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Nancy Ajram breaks Arabic YouTube record with 40 million views. Brief article Feb 16, 2016 104
'Hello' again! Noel Kharman back with another Fairouz mashup. Brief article Feb 4, 2016 170
Naya, your cover of Keira Knightley's single is a 'A Step You Can't Take Back'! Brief article Jan 31, 2016 188
Jordanian Nidaa Sharara dedicates first single to Jordan's King Abdullah. Brief article Jan 31, 2016 162
The hilarious diaries of Facebook's Arab Adele. Khalifeh, Arwad Jan 21, 2016 595
Nancy Ajram's daughter does the cutest rendition of her mama's hit single 'Ma'oul el Gharam'. Brief article Jan 13, 2016 127
WATCH: Mohamed Mounir clip rakes in 1M views in a week. Brief article Dec 21, 2015 142
WATCH: John Lennon 'Happy Christmas' remake calls for peace in MidEast. Brief article Dec 2, 2015 177
Nancy Ajram amazes at Morocco's Mazagan Nights. Brief article Nov 23, 2015 196
Yasalam! Dance to Saad Lamjarred, Far East Movement's 'Beats on the Beach' in Abu Dhabi. Brief article Nov 17, 2015 195
Ahlam wants to perform at the foot of Egypt's Pyramids... just like Yanni did! Brief article Nov 11, 2015 164
The imitation game: Ramy Sabry does a Amr Diab... AGAIN! Brief article Nov 2, 2015 159
Introducing Carole Samaha's baby Tala to the world... Brief article Oct 25, 2015 108
A Lebanese fan kissed Tamer Hosny's hand and he liked it! Brief article Oct 21, 2015 173
Assi Helani & Diana Haddad in the studio together! Brief article Oct 18, 2015 110
Old is gold: Vintage photos of a chic Umm Kulthum in Paris! Oct 4, 2015 407
'Go' Maritta, go! We love your fab first ever single. Brief article Sep 29, 2015 118
Fans 'Wiggle, Wiggle' with Jason Derulo at Dubai Music Week! Brief article Sep 27, 2015 329
Sara Milonovich: Daisycutter. Sep 22, 2015 746
Tamer Hosny releases two new singles from his upcoming romcom "Ahwak". Brief article Sep 20, 2015 131
Watch Tamer Hosny 'fall in love' with Ghada Adel in their new romcom trailer! Brief article Sep 14, 2015 176
It's time again to Party in the Park! Stereophonics confirmed headliners. Brief article Sep 8, 2015 243
King of Morocco proves Saad Lamjarred really is "Lam3allem"! Brief article Aug 26, 2015 215
Saad Lamjarred gives his dear old dad a cameo in "Lm3allem" video. Brief article Aug 13, 2015 280
Hala Turk gets a whopping 101 million YouTube views for her "Happy Happy" music video. Brief article Aug 11, 2015 174
Mohammed Assaf lights up the streets of Cairo in his new music video! Brief article Aug 2, 2015 186
Singing sensation Ellie Goulding to headline Dubai Music Week! Brief article Jul 30, 2015 152
Iran's Sami Yusuf banned by his own people for performing in Israel! Brief article Jul 28, 2015 285
Mohamed Assaf on his next album and upcoming biopic. Jul 22, 2015 619
Get your Eid El-Fitr on with Wael Jassar this July! Brief article Jun 25, 2015 117
Celebrate this Eid El-Fitr with the fabulous Myriam Fares! Brief article Jun 23, 2015 132
Haifa Wehbe finds a fan in her frenemy Assala! Brief article Jun 23, 2015 244
Aww! How adorable did Saad Lamjarred look as a 4-year-old? Brief article Jun 18, 2015 174
Set sail with Najwa Karam, Haifa Wehbe, Mohammed Assaf and others with Emirates' Stars on Board! Brief article Jun 18, 2015 205
In pictures: Sherine Abdel Wahab's acting debut in "My Road". Brief article Jun 15, 2015 165
Sorry lovers, Amal Maher is reportedly off the market! Brief article Jun 8, 2015 222
Nancy Ajram takes under her wing a little rising star! Brief article Jun 3, 2015 186
We're all a little loca now - Is Ricky Martin coming to Egypt? Brief article Jun 2, 2015 209
Jennifer Lopez's Mawazine risque attire angers conservative Muslim Moroccans. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 277
