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Perugia to replace Peoria at NATPE '92.

New Orleans will be jumping with international TV visitors this year. Global programming, finance, technology and co-production topics will be featured at the 1992 NATPE international seminar, under the banner On A Clear Day You Can See 2000: International Television in the 90's.

"The real excitement for us is: |Do we have all the players in the room?' If we can't get them physically, we'll get them via videotape or satellite. NATPE added the word |international' several years ago; we're really trying to beef up our international effort," said Joe Garbarino, NATPE's seminar coordinator. "For American TV, that's the horizon for the future."

NATPE president Phil Corvo is enthusiastic about this year's international seminar. "NATPE '92's general theme, Managing Change, could not be more appropriate to a discussion of the rapidly shifting trends and issues in the international market. The new political and economic realities coupled with the emergence of more program delivery systems, privatization and expanding technologies, require a deeper understanding by professionals at every level," stated Corvo.

Garbarino is sure that this seminar will be a success. "In the past, the international seminars were simple. We'll sit up here and lecture you about what's going on. On A Clear Day will be a wide open discussion. We're going to get the audience to the microphone for the discussion, too. Programmers won't just come in and hear a bunch of stuff that they can read in the trades. Good things will come out of this."

He continued: "Our moderator, Anne Diamond, had a show in Britain called Good Morning Britain. She's a pro who is used to handling a talk show format. Instead of someone with their own agenda and an axe to grind, she'll be a facilitator which will lend itself for everyone to talk."

Garbarino talked about the success of last year's international seminar. "The room that we were in last year was designed to hold 800 comfortably. We were able to squeeze in about 1200, but we had to turn away almost 400 people. But not this year. We have three ballrooms at the Hilton Hotel combined into one, which will hold about 1700 people."

"Making NATPE attractive to an international crowd has been an ongoing effort," said Garbarino. "A few years ago, many syndicators wondered what value there is in an international person coming into their booth and talking to them. |I'm trying to close a deal with this guy from Peoria and this guy from France is taking up my time asking a lot of questions. Also, we've gone from having international floor hours to general hours. Now, syndicators understand that the international marketplace has caught up to the point where the international representative is welcome. They're seeing these reps as a potential partner, instead of a person who's just asking a lot of informational questions."

Rick Reeves, NATPE's 1992 chairman said, "What we have put together in this overall conference is a tripartite emphasis that will be attractive not only to programmers, but also to managers of broadcast facilities. We also have a section that will appeal to alternative distribution systems to broadcasting. People who are involved in cable, DBS, or telcos will be interested as well. We have sessions aimed toward programmers, managers and outsiders.

"Also, I think some of the general sessions will have some interest to the international visitor. On Tuesday, the general opening session will include an address by John Naisbitt, the author of Megatrends 2000. He will talk about the society to which we all will be programming to in the next decade and the changes within that society, particularly in the communications industry.

In addition, the general session on Thursday should hold some interest to international representatives. Ken Dychtwald, the author of Age Waves, will discuss the changing demographics of modern society, and the implications for communicators in that change."
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Title Annotation:National Association of Television Program Executives; Perugia, Italy; Peoria, Illinois
Publication:Video Age International
Date:Jan 1, 1992
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