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A churn resilience technique on P2P sensor data stream delivery system using distributed hashing. Kawakami, Tomoya; Ishi, Yoshimasa; Yoshihisa, Tomoki; Teranishi, Yuuichi Report Dec 1, 2015 5235
A novel scheme for improving quality of service of live streaming. Zhang, Guomin; Hu, Chao; Xing, Changyou; Wang, Na; Wei, Xianglin Report Dec 1, 2015 5768
Goopal-a: Digital Points System Based on P2P. Nov 19, 2015 149
Rightscorp Provides Solution to Combat New Peer-to-Peer Streaming App for Music. Sep 25, 2015 942
Status based segment oriented caching in P2p video streaming. Suresh, T.; Sameeullah, A.M. Sep 1, 2015 6144
A malicious peers detection framework for peer-to-peer systems. Wei, Xianglin; Fan, Jianhua; Wang, Tongxiang; Wang, Qiping Report Aug 1, 2015 7028
Anthem Vault Launches HayekGold, A Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency That Enables Safe Peer-To-Peer Transactions. Jun 3, 2015 626
Review of security threats and its countermeasures in Mobile Adhoc Networks. Geetha, A.; Sreenath, N. Report Jun 1, 2015 2982
Validian Successfully Demonstrates Ability to Secure Peer-To-Peer Communications. May 13, 2015 766
Bitcoin and the cypherpunks: will recent breakthroughs in computer science make truly free markets a reality? Epstein, Jim Apr 18, 2015 3068
Building a peer-to-peer team. White, Larry R. Mar 1, 2015 1080
BitTorrent copyright trolls: a deficiency in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure? D'Amato, David Sep 22, 2014 13793
Rightscorp's Proprietary Copyright Monetization System Offers Solution to Pre-Release P2P File Sharing. Aug 25, 2014 1127
United States : THUNDERBOLT NETWORKING supports peer-to-peer connection. Apr 10, 2014 197
CAMPSNA: a cloud assisted mobile peer to peer social network architecture. Tang, Yuan-ni Liu Hong; Zhao, Guo-feng Report Apr 1, 2014 3467
The Pirate Bay Plans to Beat the Hell out of Censorship with new P2P Network - Check it Out! Jan 7, 2014 448
Peer-to-Peer E-Mail Messaging System for Sale by ICAP Patent Brokerage. Jul 11, 2013 591
UBM Launches, an Online Peer-to-Peer Network for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals. Feb 25, 2013 654
UBM Launches, an Online Peer-to-Peer Network for Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals. Feb 25, 2013 659
Lenders to face stronger regulation. Dec 8, 2012 345
D3-P2P: managing distributed and replicated database in P2P environment by using quorum system. Mounine, Hemam Sofiane; Walid, Hidouci Khaled Report Dec 1, 2012 8531
eClinicalWorks Launches Join the Network[TM] Venture. Sep 17, 2012 754
File sharing could net you jail; YourRights. Sep 3, 2012 379
Growing Awareness of Peer-to-Peer Carsharing Will Boost Carsharing Rentals in Less Populated Areas in Europe, Says Frost & Sullivan. Aug 23, 2012 1445
Growing Awareness of Peer-to-Peer Carsharing Will Boost Carsharing Rentals in Less Populated Areas in Europe, Says Frost & Sullivan. Aug 23, 2012 1449
APconnections Adds P2P Blocking to NetGladiator Intrusion Prevention System. Aug 7, 2012 427
Modeling push-based Live P2P streaming by stochastic activity networks. Zhang, Peiqing; Helvik, Bjarne E. Report Aug 1, 2012 4520
Mellanox Enables Peer-to-Peer Communication Between GPUs With New NVIDIA GPUDirect Technology. Jun 18, 2012 650
Confusion on hot topics mobile, P2P and social pay. McGarvey, Robert Mar 21, 2012 1011
From Betamax to YouTube: how Sony Corporation of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. could still be a standard for new technology. Corsaro, Veronica Mar 1, 2012 11190
Digital Chocolate Releases Two Popular Titles into the Android Market with AllJoyn Peer-to-Peer Technology. Feb 24, 2012 659
"Must-Work": a scalable model for parallel recursive problems on P2P networks. Amad, Mourad; Aissani, Djamil; Bellal, Toufik Report Dec 1, 2011 5263
