative properties of virgin PP with recycled and non-recycled HDPE. Albano, C.; Sanchez, G. 3116
Surface characterization and adsorption abilities of cellulose fibers. Stana-Kleinschek, Karin; Strnad, Simona; Ribitsch, Volker 4861
Synthesis and properties of peroxy derivatives of epoxy resins based on bisphenol A. 1. Effects of the presence of inorganic bases. Bratychak, Michael; Brostow, Witold 4416
The effect of TLCP melt structure on the bulk viscosity of high molecular mass polyethylene. Chan, C.K.; Whitehouse, C.; Gao, P. 5889
Thermal characterization of ethylene polymers prepared with metallocene catalysts. Starck, P.; Lehmus, P.; Seppala, J.V. 5003
Thermoelastic behavior of carbon fiber/polycarbonate model composites. Privalko, Valery P.; Sukhorukov, Dmitry I.; Kerger-Kocsis, Jozsef 3043
Thermomechanical properties of radiation-modified blends of polyethylene with liquid crystalline copolyester. Kalkis, Valdis; Maksimov, Robert D.; Zicans, Janis 3371
Water diffusion in unsaturated polyester films. Effect of plasticization on the glass transition. Marais, S.; Metayer, M.; Labbe, M.; Legras, M.T.; Saiter, J.M. 3521

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