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Police to review death of man in Barrymore's pool.

Byline: BY BRIAN FARMER Frederick Brian Webb Farmer (born 29 July 1933), known as Brian Farmer, was an English professional footballer who played as a right-back. Born in Wordsley, Staffordshire, he joined Birmingham City in 1950 when he was 17, but made his first-team debut only in 1956; even  and JAMES TAPSFIELD Daily Post Correspondents

DETECTIVES yesterday said they were reviewing the death of a butcher whose body was found in a swimming pool at the home of television entertainer Michael Barrymore.

Barrymore last night said he welcomed the news and vowed to "do all I can" to help police find out how Stuart Lubbock died.

The 31-year-old was discovered floating in the pool following a party at the entertainer's house near Harlow, Essex in March 2001.

Doctors said he had suffered severe internal injuries that suggested he had been sexually assaulted, and alcohol, Ecstasy and cocaine were found in his bloodstream.

A lengthy investigation was carried out by Essex Police Essex Police is a Home Office (territorial) police force with responsibility for policing the county of Essex in the East of England.

The force area covers 1,400 square miles and has a population of 1,600,000.
, but although Barrymore accepted an official caution for drugs offences, no-one was charged in relation to the tragedy. A coroner recorded an open verdict in September 2002.

A spokeswoman for Essex police said inquiries were regularly revisited and the review was "routine".

She said it was possible police would interview Barrymore and other guests at the party - but added the review was at an "early stage".

"A team of officers will look at the file and everything that has happened since. It is possible people will be interviewed again but no decisions have been made."

Mr Lubbock's father Terry said the review was "good news".

"I've never blamed Michael Barrymore for my son's death. I'm happy to assume he had no physical part in it.

"What I'm angry with Michael Barrymore for is that he hasn't told everything he knows. I'm sure of that." He added: "This will never go away for him."

Mr Lubbock also said there were "at least eight" people at the party on the night his son, who lived in Harlow, died, and urged them to reveal what they knew.

In February, the family failed in an attempt to bring a private prosecution against Barrymore for allegations of drug misuse, disorderly behaviour and assault.

A district judge ruled there was insufficient evidence insufficient evidence n. a finding (decision) by a trial judge or an appeals court that the prosecution in a criminal case or a plaintiff in a lawsuit has not proved the case because the attorney did not present enough convincing evidence.  to launch the case during a private hearing in Southend, Essex.

Barrymore moved to New Zealand New Zealand (zē`lənd), island country (2005 est. pop. 4,035,000), 104,454 sq mi (270,534 sq km), in the S Pacific Ocean, over 1,000 mi (1,600 km) SE of Australia. The capital is Wellington; the largest city and leading port is Auckland.  with his long-term partner Shaun Davis in 2003 after the Lubbock case left his career in tatters tat·ter 1  
1. A torn and hanging piece of cloth; a shred.

2. tatters Torn and ragged clothing; rags.

tr. & intr.v.
 and a huge tax bill forced him into bankruptcy. However, his controversial appearance in this year's Celebrity Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother could refer to:
  • Any series of Celebrity Big Brother UK
  • Celebrity Big Brother Australia, the celebrity edition of Big Brother Australia
  • (Philippines)
See also
  • Big Brother VIP
 seemed to open the way for his rehabilitation.

Barrymore was moved to tears when devoted fans flocked to cheer him into the house, and finished as runner-up on the Channel 4 show despite bizarre and emotional antics in the house.

After Celebrity Big Brother finished Barrymore held an emotional two-hour meeting with Terry Lubbock at a London hotel during which he admitted the tragedy "haunted" him every day.

There has been widespread speculation that TV bosses are planning to revive the former Strike it Lucky host's career.

In a statement lat night, 53-year-old Barrymore said he "welcomed" the news the case was to be reviewed.

He hasn't told all he knows


Stuart Lubbock's body was found floating in the pool at Michael Barrymore's Essex home' Michael Barrymore' Stuart Lubbock
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 20, 2006
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