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Pioneer fuel cell passes test milestone.

RUNCORN Runcorn, city (1991 pop. 63,995), Halton, W England, on the Mersey River. It is located on the Manchester Ship Canal and is the terminus of the Bridgewater Canal, which is connected to the Mersey by a series of locks. The main industry is the production of chemicals.  technology company Acal Energy has notched a significant milestone in the testing of its FlowCath fuel cell system.

A prototype unit has achieved more than 1,000 hours of continuous running with no deterioration de·te·ri·o·ra·tion
The process or condition of becoming worse.
 in performance.

The Acal system replaces an expensive precious metal catalyst in conventional fuel cells with a low-cost liquid catalyst which reduces cost and improves durability and reliability..

Fuel cells are clean energy electro-chemical E`lec`tro-chem´ic`al

a. 1. Of or pertaining to electro-chemistry.
 systems that convert chemical energy into electrical power and are capable of replacing combustion combustion, rapid chemical reaction of two or more substances with a characteristic liberation of heat and light; it is commonly called burning. The burning of a fuel (e.g., wood, coal, oil, or natural gas) in air is a familiar example of combustion.  engines in a range of applications, from automotive to mobile power systems.

The company said: "These results demonstrate the predicted durability and robustness of the Acal Energy technology, and come alongside earlier announcements of peak power performance.

"Demonstrating longterm continuous operation is essential. These results are a critical step forward in proving the commercial and technical viability of the technology." The company said it was now aiming to deliver a 1kW demonstration model by this summer, and to have 5,000 hours of continuous running data on a single cell by this time next year.

Acal Energy is based at The Heath Business and Technology Park, in Runcorn, and has other facilities in the North East..


Work on Acal's fuel cell technology, at its Runcorn facility
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 13, 2009
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