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Philosophy of religion; classic and contemporary issues.


Philosophy of religion; classic and contemporary issues.

Ed. by Paul Copan and Chad Chad (chăd, chäd), Fr. Tchad, officially Republic of Chad, republic (2005 est. pop. 9,826,000), 495,752 sq mi (1,284,000 sq km), N central Africa.  Meister.

Blackwell Black·well , Elizabeth 1821-1910.

British-born American physician who was the first woman to be awarded a medical doctorate in modern times (1849).


283 pages




Selected practitioners in the philosophical study of religion set out the primary concerns of the discipline for people entering it or gazing at it from a neighboring neigh·bor  
1. One who lives near or next to another.

2. A person, place, or thing adjacent to or located near another.

3. A fellow human.

4. Used as a form of familiar address.

 field. The overall themes are religious experience and knowledge, the existence of God, and the nature and attributes of God. A final section looks at emerging perspectives from continental, Eastern, and feminist philosophy feminist philosophy

Loosely related set of approaches in various fields of philosophy that emphasizes the role of gender in the formation of traditional philosophical problems and concepts and the ways in which traditional philosophy reflects and perpetuates bias against

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