Watch a hot Haifa Wehbe in the first promo of her new TV series "Mariam". Brief article May 4, 2015 253
The destruction of innocence. Brief article May 4, 2015 278
Jargon-aught: unite to alleviate overused mission statements. Christ, Rick May 1, 2015 754
Why is Mohammed Assaf among Arabian Business' 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40? Apr 22, 2015 414
Haifa Wehbe to the savage critics of her "Breathing You In" music vid: "You're #Vulgar"! Brief article Apr 19, 2015 339
#Winning! Tamer Hosny branded a "Middle Eastern legend" by European critics! Brief article Apr 16, 2015 259
Unlike Kim Kardashian, Mohammed Assaf is coming to Jordan on May 1! Brief article Apr 16, 2015 211
You won't believe what's next on Mohammed Assaf's agenda! Brief article Apr 16, 2015 181
Haifa Wehbe and Casper Smart look steaming hot in her first-ever English music video! Apr 15, 2015 354
Hala Turk tells step-mom Dounia Batma "I love you" in a beautiful duet together. Brief article Apr 15, 2015 255
You've got a friend in me: Sherine sent Majed Al Mohandes pre-gig bouquet. Brief article Mar 29, 2015 169
Date change: Robbie Williams not coming to Abu Dhabi on April 26! Brief article Mar 26, 2015 227
Don't cross the red line, and by red line, we do mean Haifa Wehbe! Brief article Mar 25, 2015 213
Michael Buble' made Dubai sway two nights in a row. Brief article Mar 15, 2015 194
"Little Mix" to launch The X Factor Arabia season 3 in Dubai. Brief article Mar 10, 2015 232
Can you tell the REAL Tamer Hosny from his lookalike? We sure hope his wife can! Brief article Mar 2, 2015 183
He's coming! Aussie fans stoked that Ragheb Alama will soon arrive. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 186
A blast from the past: Watch Sherine Abdel Wahab sing as a little girl. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 255
Tamer Hosny tantalizes fans with "180 Degrees" teaser. Brief article Feb 26, 2015 129
Ragheb Alama's wife ok with his snuggles with Elissa. Brief article Feb 22, 2015 209
Beautiful hair, don't care! Myriam Fares' new music video mistaken for a "Wella" commercial! Brief article Feb 11, 2015 255
What Haifa wants, Haifa gets? Wehbe wants Mohammad Sami off the "Your Face Sounds Familiar" judging panel! Brief article Feb 9, 2015 146
Omar Al Abdullat's album "Khad Al Zaman" in stores now. Brief article Jan 25, 2015 125
Exclusive: Mohammed Assaf tells Al Bawaba: "I have a new movie coming out". Interview Jan 14, 2015 1207
So much more than 442! Mohammad Assaf's song "Where Will I Go" gets 3 million hits. Brief article Jan 13, 2015 223
Lordy Lordy, look who's 40! Samira Said and fans celebrate another trip around the sun. Brief article Jan 12, 2015 174
Sun, sand, sing your heart out! Nancy Ajram digged her trip to Dubai. Brief article Jan 12, 2015 200
Rola Saad's skimpy NYE number shocked fans out of their seats. Brief article Jan 4, 2015 139
Rock on! Mohamed Mounir's got a gig touring around with German band Dissidenten. Brief article Dec 24, 2014 146
That's a wrap: Samira Said to present her album in early 2015! Brief article Dec 24, 2014 146
Joe Raad is back from Bahrain and ready to bring it in Beirut this NYE. Brief article Dec 21, 2014 149
She's gonna be rich, she's gonna be famous! Sherine plays role of rising star. Brief article Dec 21, 2014 117
It's finally coming! New year, new album for Mohammad Foad. Brief article Dec 15, 2014 170
"Oh People"! Less than a week 'til Diana Haddad's new album release. Brief article Dec 11, 2014 195
Ahlam ecstatic about her "Emirati twin" Hussain al Jasmi performing on Arab Idol. Brief article Dec 11, 2014 192
Bahrain's 'bout to get crunk! Sherine Abdel Wahab is headed your way, Baby! Brief article Dec 7, 2014 216