Economic Development Peer Network kicks off this Wednesday. McConnell, J. Katie Brief article Oct 31, 2011 217
Reality Mobile Awarded Additional Patent in Area of Mobile Peer-to-Peer Communications. Oct 19, 2011 529
SCORE Palooza Offers Small Business Owners Peer-to-Peer Networking and FREE Education Workshops from Industry Experts. Oct 12, 2011 595
Locality preserving scheme of text databases representative in distributed information retrieval systems. Hassan, Mohammad; Lahham, Yaser A. Al- Report Oct 1, 2011 5248
New Technology Eases the Burden and Slashes the Cost of Peer to Peer Money Transfer. Sep 28, 2011 506
First Annapolis Publishes Mobile Person-to-Person Payments Study. Report Jul 29, 2011 538
Reality Mobile Awarded Patent in Area of Mobile Peer-to-Peer Communications. Jun 15, 2011 689
APconnections Releases NetEqualizer P2P Locator Technology. May 24, 2011 444
LimeWire, RIAA $105 mln settlement signals end of P2P era. May 13, 2011 292
Urban guerrilla & piracy surveillance: accidental casualties in fighting piracy in P2P networks in Europe. Frosio, Giancarlo F. Mar 22, 2011 21792
Forty-second selected bibliography on computers, technology and the law: (January 2010 through December 2010). Bibliography Mar 22, 2011 17850
Three Canadian CUs tout mobile P2P as a first. Jan 26, 2011 158
Red Lambda Reveals Initial Results of Its P2P Control Survey. Jan 19, 2011 462
Influxis Launches P2P Hosting. Dec 7, 2010 454
Thumbplay Survey Finds 70% of Cloud-Based Music Users No Longer Use P2P Music Services. Dec 7, 2010 913
Research and Markets: Person-to-Person Mobile Money Transfers: Successfully Navigating a Market in Transition. Nov 12, 2010 532
UMonitor added P2P to transfer solution. Oct 13, 2010 199
A legal matter: peer-to-peer file sharing, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the higher education opportunity act: how Congress and the entertainment industry missed an opportunity to stem copyright infringement. Storch, Joseph; Wachs, Heidi Sep 22, 2010 20541
PayArtists Analysis Reveals Lil Wayne Is Currently the Most Downloaded Recording Artist in the World. Sep 13, 2010 655
File replication method based on demand forecasting of file download in P2P networks. Kobayashi, Mamoru; Kageyama, Jun; Shibusawa, Susumu; Yonekura, Tatsuhiro Report Aug 1, 2010 5072
Ruling could have chilling effect on P2P services. May 16, 2010 530
Ruling could have chilling effect on P2P services. May 15, 2010 530
FTC: data leaked to P2P networks. May 1, 2010 486
Aliaswire Receives Notice of Allowance for a Fundamental U.S. Mobile P2P Payment Patent. Mar 29, 2010 418
Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Networks Open Door to Identity Theft. Mar 10, 2010 617
Lawmakers set sights on P2P programs. Brief article Feb 25, 2010 232
Mobile Person-to-Person Payments Good Prospect for Developing but Not Developed Markets: ABI Research Survey Finding. Feb 19, 2010 364
NFC Forum Announces Specifications to Support Peer-to-Peer Device Communication and Verify Data Authenticity. Jan 26, 2010 871
BIS Frucon Industrial Services Selects DataServ Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) AP Enterprise. Jan 20, 2010 337
Whose burden is it anyway? Addressing the needs of content owners in DMCA safe harbors. Jansen, Greg Jan 1, 2010 11495
Unleashing the open mobile internet. Penchuk, Robert A. Jan 1, 2010 13614
mTouche forms JV to offer P2P mobile content in India. Dec 9, 2009 350
Renowned Procurement and Finance Experts Gather Together to Discuss Best Practice P2P Automation Improvement Strategies at the 1st Middle East Procure to Pay (P2P) Forum, Dubai, UAE. Dec 8, 2009 381
Join new work force development peer-to-peer network. Seeger, Katie Brief article Dec 7, 2009 127
Security breach on Capitol Hill. Wade, Jared Dec 1, 2009 334
Day 3 WISE 2009: Peer-to-Peer Digital Communications. Nov 19, 2009 336
