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Pocketguide to Gangs Across America and Their Symbols.

Pocketguide to Gangs Across America and Their Symbols, CTS (1) (Clear To Send) The RS-232 signal sent from the receiving station to the transmitting station that indicates it is ready to accept data. Contrast with RTS.

(2) (Common Type System) The data typing used in .
 Associates Incorporated, Patchogue, New York Patchogue ('pach-og, 'pach-äg) is a village in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 11,919 at the 2000 census.

The village is named after the Patchogue Indians, who once inhabited the area.
, 2001.

With gangs spreading across America at a rapid rate and their propensity for violence increasing, a vital need exists for the law enforcement community to identify these gangs quickly and efficiently before they establish strongholds. These gangs no longer merely constitute an urban problem. In fact, suburban and rural communities are experiencing a faster growth of gangs than urban areas. Never has a greater need existed for a nationally useful book to assist in identifying gangs in all regions of America.

The Pocketguide to Gangs Across America and Their Symbols is an extremely useful book for anyone interested in obtaining information relating to relating to relate prepconcernant

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 gangs. It is easy to read, easy to use, and has almost any symbol a law enforcement officer may come in contact with when dealing with gangs, hate groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and occult organizations. Besides hundreds of up-to-date symbols, the Pocketguide to Gangs Across America has a glossary containing symbols, words, and phrases used by a multitude of gangs and criminals.

The versatility of this book is not only its small size (5 1/2" X 4") but also its sections on analyzing gang graffiti, identifying gang members, and understanding gang/group differences, as well as the many sections on the types of gangs spreading across America, such as Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation The Folks Nation is an alliance of street gangs based out of the Chicago area which has since branched throughout the United States. They are theoretically rivals to the People Nation. , People Nation, Latino gangs, prison gangs, Asian gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, hate groups, occult organizations, and miscellaneous gangs. This book represents a significant step forward for gang investigations as it deals with all regions of gangs, something the law enforcement profession has needed for a long time. The book describes the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest regions equally in great detail.

One compelling section of the Pocketguide to Gangs Across America and Their Symbols, the "Symbol Lookup A data search performed within a predefined table of values (array, matrix, etc.) or within a data file.  Reference Glossary," lists hundreds of symbols, words, numbers, phrases, and slang used by gangs, hate groups, and occult practitioners. Officers will find themselves referring to it on many occasions. It can help not only gang officers but parents and school officials as well.

Interested individuals can purchase the Pocketguide to Gangs Across America and Their Symbols for $10 (free shipping) directly through the creators, a law enforcement consulting company Noun 1. consulting company - a firm of experts providing professional advice to an organization for a fee
consulting firm

business firm, firm, house - the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments; "he worked for a
, made up of a diverse cadre (company) CADRE - The US software engineering vendor which merged with Bachman Information Systems to form Cayenne Software in July 1996.  of law enforcement officers from across the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. , called CTS Associates Incorporated, located at Post Office Box 1001, Patchogue, New York 11772-0800. CTS Associates Incorporated can be reached via telephone at 877-444-1287 (toll free) or via e-mail at The Calibrepress Survival Catalog and the Varro Press Catalog also carry the book for $10 plus shipping and handling.

Reviewed by Detective Wes Daily Suffolk County, New York Suffolk County is a county located in the U.S. state of New York. As of the 2000 census, the population was 1,419,369. It was named for the county of Suffolk in England, from which its earliest settlers came. , Police Department President, National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations
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Title Annotation:Book Review
Author:Daily, Detective Wes
Publication:The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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