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Pennsylvania water company recalls 1-gal. bottles.

Pennsylvania water company recalls 1-gal. bottles

The Wissahickon Spring Water Co. of Mannheim, PA, recently recalled all bottles packaged on February 6 because of the detection of low levels of toluene in isolated samples of its one-gallon bottles produced on that date.

The affected spring water was distributed in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. It was sold under the following brand names: Super A Spring Water in Associated Food Stores, ShopRite Spring Water, Foodtown Spring Water and as Wissahickon Mountain Spring Water in other outlets.

According to James Land, Jr., president, Wissahickon, random testing by independent labs hired by the company, as well as the Departments of Health of Nassau and Suffolk County, detected low levels of 11 to 17 parts per billion (PPB) of toluene in eight samples bottled on February 6.

While these amounts are above the five PPB maximum contaminant level set by New York State for all organic compounds as a class, it is far below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's proposed level of 2,000 PPB of toluene in water, Land said.

"The EPA standard suggests that federal authorities see this as a safe level of exposure in a product of our type," Land explained. "Nevertheless, to maintain our own high product standards and to act conservatively in the interests of our consumers, we voluntarily recalled all one-gallon bottles of spring water produced at the Mannheim facility that day."

Land added that "an extensive and thorough investigation to isolate the cause of the February 6th problem is currently under way."
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Title Annotation:Wissahickon Spring Water Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 2, 1990
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