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Pioneer Hi-Bred obtains United States patent.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Pioneer Hi-Bred is one of the largest U.S. companies which produces hybrid seeds for agriculture. History
In 1926, farm journal editor and future U.S. Vice President Henry A. Wallace, along with a group of Des Moines, Iowa businessmen, started the "Hi-Bred Corn Company".
 International, Inc. (Johnston, IA) has patented methods of creating and enhancing insect resistance in plants by introducing non-plant lipases into plants are provided. Plants with enhanced insect resistance and seed from plants thereof are provided. DNA sequences encoding insecticidal lipases and insecticidal lipase lipase (lī`pās), any enzyme capable of degrading lipid molecules. The bulk of dietary lipids are a class called triacylglycerols and are attacked by lipases to yield simple fatty acids and glycerol, molecules which can permeate the membranes  gene products that are useful in the practice of this invention are also provided. The compositions and methods of the invention may be used in a variety of agricultural systems for controlling pests, including propagating lineages of insect-resistant crops and targeting expression of these insecticidal lipases to plant organs Plant organs

Plant parts having rather distinct form, structure, and function. Organs, however, are interrelated through both evolution and development and are similar in many ways.

Roots, stems, and leaves are vegetative, or asexual, plant organs.
 that are particularly susceptible to infestation infestation /in·fes·ta·tion/ (-fes-ta´shun) parasitic attack or subsistence on the skin and/or its appendages, as by insects, mites, or ticks; sometimes used to denote parasitic invasion of the organs and tissues, as by helminths. , such as roots and leaves. (US 7,491,869)
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Publication:BIOTECH Patent News
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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Pioneer Hi-Bred obtains United States patent.
Pioneer Hi-Bred obtains United States patent.
Pioneer Hi-Bred obtains United States patent.
Pioneer Hi-Bred obtains United States patent.

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