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Analysis: A Peculiar Way to Disenfranchise Voters. Nov 9, 2015 892
Talks over electoral reform to continue Tuesday at 13.30. Oct 13, 2015 318
Labour and women; FEEDBACK. Oct 2, 2015 243
The Brief: Aug. 6, 2015. Aug 6, 2015 1371
Restore Voting Rights Act. Jul 10, 2015 479
WE'LL SEE YOU IN COURT, DAVE; EVEL ROW OUTRAGE AT PROPOSALS SNP threaten UK Govt with legal action over attempt to restrict the voting rights of Scots MPs. Jul 4, 2015 585
SEE NO EVEL; Sturgeon warns of second referendum over PM's It's a shambles that is staggering in its hypocrisy and incoherence Sturgeon predicts move will boost support for Scottish independence. Jul 3, 2015 1500
Voting Rights Bill Would Address, Not Invalidate, Texas Voter ID Law. Jul 2, 2015 968
State mulls voting rights for religious groups. Jun 18, 2015 324
When It Comes to Voting Rights, Who's a Person? Jun 10, 2015 913
Kuwaiti women celebrate their fruitful struggle. May 15, 2015 660
Sena: Scrap voting rights for Muslims. Apr 13, 2015 469
Thousands march in honor of 50th anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday'. Watson, Jamal Eric Apr 9, 2015 632
Language accommodations and section 203 of the Voting Rights Act: reporting requirements as a potential solution to the compliance gap. Higgins, Matthew Apr 1, 2015 21318
Sr. Antona Ebo: instant celebrity. Murray, Paul Brief article Feb 27, 2015 257
Sr. Barbara Lum: 'we were really terrified'. Murray, Paul Brief article Feb 27, 2015 323
Susan Butler: 'it was just heartbreaking'. Murray, Paul Brief article Feb 27, 2015 309
"Rand Paul's Mythology Of Republican Minority Votes" National Democratic Strategist Bob Weiner And Analyst Joseph Abay Say, Until Stop Cutting Programs And Suppressing Vote. Feb 4, 2015 1215
Welsh Labour MPs vow to fight moves to limit their voting rights. Dec 19, 2014 933
Threat to Wales' MPs' voting rights. Dec 14, 2014 206
Justices review racial makeup of realigned Alabama districts. Sherman, Mark; Chandler, Kim Nov 12, 2014 669
Right to vote under threat, says city MP. Oct 24, 2014 583
PEC holds elections to students' parliament. Sep 24, 2014 326
A provisional politics: reclaiming grace at the intersections of religion and politics. Martin, Dhawn B. Sep 1, 2014 6740
Re-enfranchising ex-felons. Jul 3, 2014 535
AFGE Leader Lauds Senate Hearing on Voting Rights Legislation. Jun 26, 2014 430
Ackerman's 'Civil Rights Revolution' and modern American racial politics. Smith, Rogers M. Jun 1, 2014 13016
South Africa : Government urges South Africans to vote. May 8, 2014 191
Voting Rights Lawsuit Filed Against State of Texas: State Senate Districts Unconstitutional. Apr 21, 2014 745
A look back: several examples from history illustrate how an innovative idea from a state can sweep the nation. Simmons, Tricia Mar 1, 2014 1079
Lawmakers in NH throw their support to DC voting rights. Stevens, Rik Feb 21, 2014 452
Latvian Noncitizens' Congress Welcomes Commissioner's Concerns About Political Rights of European Residents. Jan 30, 2014 684
Latvian Noncitizens' Congress Welcomes Commissioner's Concerns About Political Rights of European Residents. Jan 30, 2014 690
FRC Action Calls on Indiana Senate to Restore Marriage Amendment, Respect Voters Right to Decide Future of Marriage. Jan 28, 2014 449
Leahy, Sensenbrenner, Conyers Lead Bipartisan, Bicameral Introduction Of Bill To Restore Voting Rights Act. Jan 16, 2014 782
The economic status of women in Montana: how far have we come since Montana elected the first Congresswoman? Winkler, Celia C.; Kuipers, Kathy J. Statistical data Dec 22, 2013 2840
Voting rights for members of the Nigerian Diaspora. Ogbonnaya, Ufiem Maurice Dec 22, 2013 2939
Midland MP calling for voting rights for prisoners. Dec 19, 2013 358