Day 3 WISE 2009: Peer-to-Peer Digital Communications Also Have Central Role in Education Practices. Nov 18, 2009 647
Peer-to-peer file sharing and secondary liability in copyright law. Book review Nov 1, 2009 153
What's replacing P2P, BitTorrent as pirate hangouts? Oct 13, 2009 692
Spartech Selects DataServ Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) Workflow Solution. Sep 17, 2009 305
eClinicalWorks Announces eClinicalWorks P2P. Sep 13, 2009 589
Arizona Technology Council Now Accepting Applications for Exclusive Peer-to-Peer CEO Networks in Phoenix and Tucson. Sep 9, 2009 681
Wataniya launches international p2p mobile recharging service. Sep 8, 2009 181
Wataniya Telecom launches international p2p mobile recharging service. Sep 8, 2009 142
Musicians oppose P2P disconnection plan. Brief article Sep 5, 2009 282
Mobile peer-to-peer computing for next generation distributed environments; advancing conceptual and algorithmic applications. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 211
Utah Technology Council Opens Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Forums to All Technology Execs for August and September. Aug 4, 2009 531
Peer-to-peer accountability. Bills, Jennifer; Ching-Chung, Ke; Heringer, Roy; Mankin, Dave Aug 1, 2009 3343
CompTIA Expands Networking Opportunities at Breakaway 2009 with Peer-to-Peer Discussion Groups for Technology Resellers and Solution Providers. Jul 20, 2009 457
Research and Markets: Mobile Peer to Peer (P2P): A Tutorial Guide. Jul 13, 2009 490
New health IT czar: we are 'counting on peer-to-peer influence'. Schneider, Mary Ellen Interview Jul 1, 2009 1276
Taking counsel: P2P file sharing networks--be careful! Sirme, Dace Jun 10, 2009 637
Cellphones may soon form peer-to-peer network to broadcast disaster alerts. Jun 8, 2009 254
Vuze / Magid Survey Reveals Peer-to-Peer Users Are Hollywood's Best Customers. Jun 3, 2009 568
Xenocode Online P2P Sandbox Lets Users Run LimeWire Securely from the Web. May 19, 2009 565
NFC Forum Announces Two New Specifications to Foster Device Interoperability and Peer-to-Peer Device Communication. May 19, 2009 893
LifeLock Launches Partnership with Leader in Peer-to-Peer Intelligence, Tiversa. Company overview May 4, 2009 554
P2P (Peer to Peer) Conference Veliko Turnovo. Conference notes May 1, 2009 91
Student Ambassadors advance Ohio CPA Foundation's mission: the Student Ambassador Program, a flagship initiative of The Ohio CPA Foundation since 2001. uses the power of peer-to-peer influence to help undecided students see the benefits and opportunities of obtaining an accounting degree and pursuing the CPA license. May 1, 2009 1065
PeerApp Ltd. Awarded European Patent for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution and Acceleration. Apr 17, 2009 460
Canadian copyright reform - 'user rights' in the digital era. Chan, Sara Wei-Ming Mar 22, 2009 16814
TowerGroup: Noncash Person-to-Person Market Reaches $1.1 Trillion in 2008, Driven by Check Payments. Mar 18, 2009 597
Data about US presidential helicopter leaked via P2P. Mar 9, 2009 308
P2P wireless 'Autonet' being tested to reduce congestion, accidents. Jan 11, 2009 206
P2P Summit to Address Procure-to-Pay Cycle as a Business Value Priority. Dec 11, 2008 386
BitTorrent and Oversi Collaborate to Deliver Optimal P2P Solution for ISPs in Today's Financial Downturn. Dec 9, 2008 654
The Value of Unlicensed Music "Shared" Worldwide on P2P Networks in 2007 was US$69 Billion, According to MultiMedia Intelligence. Nov 17, 2008 429
Jim Caparro, Former Major Label CEO and Distribution Visionary, Joins Brand Asset Digital's Board of Advisors. Nov 3, 2008 603
P2P Traffic to Grow Almost 400% over the Next 5 Years, as Legitimate P2P Applications Become a Meaningful Segment, According to MultiMedia Intelligence. Oct 21, 2008 318
