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Peterson, James A., & Hronek, Bruce B. (2011). Risk Management for Recreation and Leisure Services.

Peterson, James A., & Hronek, Bruce B. (2011). Risk Management for Recreation and Leisure Services (6th Ed.) Urbana, IL: Sagamore Publishing. ISBN 978-1-57167-641-2, e-book, 98-1-57167-642-9 (paperback). 195 pages, $39.95.

This valuable resource has been designed to help develop an awareness of legal liability among leisure service providers, and help professionals in taking the lead to manage risk within organizations. A method for offering quality leisure experiences with maximum protection for participants, and adequate safeguards under the law for leaders, administrators, and organizers offering recreation services is provided. A good safety program is good public policy. Content should not be construed as legal advice.

Among specific topics presented are immunity, duties of responders, due process, evaluation, applications, individual responsibilities, and cross referencing among chapters. Dealt with are protection for individuals with physical and/or intellectual limitations against exploitation and unwarranted harassment.

An introduction of Why Risk Management is followed by six extremely detailed chapters: (1) What are torts; why do we need to understand what they are, (2) Negligence, (3) Standard of care, (4) Employee rights, (5) The risk management plan, and (6) Security and personal safety. Each chapter is introduced with a list of key words, purposes, and points readers should follow in the chapter. Cartoons throughout reinforce and clarify many points discussed. Included are endnotes, bibliography and an index.

Eight very valuable appendices include detailed information and functional forms from ten departments of park and recreation across the country: (A) Policy statements, identification, (B) Waivers, releases, agreements to participate, registration, (C) Use permits, rentals, (D) Accidents, injury, and medical treatment-related forms, (E) Incident report forms, (F) Evaluation, background checks, inclement weather, protecting crime scenes, (G) Occupational safety and health administration, (H) Sources of additional information on establishing risk management programs.

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Date:Jan 1, 2012
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