The quota in Sudanese electoral law: achievements, challenges and lessons learned. Badri, Balghis Dec 1, 2013 14588
Latvian Non-Citizens' Rally for Voting Rights. Oct 21, 2013 795
Latvian Non-Citizens' Rally for Voting Rights. Oct 21, 2013 802
Voting Rights Dispute Enters Another Round. Sep 12, 2013 558
Protecting the right to vote. Jul 29, 2013 481
Scottish Parliament Votes To Allow 16 and 17-Year Old To Vote In Independence Referendum. Jun 27, 2013 326
The Roberts court's hubris. Jun 26, 2013 582
Supreme Court Ruling on Voting Rights Opens Door to Wave of Minority Voter Suppression. Jun 25, 2013 1126
High Court Strikes Down Key Provision of Voting Rights Act. Jun 25, 2013 2880
Congress Must Act to Protect ALL Provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Jun 25, 2013 162
Bid to perform suffrage play in Parliament; Event will mark Davison census protest. May 31, 2013 611
Devolution cannot mean certain MPs being barred from certain votes in UK parliament; A long-awaited report on the future of the House of Commons today rejects a ban on Welsh and Scottish MPs voting on England-only matters. Here McKay Commission member Sir Emyr Jones Parry explains the report's findings. Mar 25, 2013 952
Is there such a thing as a women's agenda in parliament? Driedger, Myrna Essay Mar 22, 2013 1411
Breaking out of the mold: minority-majority districts and the sustenance of white privilege. Mitchell, Joe Mar 22, 2013 8419
Congress Voting Rights Act Power Is In Constitution, Agreement From Gingrich To Ginsberg, Report Robert Weiner And Richard Mann. Mar 20, 2013 1241
Re-crossing the bridge. Brief article Mar 15, 2013 164
Sudan says suspension of UN voting rights "politically motivated". Feb 4, 2013 532
Merry Christmas, happy new year and long live the glorious revolution; From the struggle for universal suffrage, to the Stop the War campaign - a former Blaenau Gwent MP's collection of historic Christmas cards depict and publicise some of the most famous political battles in history. Now, this personal assortment of festive greetings cards is on display writes Martin Shipton. Nov 8, 2012 636
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Examines Voting Rights And New Age Discrimination. Sep 20, 2012 838
The Brief: Aug. 31, 2012. Aug 31, 2012 910
Court: Texas Redistricting Maps Don't Protect Minority Voters. Aug 28, 2012 1997
Politics - Zahle Deputies: Diplomatic laxity deprives expats from right to vote. Aug 2, 2012 192
Petition for expatriate voting officially launched. Jul 14, 2012 652
Amendment banning political parties registered less than one year ago from participation in elections is protection of voters' rights -- Tekebaev. Jun 11, 2012 127
European Court Rules British Prisoners Must Be Granted Voting Rights. May 22, 2012 755
Democrats at DOJ: why partisan use of the Voting Rights Act might not be so bad after all. Katz, Ellen D. Mar 22, 2012 8357
Seats, votes, citizens, and the one person, one vote problem. Gaddie, Ronald Keith; Wert, Justin J.; Bullock, Charles S., III Mar 22, 2012 10301
The Brief: March 15, 2012. Mar 15, 2012 795
Spotlight on voting rights of Welsh, Scots MPs. Jan 18, 2012 341
The future of the Voting Rights Act: lessons from the history of school (re-)segregation. Faircloth, Frances E. Jan 1, 2012 6117
Staging suffrage: women, politics, and the Edwardian Theater. Tilghman, Carolyn Dec 22, 2011 8862
French senate holds tough debate on foreigner vote. Dec 8, 2011 777
Federal Judges Will Draw New Political Maps for Texas. Nov 8, 2011 1252
House, Senate OK districting plan; Minorities will have greater political voice. Nov 2, 2011 632
Why the law needs music: revisiting NAACP v. Button through the songs of Bob Dylan. Knake, Renee Newman Oct 1, 2011 8221
Statement: Generation Opportunity President Calls on North Carolina Governor Bev Purdue to Apologize for Call to Suspend Congressional Elections, Which Would Deny Americans The Fundamental Right to Vote. Sep 27, 2011 742