Brand Asset Digital Unveils P2Pwords(TM) First Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Platform for P2P. Oct 20, 2008 787
Peer-to-Peer Drama Meets Peer-to-Peer Support: New One-Woman Play - Opening in New York - Tackles Issues of Breast Cancer, Family and Fear with Candor. Oct 2, 2008 477
HIMACS Released the Advanced API Functions on Their P2P Product F-Orc. Oct 1, 2008 283
Isocore, IEC Recognize Ixia's Peer-to-Peer Testing Capabilities. Sep 25, 2008 640
Peer-to-peer file-sharing crackdown; in association with RBS Small Business. Sep 9, 2008 329
Athletics win with antivirus: low-cost, easy-to-deploy software defeats span at Penn State University. Sep 1, 2008 862
P2P no longer means piracy 2 everyone. Tracy, Kathleen Sep 1, 2008 1211
Strategy Analytics: Southern Europe Leads in Internet Video and TV Streaming, Peer-to-Peer Services. Aug 4, 2008 288
Query planning in the PORDaS P2P database system. Norvag, Kjetil; Eide, Eirik; Standal, Odin Hole Aug 1, 2008 6024
Velocix and Kontiki Announce Strategic Partnership. Jul 10, 2008 696
Velocix Announces P2P+. Jul 10, 2008 779
NTCA 2008 fall conferernce preview. Arellano, Jonah Conference notes Jul 1, 2008 667
Ixia Announces Industry's Most Scalable, Realistic Peer-to-Peer Simulation. Jun 18, 2008 707
Microchip Technology Announces MiWi(TM) Peer-to-Peer Wireless Protocol Stack. Jun 10, 2008 630
Exinda Networks Announces New Capability to Control Recreational Chinese Peer-to-Peer Internet Traffic on Corporate Networks. Jun 3, 2008 496
Abacast Hybrid P2P Advances to China with FutureStream Networks. May 21, 2008 424
ImageStream Partners with PowerCode to Manage P2P Traffic. May 14, 2008 375
Peer-to-Peer Financing Emerging as an Alternative for Student Loans. May 5, 2008 287
Keynote Announces Peer-to-Peer Streaming Media Test and Measurement Service. Company overview Apr 23, 2008 987
Pando Networks Releases Results of Global P4P Field Test to Improve Peer-to-Peer Performance in Broadband Networks. Apr 9, 2008 927
Netmite Fundamental Patent 6,418,462 Embraces Ajax, Web 2.0, P2P and Distributed Computing. Mar 25, 2008 381
New Research Finds Consumers Calling for Attributes of Mobile Person-to-Person Payment and Transfer Services, But Only One in Ten Willing to Adopt. Mar 17, 2008 794
iMantri Pioneers Peer-To-Peer Mentoring Within Social Networking Space. Jan 29, 2008 630
Progressive Gaming Receives Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) Approval for Server Based World Series of Poker(R) Peer to Peer Texas Hold'em. Jan 24, 2008 1070
Forthcoming Report Tracks the Integration of Peer to Peer Technologies into the Mainstream. Jan 21, 2008 216
Peer-to-peer lending gaining ground; PERSONAL FINANCE. Jan 19, 2008 613
Abacast Streaming Technology Delivers 95% P2P Efficiency for Major Korean Broadcast Network. Jan 16, 2008 517
FaceTime Releases IM and P2P Malware Findings for 2007. Jan 8, 2008 1338
FAO Buyers Shifting Focus to an End-to-End Process-Driven Approach: O2C and P2P Adoption on the Rise. Dec 10, 2007 786
Tecore(R) Delivers Another First: Local and Peer-to-Peer IP Switching in Dual CDMA - GSM Networks. Dec 4, 2007 473
Identity-based management. Nunley, Shawn Dec 1, 2007 586
Packeteer(R) Releases New Gaming, Instant Messaging Video and P2P Classification Plug-Ins to Control Widespread Recreational Traffic. Nov 12, 2007 858
JumpTV Chooses Abacast for Hybrid P2P CDN Solution. Nov 6, 2007 401
New, Free P2PCleaner is First Publicly Available Application Designed to Detect, Manage and Remove P2P Software. Nov 5, 2007 605
Internap Enhances Industry-Leading CDN with Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Access. Nov 2, 2007 938
P2P: new national security risk? Swartz, Nikki Nov 1, 2007 699
CloudShield Tackles Service Provider Bandwidth Pinch with P2P Control Solution. Oct 29, 2007 512
