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Perceptions of the Ancient Greeks.

KENNETH DOVER begins his edited Perceptions of the Ancient Greeks (xiv+252 pages. 1992. Oxford: Blackwell; ISBN 0-631-17244-O hardback |pounds~40) with his mother's perceptions of another Ancient culture: 'I once asked my mother what she associated in her mind with the Romans. She promptly replied "Cruelty", and after that was lost for a second significant association. Perhaps if I had given her longer she might have come up with "Aqueducts".' Perceptions plots the intellectual associations of ancient Greece, beginning with the Romans themselves and taking the story through Byzantium, the Jewish and Islamic traditions, medieval and Renaissance Europe and on to France, Germany and Greece itself before 1900. Its ten essays show how varied (and why varied) have been 'classical values'. Especially stimulating for those of us -- most of us -- whose research fields have no such long history of cultivation, so one may believe the current vision is or 'fair' or even 'follows from the facts of the matter'. Perceptions of Classical culture are furthered by three new surveys of Greek and Roman art: JOHN GRIFFITHS PEDLEY's Greek art and archaeology (367 pages, 449 illustrations, 31 in colour. 1993. London: Cassell; ISBN 0-304-34248-3 hardback |pounds~18.99; ISBN 0-304-34280-7 paperback), OLGA PALAGIA's The pediments of the Parthenon (Monumenta Graeca et Romana VII. viii+74 pages, 120 plates. 1993. Leiden: E.J. Brill; ISBN 90-04-09683-3 hardback 175.00Fl & $100) and DIANE E.E. KLEINER's Roman sculpture (xii+477 pages, 421 figures. 1992. London & New Haven (CT): Yale University Press; ISBN 0-300-04631-6 hardback |pounds~35 & $55). The architecture of ancient theatres (another topic for Kenneth Dover's mum) is elegantly reconstructed in GEORGE C. IZENOUR'S Roofed theaters of Classical Antiquity (xxii+234 pages, 41 figures. 1992. London & New Haven: Yale, University Press; ISBN 0-300-04685-5 hardback |pounds~65 & $125).
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Author:Taylor, Timothy; Broodbank, Cyprian
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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