Abraham Kuyper and the continuing social question. Van Dyke, Harry Essay Sep 22, 2011 2356
Feds: Proposed Texas Maps Undermine Minority Voting Rights. Sep 20, 2011 879
The Brief: Sept. 20, 2011. Sep 20, 2011 843
Section 5 constraints on Congress through the lens of article III and the constitutionality of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Konnoth, Craig Mar 1, 2011 5985
Archbishop Williams backs move to allow prisoners to vote; ROWAN WARNS OVER POLICY THAT LEAVES ALL AS VICTIMS. Feb 10, 2011 743
Delegates stripped of us voting rights. Feb 1, 2011 266
FAQ: South Sudan referendum voting process. Jan 9, 2011 3177
Debt to society? The Washington State Legislature's efforts to restore voting rights to persons with felony convictions. Martinez, Nicolas L. Jan 1, 2011 5958
Justice revisited: the catalyst of the voting rights act of 1965. Kelly, William E. Jan 1, 2011 6428
Lessons learned, lessons lost: immigration enforcement's failed experiment with penal severity. Miller, Teresa A. Nov 1, 2010 13441
Political power and passive citizenship: the implications of considering African American prisoners as residents of rural New York State districts. Chronopoulos, Themis Essay Jul 1, 2010 7964
How state supreme courts take consequences into account: toward a state-centered understanding of state constitutionalism. Devins, Neal Jun 1, 2010 33027
Sleiman hopeful voting-age pitch will return to Parliament. Feb 24, 2010 580
LEAD: H.K. unveils plan for political reform consultation. Nov 23, 2009 536
House Right to Vote on D.C. Gun Regs, Make Council Behave, Says SAF. Sep 17, 2008 426
NATS BACK VOTE AT 16; Health board poll. Jun 13, 2008 309
Celebrate our heroes - and our she-roes; Ninety years ago today women over 30 were given the right to vote. MP Julie Morgan says we should nowgive the vote to 16-year-olds. Feb 6, 2008 902
Majority vote in legislature is 1st need for H.K. political reform. Dec 29, 2007 393
Majority vote in legislature is 1st need for H.K. political reform. Dec 29, 2007 393
LEAD: H.K. submits democracy proposals to Beijing's parliament. Dec 16, 2007 538
POLITICS: Scottish MPs face ban from voting on English issues. Oct 29, 2007 719
Fears of UK 'break-up' Plan to strip Scottish MPs of right to vote. Oct 29, 2007 458
Senate rejects D.C. voting rights motion. Berndt, Carolyn Sep 24, 2007 242
Territories will vote in the house of representatives. Mar 5, 2007 237
Education fund. Oct 1, 2006 1098
Democrats Abroad: Americans Living Abroad May Cast Deciding Votes in November Midterm Elections. Sep 21, 2006 527
News From USW: USW Applauds the Senate for Passing Voting Rights Act Renewal. Jul 21, 2006 241
Thinking outside the ballot box. Woodwell, William H., Jr. Jun 1, 2006 1800
Experts Available to Discuss Senate Expected to Pass Immigration Bill. May 25, 2006 544
Bipartisan bill would give D.C. a vote in congress. May 22, 2006 534
Hill Bulletin. Ponomareff, Shirley Tabata Feb 1, 2006 1636
American democracy for America's capital. Zherka, Ilir Oct 1, 2005 521
Getting the health system we deserve: nurses and other health workers have an ethical responsibility to vote in the upcoming general election. They are in a unique position to ascertain the impact of different political parties' health policies on those they care for and that's why they must participate in the election. Asher, Joy Bickley Jul 1, 2005 1980
KUWAIT - Focusing On Issue-Based Politics. Brief Article Aug 21, 2000 768
Lani Guinier: 'I was nominated - and then the rules were changed.' (nominee to head Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department)(interview) (Cover Story) Garrow, David J. Cover Story Sep 1, 1993 5241

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