Artes Medical Sponsors Peer-to-Peer Training Sessions Throughout United States. Oct 19, 2007 1091
Pertuity Launches Dare to Compare(SM), a Peer-to-Peer Comparison Tool for Financial Planning. Sep 26, 2007 479
San Jacinto College Seeks to Protect Against Threats Introduced by Peer-to-Peer File Sharing. Sep 25, 2007 742
Pace & CacheLogic Showcase P2P Future Using PVR Technology. Sep 7, 2007 642
P2P identity theft. Sep 1, 2007 225
Tier-3 warns over P2P security. Sep 1, 2007 392
Internet industry competition dynamics: peering limitations, exposure, and counter strategies. Shin, Seungjae; Tucci, Jack E. Aug 1, 2007 7604
Tiversa to Testify Before House Oversight Committee on Dangers of Inadvertent Information Sharing on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks. Jul 24, 2007 143
Pando Networks Announces P2P Video Streaming Service. Jun 21, 2007 413
Ellacoya Data Shows Web Traffic Overtakes Peer-to-Peer (P2P) as Largest Percentage of Bandwidth on the Network. Jun 18, 2007 385
Total Value of Partner-to-Partner Transactions in International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners Reached $6.8 Billion in 2006, IDC Reveals. Jun 11, 2007 443
SafeNet Launches MediaSentry Business Intelligence Service for Audience Measurement and Piracy Monitoring on Global Peer-to-Peer Networks. Company overview Jun 11, 2007 775
Leading Market Intelligence Survey Reveals Partner-to-Partner Initiatives as Revenue Growth Strategy for IT industry. Jun 11, 2007 604
/C O R R E C T I O N -- International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners/. Jun 11, 2007 675
Global 500 Companies Benefit From ORSYP Exclusive Peer-to-Peer Architecture for High-Performance IT Automation. May 28, 2007 583
RawFlow Provides P2P Streaming For Giro d'Italia. May 24, 2007 328
Prolexic adds new capabilities to protect from peer-to-peer DDoS attacks. May 24, 2007 174
Prolexic Announces New Capabilities to Defend Against Peer-to-Peer DDoS Attacks. May 23, 2007 492
BitDefender warns P2P network users of Ymeak.A worm. Apr 30, 2007 192
RawFlow Revolutionizing P2P-TV by Supporting Live Streaming of Flash Video. Apr 26, 2007 327
Qtrax Announces Agreement With SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT To Provide Qtrax, The First Legal Ad-Supported P2P Music Network, With Access To SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT's Catalog Of Recordings. Apr 23, 2007 441
Skinkers Integrates Microsoft Silverlight with Peer-to-Peer Delivery to Transform Live Interactive Desktop TV. Apr 16, 2007 773
The NPD Group: Legal Music Downloads Were Fastest Growing Digital Music Category in 2006. Mar 14, 2007 555
Suretone Records and ARTISTdirect Announce Groundbreaking Peer-to-Peer and Video Content Initiative. Feb 20, 2007 479
North American Enterprise Peer-to-Peer Telephony Solutions; Small Businesses Hold Maximum Revenue Potential for P2P Technology. Feb 15, 2007 530
Skyrider Unveils New In-Video Ad Solution to Empower Content Owners and Advertisers in Peer-to-Peer Networks. Feb 12, 2007 672
BTM Corporation Launches Peer to Peer Knowledge Community. Feb 12, 2007 343
Peer-to-Peer Technologies Hold the Key to Tapping the Next Generation Needs of Small Enterprises. Feb 7, 2007 736
INTENT MediaWorks Leads Multi-Industry P2P Watermarking Initiative. Feb 5, 2007 771
INTENT MediaWorks Chairman to Deliver Opening Keynote at the P2P Media Summit in New York. Feb 5, 2007 398
NDS Announces Peer-to-Peer Content Sharing and Distributed-DVR Capabilities, Lowering Costs for IPTV Operators. Jan 29, 2007 807
RawFlow Partners with ChinaCache; Creating Asia's Largest P2P powered Live Media Delivery Network. Jan 25, 2007 635
The NPD Group: Peer-to-Peer Digital Video Downloading Outpacing Legal Alternatives Five to One. Dec 20, 2006 575
July Systems Awarded Patent for Rights Managed Peer-to-Peer Distribution of Mobile Content. Dec 6, 2006 477