Wael Kfoury's album blasts Anghami's Top 15. Brief article Dec 4, 2014 174
Over 20k got "Happy" with Pharrell Williams and Ragheb Alama in Abu Dhabi. Brief article Dec 1, 2014 194
Still in demand! Nawal al Zoghbi YouTube's most-watched in the Arab world! Brief article Nov 25, 2014 178
Let the games begin! Hussain al Jasmi & Rabeh Sager to kick off the Gulf Cup of Nations with new duet. Brief article Nov 12, 2014 129
Tamer Hosny's "Letter from a Human" gives props to the armies. Brief article Nov 9, 2014 193
It's 180 degrees in Paris with hottie Tamer Hosny in town! Brief article Nov 4, 2014 105
Giddyup! Assi Helani rides into Dubai to record operetta and catch some stallion action. Brief article Oct 26, 2014 154
Ramy Ayach to make acting debut just like his friends Myriam Fares & Haifa Wehbe. Brief article Oct 22, 2014 167
Get ready for the most unusual collaboration between Mayada al Hinnawi & Joe Raed! Brief article Oct 21, 2014 259
Ragheb Alama all smiles after appearing on Italian TV. Brief article Oct 4, 2014 149
Kadem Al Saher will show the hopeful musicians how it's done this week on Star Academy. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 150
Knock yourself out, Anoshka! Egyptian star is ready to sing again. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 157
While Kuwait has its doors closed, Cairo leaves theirs wide open for Sherine Abdel Wahab this Eid. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 151
Mohamed Hamaki has "Something Hidden" up his sleeve. Brief article Sep 22, 2014 137
Hani Shaker to tour around Egypt on a cause for his country. Brief article Sep 21, 2014 170
Lame leak or sale scam? Amr Diab's song for his daughter is out the gate ahead of the date. Brief article Sep 9, 2014 192
Oh Mohammed Assaf, who could ever replace you? Get ready for Arab Idol 2014 this month! Brief article Sep 4, 2014 291
He might not have come in first, but this former Arab Idol contestant has the prized song of Amr Diab. Brief article Sep 3, 2014 164
Angham's hating music, but will her fans abhor her daring new song? Brief article Sep 1, 2014 125
Shajarian plans EU tour. Brief article Aug 29, 2014 158
"How Deep is Your Love" for Gary Barlow? Let him know this October in Dubai! Brief article Aug 25, 2014 272
Come on, man! Thousands of disgruntled fans put the pressure on for more Mohammad Muneer tickets. Brief article Aug 23, 2014 305
Is it getting hot in here or is it just Tamer Hosny's "180 degrees" that's coming to stores soon? Brief article Aug 19, 2014 173
Amr Diab went prude, not nude: this year's Greece gig allegedly more straight-laced than you know what. Brief article Aug 14, 2014 166
Carole Samaha's single "Sahranine" a screaming success! Brief article Aug 12, 2014 222
Kazem el Saher busy being a new Granddad and superstar all the same time! Brief article Aug 12, 2014 162
Badge of honor: Hussain al Jasmi flies in to Gaza to support its victims in person. Brief article Jul 27, 2014 231
Too sexy for his own good? Amer Zayan's latest music vid too provocative for TV! Brief article Jul 14, 2014 161
Yara's "Living in My Eyes" will soon be before our eyes! Brief article Jul 8, 2014 152
Who played it better? Myriam Fares & Haifa Wehbe play near identical characters this Ramadan. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 213
Ragheb Alama's behind closed doors as the upcoming album commences. Brief article Jun 30, 2014 197
Adam is accused... only of delivering great vocals for Myriam Fares's "Accusation" theme tune! Brief article Jun 25, 2014 163
Sing your heart out Cyrine Abdel Nour! The songstress has a surprise in store. Brief article Jun 24, 2014 122
Former Arab Idol contestant Ahmad Jalal to sing theme song for "Women's Illnesses". Brief article Jun 24, 2014 168
