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Please support Meacher's Bill.

Last year Claire Short MP tabled a Private Members' Bill which requested that instead of the Prime Minister being able to decide alone to send our troops into war that he or she would have to get approval from Parliament.

Unfortunately, despite the support of hundreds of MPs from all parties, it was sadly lost.

Many now argue, support and agree that the law needs to be changed as it is outdated out·dat·ed  
Out-of-date; old-fashioned.


old-fashioned or obsolete

Adj. 1.
 and undemocratic for the 21st Century. So acting on these concerns, Michael Meacher Michael Hugh Meacher (born November 4 1939) is a British Labour party politician, and Member of Parliament (MP) for Oldham West and Royton. On February 22 2007 he declared that he would be standing for the Labour Leadership, challenging Gordon Brown and John McDonnell.  MP has now tabled the Waging War Bill which calls for Parliament to be given the right to vote on whether or not to send any of our troops to war.

I am, therefore, writing to ask your readers to write to their MP and get them to sign up to EDM (Engineering Data Management) An information system that maintains the details of all engineering data while the product is in the design and concept phase. This includes geometry and changes to geometry. See PLM.

EDM - Electronic Data Management
 1046, ask them to support the Bill and also get the support of other MPs in getting this outdated law changed.

Please show your support today.

Richard Bertin Maes-y-Cwm Street, Barry Dock
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 12, 2007
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