Raketu's Peer-to-Peer Communications Service to Run on Symbian Operating System, the Leading Platform Used by Smartphones. Dec 4, 2006 568
'Downloading, Podcasting and P2P Will be Dead in 5 Years': Predicts Dec 1, 2006 440
GlobalSpec Launches Online Peer-to-Peer Community for Industrial Professionals. Nov 8, 2006 436
Abacast and Tukati Announce the First Unified Real-Time Streaming and On-Demand Delivery Solution Utilizing Secure Peer to Peer Networking. Nov 2, 2006 733
Skyrider Extends Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Leadership Role With Search Marketing Platform and Series C Round of Funding. Company overview Oct 24, 2006 813 Now Providing FREE Unlimited Global Web cam and Voice over IP Peer to Peer Service. Oct 23, 2006 531
Progressive Gaming International and Harrah's Team Up to Offer New Server-Based Game: The World Series of Poker(R) "Peer to Peer" Texas Hold'em System for Both Wired and Wireless Formats in All Regulated Gaming Venues Worldwide. Oct 23, 2006 1177
RawFlow joins the DCIA Operations Group. Oct 19, 2006 491
Tiscali Embraces the Power of Peer-to-Peer Technology with RawFlow. Oct 16, 2006 682
Digimarc Patent Proposes Solution for Identifying Copyrighted Content in Social Networks and Peer-to-Peer Environments. Oct 11, 2006 1160
CORRECTING and REPLACING: LightSand Receives IBM Certification For Peer-to-Peer VTS Extension Over IP. Oct 10, 2006 550
New Technology Helps Make Peace Between P2P Users and the Entertainment Industry. Sep 26, 2006 821
GoDigital Licenses Content to Qtrax; Next Generation Record Label Endorses Qtrax for Ad-Supported P2P Digital Distribution. Sep 20, 2006 591
Warner Music Group and Brilliant Technologies Announce Agreement to Offer WMG's Catalog for Qtrax, the World's First Ad-Supported P2P Legal Service. Sep 18, 2006 516
Qtrax Gathers Speed; World's First Ad-Supported P2P Legal Service Signs Another Major Record Label. Sep 18, 2006 346
damaka Launches World's First Standards Based Desktop Multi-Party Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing; Desktop Video Conferencing for up to Four People at Once Brings Jetson-Like Environment to Home and Office. Sep 5, 2006 360
U.K.'s Benfield group moves to bring peer-to-peer links closer. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 140
University masters bandwidth management: Terry Doub, network operations manager at Louisiana State University, tamed P2P use and improved emergency hurricane communications. Cover story Sep 1, 2006 2143
RawFlow Introduces QuickStart P2P Broadcasting Solution; Dramatically Reduces Costs Typical of Live Streaming and Improves Media Quality. Aug 21, 2006 535
iMesh Inc. Subsidiary MusicLab Announces Beta Launch of BearShare Authorized Peer-to-Peer Service; Offering Includes ToGo Portable Music Subscription Service and Social Networking Features. Aug 17, 2006 926
RawFlow Enters US Market, Strengthens World's Largest P2P Streaming Network; Live P2P Offerings Revolutionize Broadcasting. Aug 14, 2006 440
Skyrider's Smart Networking Technology Supports the Creation, Location, and Monetization of Content on P2P Networks. Aug 3, 2006 1027
MasterCard Worldwide Selects Students to Lead Campus Financial Literacy Programs; MasterCard's Peer-to-Peer Program to Teach Successful Personal Finance Strategies on 11 College Campuses This September. Jul 27, 2006 613
Peerflix Teams with United States Postal Service to Provide Online DVD Tracking for Nation's Largest DVD Trading Network; Online DVD Tracking, Google Maps(TM) Mash-up and Printed Postage Enhance Peer-to-Peer Experience. Jul 24, 2006 749
P2P Link Set to Open New Corporate Headquarters in Dallas; National Leader in Electronic Claims Management Cites Expansive Growth. Company overview Jul 20, 2006 781
CacheLogic Raises US$20M in Series C Funding. Jul 10, 2006 1066
TribalWeb introduces free peer-to-peer file sharing to UK market. Brief article Jul 7, 2006 135