Grace Deeb loves her some Lebanon: her music video "Beautiful My Country" is coming our way. Brief article Jun 23, 2014 187
Fares Karam is singing "For Your Sake Lebanon"! Marwan Khoury collaborated in this patriotic project. Brief article Jun 20, 2014 193
Sherine shared all on "Eishha Bishikl Tani" (Live it a Different Way). Brief article Jun 18, 2014 226
Jennifer Lopez rocked the World Cup in a Lebanese dress! Brief article Jun 13, 2014 105
Bad times for Samira: Said threatens to sue anyone sharing her leaked latest single online. Brief article Jun 10, 2014 130
Thank you Rashed al Majed! Saudi star behind Shatha Hassoun's latest single! Brief article Jun 8, 2014 142
Religion is on Amr Diab's musical menu this Ramadan! Brief article Jun 8, 2014 152
Ahlam wants to turn back the time to look hotter than Haifa Wehbe. Brief article Jun 4, 2014 149
Pascale Machaalani gets flirty with Egyptian men & women! Brief article Jun 3, 2014 201
A confident Shatha Hassoun looks to her fans for feedback on her latest single "Henianah". Brief article Jun 3, 2014 169
Ragheb's bringing in Rachid: The June 13th Jordan concert will be like an Arab Idol reunion. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 184
Rock on! The Kings of Leon have landed in Dubai! Brief article May 27, 2014 157
Delusional much? Ahlam declares herself as this era's Um Kulthum. Brief article May 26, 2014 200
Bummer, dude! No hope for "Halawet Rouh" to come back to a cinema near you, Egypt. Brief article May 21, 2014 213
Let's "Duet" again: Nancy Ajram and Cheb Khaled prepare for another joint single. Brief article May 21, 2014 229
Under the sea, come sing with me: Dominique Hourani is a "Little Mermaid" in her latest music vid. Brief article May 20, 2014 130
Eat your hearts out Beyonce and Lady Gaga: Samira Said most popular in France & Spain. Brief article May 18, 2014 168
Sold out in the States! North America has Mohammad Assaf mania too. Brief article May 16, 2014 164
Political statement? Beren Saat to enter Palestine through Jordan, not Israel. Brief article May 1, 2014 225
The Sudanese-Italian diva songs from the heart. Williams, Stephen May 1, 2014 648
She just can't get enough: Majida El Roumi back for a second dose of Egypt in May. Brief article Apr 29, 2014 162
Psst, turn around: Meet & greet "The Voice Arabia" finalists in Dubai this month. Brief article Apr 28, 2014 130
He's no Ellen DeGeneres, but Mohammad Hamaki has a pretty decent Oscar-like selfie. Brief article Apr 22, 2014 167
Oh they be sizzlin' hot: Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson's steamy music vid is OUT! Brief article Apr 17, 2014 293
Following in Daddy's footsteps: Assi Helani's daughter to duet with Ricky Martin! Brief article Apr 11, 2014 129
Tamer is coming: Hosny to host grand performance in captivating Casablanca. Brief article Apr 8, 2014 140
Will you pretty, pretty please sing with me Elissa? Mohammad Hamaki wants a duet with the diva. Brief article Apr 7, 2014 176
Art versus artist. Murphy-Gill, Meghan Apr 1, 2014 1002
Marwan Khoury's ready to launch: A little dash of romance and a dose of Moroccan dialect make this album great. Brief article Mar 31, 2014 142
All of the Middle East is Happy! Brief article Mar 19, 2014 140
Bonjour, France! Cheb Khaled kisses Paris hello. Brief article Mar 18, 2014 157
One month countdown 'til Lionel Richie sings "All Night Long" in Dubai on April 17! Brief article Mar 17, 2014 166
The voice of an Angel: Child star Rand al-Shehili takes Saudi by storm. Brief article Mar 15, 2014 108
America might meet Ahmad Al Sakka and Mohamed Mounir in "The Secret of the Temple". Brief article Mar 13, 2014 154
Samira Said back and "Still" looking hotter than ever peeps! Brief article Feb 27, 2014 166
Haifa Wehbe toys with idea of playing talent show judge on "Your Face Looks Familiar". Brief article Feb 23, 2014 219
British heartthrob Olly Murs has nothing but Twitter love for Dubai fans. Brief article Feb 17, 2014 187
Myriam Fares kissed Cairo hello for a Valentine's Day performance. Brief article Feb 16, 2014 157
Hala February performer Elissa didn't holla at the press, and now they're p-oed. Brief article Feb 13, 2014 222
Come on Barbie, let's go party: Fares Karam says new single "Barbie" will be a smash hit! Brief article Feb 12, 2014 236
Spend Valentine's Day with Arabia's sweetheart: Nancy Ajram coming to Tunisia. Brief article Feb 10, 2014 189
Tamer Hosny won't be lonely in North America! Nicole Saba to join him on tour. Brief article Feb 6, 2014 194
Roger Waters says "undeniably cute" Scarlett 'SodaStream' Johansson is "undeniably not paying attention". Interview Feb 4, 2014 822
What's your number? du's MNP campaign video gets star power boost from Hussain Al Jasmi. Jan 28, 2014 492
Here's why Tunisia is flourishing and Egypt is floundering. Brief article Jan 26, 2014 191
Ragheb Alama flies through the region, reaching for the "Moon and Stars". Brief article Jan 15, 2014 212
Hell to the yeah! The Voice season 2 is officially back on air! Brief article Jan 13, 2014 262
Diana Haddad jet sets her way around the region as "La Fiesta" transforms to music video. Brief article Jan 13, 2014 222
Like father, like daughter: Tamer Hosny shares limelight with his baby girl. Brief article Jan 9, 2014 181
Wael Kfoury and Elissa walk side-by-side again to help hopeful stars reach for the sky. Brief article Jan 7, 2014 102
Tamer Hosny tames down his schedule to stay free and clear for filming "Yasin". Brief article Jan 3, 2014 228
Little Miss sassy boots, Haifa Wehbe warms up vocal cords for Beirut. Dec 31, 2013 176
Keeping Up With Maya! Diab follows in the footsteps of Kim K. Brief article Dec 19, 2013 181
Well, it's no record album, but Carmen Suleiman's single is sure to please. Brief article Dec 19, 2013 160
Elissa and Majed Al Mohandes puttin' on the Ritz this New Year's Eve. Brief article Dec 18, 2013 180
Nancy Ajram & Tamer Hosny say "take that" to Egypt's instability, persisted in performing in Cairo. Brief article Dec 17, 2013 310
What's Carmen Suleiman up to? She's only just released a song with Mohammad Abdo! Brief article Dec 12, 2013 179
Shaaban Abdel Rahim back at the studio, calling for Egyptians to vote for amended constitution. Brief article Dec 12, 2013 178
Peace, Dude! Ghada Rajab's new song calls for unity and optimism for Egypt's kids. Brief article Dec 10, 2013 161
See the dark side of Nancy Ajram in "I Will Not Promise I Will Not Be Jealous". Brief article Dec 6, 2013 258
Twerks. Velasco, David Dec 1, 2013 1387
Whoah, she's a "Lady"! Carole Samaha finally ready to raise curtain on musical. Brief article Nov 26, 2013 207
High five to Haifa! Najwa Fouad has only high praise to give her co-star. Brief article Nov 24, 2013 209
Mohammad Abdo secretly seeking "Just One Moment". Brief article Nov 17, 2013 148
Diana Haddad knows how to party in 3 languages: Bring on "La Fiesta". Brief article Nov 14, 2013 243
Bring in the new year with Haifa Wehbe and Assi Helani. Brief article Nov 12, 2013 188
Russian doll: Myriam Fares gets mugged in Moscow. Brief article Nov 12, 2013 159
First came the duet, now the music video: Dolly Shahine and Nadina get filming. Brief article Nov 11, 2013 178
Bring it on: Sherine Abdel Wahab to perform on Star Academy. Brief article Nov 5, 2013 126
What's cooking? Sherine Abdelwahab preparing a "big surprise" for fans. Brief article Nov 4, 2013 159
New tricks: Hussain Al Jassmi to release new song with a twist. Brief article Nov 3, 2013 133
Cairo Opera House goin' Angham style this November. Brief article Oct 31, 2013 152
Mawazine 2014, here Ragheb comes! Alama is Morocco bound, woot woot! Brief article Oct 30, 2013 215
Rihanna innocent in "All I See Is Palestine" Israeli outrage. Brief article Oct 27, 2013 271
For "Peace of Mind," listen to Amr Mostafa's latest hit single. Brief article Oct 27, 2013 153
Rolling in a Royce: Mohammad Abdo makes way into Abu Dhabi. Brief article Oct 26, 2013 155
Go big or go home: Amr Diab's 'Tonight' vid takes over Egypt's streets. Brief article Oct 23, 2013 182
Donia Samir Ghanem's keepin' it cool with 'A Winter's Story'. Brief article Oct 13, 2013 210
He liked it, so he put it a ring on Rouwaida Attieh. Brief article Oct 11, 2013 202
He's 'The Man'! Tamer Hosny finally releases Snoop Dog duet. Brief article Oct 10, 2013 188
Diamonds are a girl's best friend: Fans help Ahlam choose new extravagant ring. Brief article Oct 3, 2013 165
Success! Ragheb Alama celebrates the crackin' end to his US tour. Brief article Sep 25, 2013 104
A little Paris in Bulgaria: Dominique Hourani hits it off with Ms. Hilton in Europe. Brief article Sep 23, 2013 221
Amal Arafeh finds herself in Marwan Khoury. Brief article Sep 17, 2013 145
Rags to riches story: Kadem Al Saher on 'The One I Love'. Brief article Sep 16, 2013 277
The Awesome Twosome: Haifa Wehbe duets with Tamer Ashour! Brief article Sep 15, 2013 130
Trio of Superstars: Tamer Hosny, Akon and Pitbull chilling together. Brief article Sep 12, 2013 159
Yo, it's Moe in da house! Abdu admits to losing his mojo. Brief article Sep 9, 2013 235
Carole Samaha rises again but relies on walker. Brief article Sep 4, 2013 134
Clash of the Closets! Najwa Karam wears same dress as Saber Rebai's wifey. Brief article Sep 3, 2013 354
Let Me Love You: Dina Hayek in love with music again. Brief article Sep 3, 2013 235
Conspiracy theory: Arab media still angered by Asala Nasri's visit to Palestine. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 301
Pic of Najwa Karam holding a baby causes Facebook frenzy! Brief article Sep 1, 2013 180
Nancy Ajram up close and personal with French 'The Voice' star Anthony Tuma. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 150
DAV Ambassador sings... Brief article Sep 1, 2013 106
Come one, come 10k! Myriam Fares brings in the Moroccan masses. Brief article Aug 29, 2013 222
Hani Shaker in the school of love, acting for the first time. Brief article Aug 27, 2013 275
Young at heart: Sabah Fakhri rocks downtown Beirut. Brief article Aug 26, 2013 134
Get in there! Joseph Attieh proves super popular this summer. Brief article Aug 25, 2013 115
All work and no play makes Myriam Fares a dull girl. Brief article Aug 21, 2013 201
Run, Sherine, run! Egypt's unstability forces Abdel Wahab to move daughters to Morocco. Brief article Aug 21, 2013 156
An intimate look at Haifa Wehbe and Ramy Ayach's long-awaited duet. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 227
It's Turkey time, Baby! Diana Haddad jet-setting to film latest clip. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 128
Ouch! Carole Samaha's hip probs delay big opening day. Brief article Aug 15, 2013 147
Mr. DJ play that song! Elissa's new music video on YouTube's most-popular list. Brief article Aug 15, 2013 142
Latifah's into tanned men... in her latest music video! Brief article Aug 15, 2013 115
Look out look out, Tamer Hosny is back... in Egypt! Brief article Aug 13, 2013 166
Look out look out, Tamer Hosny is back... in Egypt! Brief article Aug 13, 2013 166
Cash performance. Brief article Aug 12, 2013 121
To release, or not to release: That is Amr Diab's Eid question. Brief article Aug 7, 2013 233
Family Feud: Haifa Wehbe restrains sister Rola Yamout. Brief article Aug 6, 2013 191
Surprise! Diana Karazon gets shocking proposal at a party. Brief article Aug 6, 2013 196
Saber Ribai crossed the line, appearing with daughter. Brief article Aug 4, 2013 160
Elissa teases fans with sexy new promo! Brief article Aug 4, 2013 156
Event fit for a Queen! Samira Said celebrates with the King of Morocco. Brief article Aug 4, 2013 117
Tunisia won't be getting an Asma attack anytime soon! Brief article Aug 3, 2013 166
Who needs AGT when you've Haifa Wehbe? Star discovers Arab's "next big thing" on YouTube. Brief article Jul 31, 2013 228
Who needs AGT when you've Haifa Wehbe? Star discovers YouTube's "next big thing". Brief article Jul 31, 2013 228
You're a liar! Amal Hijazi returns with new song "Kidba Tawilah" (Big Lie). Brief article Jul 30, 2013 128
"Queen" Ahlam reigns down on Alama on yet another show. Brief article Jul 27, 2013 222
Today's the day: Ahlam will become Nishan's honey. Brief article Jul 23, 2013 208
Google Doodles legendary Warda Al-Jazairia. Jul 22, 2013 394
It was just a joke! Hafia Wehbe gets Punk'd and loses it. Brief article Jul 19, 2013 147
Will Saber Ribai's 'Checkmate' song mean victory or defeat? Brief article Jul 18, 2013 121
Modern woman Dolly makes contact with commercial world again. Brief article Jul 17, 2013 175
Honey, Amr Diab is home! Let all of Egypt rejoice! Brief article Jul 11, 2013 180
6 years and counting! Cyrine Abdel Nour Tweets anniversary joy. Brief article Jul 10, 2013 156
Hello? Anyone out there? Tamer Hosny concert only had 1,500 in the crowd. Brief article Jul 9, 2013 202
On top of the world: Dominique Hourani busy being successful. Brief article Jul 4, 2013 113
Mohammad Hamaki to guest star as himself in 'Al Araf'. Brief article Jul 2, 2013 156
Amal Maher's "Revolutionary" music banned in Egypt. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 170
Blonde Bombshell Maya Diab makes a splash with daring outfit. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 227
He's baaack! Marcel Khalife kicks off comeback in London. Brief article Jun 30, 2013 157
Yousra Mahnouch hits the stage with her former 'The Voice' mentor. Brief article Jun 30, 2013 196
Come together right now! Najwa Karam and Dalia Sheeh reunited over a song. Brief article Jun 30, 2013 133
Mohammad Abdo finally at the mic again! Brief article Jun 26, 2013 154
Ahmad Jamal armed with Angham for flight home. Brief article Jun 25, 2013 183
Israelis got Assaf-mania too?! Brief article Jun 25, 2013 135
Jokers Wild: Ahmad Al-Assir is no longer a laughing matter. Brief article Jun 24, 2013 159
Kazem Al Saher and Yosra Mahnouch - reunited again! Brief article Jun 23, 2013 234
Kazem Al Saher and Yosra Mahnouch - reunited again! Brief article Jun 23, 2013 233
Elissa's sexy Spaniard stars in new clip. Brief article Jun 22, 2013 115
Tamer takes a hit: New film on hold until further notice. Brief article Jun 11, 2013 205
Pascale is livin' out her dreams: "Ahlam Al Banat" a major YouTube hit! Brief article Jun 11, 2013 221
Judge to guest star: Songstress spices up Arab Idol in sassy red dress. Brief article Jun 9, 2013 137
Da girl's got major swag: May Kassab takes the mic and the screen. Brief article Jun 5, 2013 186
Sherine's new album to be ready by end of Ramadan. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 161
Mohamed Mounir steals the Arab Idol show. Brief article May 26, 2013 150
Slap in the Face: Walid Tawfiq ignores Ragheb Alama at Mawazine. Brief article May 26, 2013 136
Welcome back, Tamer! The Arabian Knight is rockin' Dubai this weekend. Brief article May 23, 2013 162
Attention Nancy Ajram fans! She wants to be with you, badly. Brief article May 23, 2013 201
Majed Al Mohandes can now "Lord" his way through Europe. Brief article May 20, 2013 218
Majed Al Mohandes is ready to "Lord" his way through Europe. Brief article May 20, 2013 218
The Lebanese Voice in France: Anthony Touma has made scores proud. Brief article May 14, 2013 214
Marwa's hot body under top security. Brief article May 13, 2013 138
JK, LOL, Wael Kfouri's NOT leaving the X-Factor after all. Brief article May 12, 2013 208
Arab Idol "Battle of the A's" continues: Alama and Ahlam tear each other apart. Brief article May 12, 2013 336
X-Factor's far out episode leaves Eman Karakeebo kicked to the curb. Brief article May 12, 2013 148
Here's the short of it: Nancy Ajram and Elissa simultaneously break fashion tradition. Brief article May 9, 2013 181
'Girls Dreams' dashed: Pascale Machaalani doesn't dare to show new vid. Brief article May 5, 2013 128
Assi Helani's fans eager for glimpse of his new romantic music video. Brief article May 1, 2013 217
Letter from Cairo. Column May 1, 2013 585
It's the final countdown! Haifa Wehbe and Hatem Al Iraqi ready to rock Iraq. Brief article Apr 30, 2013 170
Never turn your back on your friends: Donia's "too busy" for Ahmed. Brief article Apr 29, 2013 239
Can you feel the love tonight, Morocco? Tamer Hosny has a song just for you! Brief article Apr 28, 2013 169
Khaled Salim shares all on "Tonight with Hani". Brief article Apr 24, 2013 180
Najwa Sultan presses her way through the region, gearing up for summer tour. Brief article Apr 16, 2013 257
Walid Tawfiq set to open for Morocco's Mawazine fest. Brief article Apr 13, 2013 111
Majed al Mohandes sold out to spring breakers at the Mazagan. Brief article Apr 10, 2013 130
Is the Gulf ready to go 'Angham' style this summer? Brief article Apr 10, 2013 171
'Yes, Sir,' We're stoked to watch Diana Haddad's latest greatest clip. Brief article Apr 9, 2013 198
Spring has sprung! Sandy brings the heat to her hometown. Brief article Apr 8, 2013 161
Majed al Muhandis passes the mic to the 'Artist of Arabs'. Brief article Apr 3, 2013 149
A pure waste of money! A rich businessman in Ghana pays the American R&B singer, Chris Brown, a whacking $1,000,000 to perform in Ghana. Couldn't that money have gone on a more worthwhile cause? Djanie, Akua Viewpoint essay Apr 1, 2013 1437
Carole Samaha plays the tragic wife. Brief article Mar 30, 2013 120
Mariam Hussein goes Gangnam Style! Brief article Mar 28, 2013 186
Arab Idol 2 recap: Judges come face-to-face with the weird, the whacky and the wonderful. Mar 24, 2013 472
X Factor live show: starry line-ups and teary eliminations. Brief article Mar 23, 2013 253
Shatha Hassoun is desperate for a baby. Brief article Mar 19, 2013 129
Newbie Fayez al Saeed makes a splash with his album. Brief article Mar 17, 2013 127
Judge Carole Samaha cashes in on X Factor success. Brief article Mar 17, 2013 134
May Salim masters sign language for new part. Brief article Mar 17, 2013 122
With a little help from their friends: Judges pull in the big names. Mar 16, 2013 389
X Factor Arabia: bootcamp begins. Mar 9, 2013 399
Myriam Klink the Politician? Not as crazy as one might think. Brief article Mar 4, 2013 220
Diana Haddad goes back to Beirut. Brief article Mar 3, 2013 101
Heartthrob Tamer Hosny releases 'I Love You' for his lady fans. Brief article Feb 28, 2013 109
Judges are the only ones with X Factor on the first show. Brief article Feb 23, 2013 251
Reliving the game: Arab Idol Carmen Suleiman shows the new lot how its done. Brief article Feb 20, 2013 275
Super Nancy is doing it for the kids. Brief article Feb 19, 2013 184
Abbey Crouch takes on fellow Brit babes in Dubai's battle of the bods. Brief article Feb 18, 2013 150

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