TribalWeb introduces free peer-to-peer file sharing to UK market. Brief article Jul 7, 2006 150
MediaZone Unveils Peer-to-Peer Streaming Platform, Live Wimbledon Coverage; Leading Global Online Broadcaster Sees Continued Momentum With New Media Delivery Platform Launch and Several New Broadband Broadcast Channels. Company overview Jun 28, 2006 844
Sonim Announces OMA-PoC 1.0 Ratification and Availability of Interoperable Push-to-Talk Solutions; Ratification by Open Mobile Alliance Unleashes PTT Market and Provides Interoperability Framework for Future P2P IMS Applications. Jun 20, 2006 345
damaka Launches Operator and Service Provider Version of Its Peer-to-Peer Personal Softswitch(TM). Jun 12, 2006 375
Peerflix Trading Platform Manages Over One Million DVD Records; Legal Peer to Peer Platform Grows to Over One Million Combined DVDs Available and Requested for Trade Enabling Several Members to Swap Over One Thousand DVDs Each. Jun 8, 2006 510
C-COR Unlocks Bandwidth with New Integrated Solution; Bandwidth QoS Product Mitigates Peer-to-Peer Traffic Jams. Jun 7, 2006 755
Strategy Analytics: Content Owners Must Harness Power of Peer-to-Peer Networks; P2P Investment Will Support Social Stickiness and Improved Business Performance. Jun 7, 2006 269
Beyond term indexing: a P2P framework for web information retrieval. Podnar, Ivana; Rajman, Martin; Luu, Toan; Klemm, Fabius; Aberer, Karl Jun 1, 2006 6662
Saint-Gobain Converts to Quadrem Catalogs, Ramps Up P2P in Three Months. May 30, 2006 502
Adamind Software to Power MMS Adaptation at Taiwan Mobile; Adamind's Spire(TM) Messaging Suite Will Enable One of Taiwan's Largest Telecom Operators to Provide High Quality Peer-to-Peer MMS And E-Mail to over Six Million Subscribers. May 15, 2006 486
Siemens Convenes Leading Customer CPOE Users for Third Annual Symposium Promoting Patient Safety; Forum Enables Peer-To-Peer Exchange of CPOE Implementation and Design Ideas. May 8, 2006 499
Siemens HiPath BizIP Offering Uses Peer-to-Peer SIP Technology to Help Make VoIP Easy and Affordable for Small and Home Businesses. May 1, 2006 732
GameAccount Adds Jabber XCP to its P2P Network; Category Leader to Fold Jabber, Inc.'s Presence-based Messaging into the World's Largest Integrated Skill-Based Gaming Network. Apr 25, 2006 567
The Guardian Selects Skill Gaming Services; GameAccount Provides P2P Network to Major UK Newspaper. Apr 25, 2006 458
iMesh Announces Enhanced Features to Its Authorized Peer-to-Peer Service with iMesh 6.5; New Service Features Focus on Peer Recommendations through New Instant Messaging Tool and Rapid Search Functionality for Music Discovery. Apr 10, 2006 584
Air2Web Releases Cross-Carrier Group Messaging Application; P2P Mobile Messaging Profits Not Just for Carriers Anymore. Mar 29, 2006 459
Online Banking Report Releases Study on Person-to-Person (P2P) Lending and Mar 27, 2006 342
Enhancing language & culture learning through P2P. Bregni, Simone Mar 22, 2006 2992
UBA Technology Inc. Delivers First Kiosk-Based Peer-to-Peer Betting Exchange Platform for Land-Based Casinos in Oklahoma. Mar 21, 2006 391
Digital Music Where Two Important Trends Are Emerging From the P2P Landscape. Mar 14, 2006 444
Mangrove Capital Partners and Index Ventures Re-Join Forces to Fund Peer-to-Peer Firefox Extension AllPeers. Company Profile Mar 7, 2006 754
Revenues From SMS, MMS, Video Messaging, IMPS, And Mobile Email From P2P, P2A, and A2P Messages Will Only Grow by 10% to Over EUR 20 Billion by the End of 2010 as Unit Prices Drop. Feb 23, 2006 273
Popular Telephony Announces a PBX-Less Peer-to-Peer IP Phone for the SMB Market. Feb 21, 2006 1086
KANA Partners with Jive Software to Extend Web-Based Collaborative Support; Peer-to-Peer Support Complements Agent-Assisted and Web Self-Service; Product Integration Facilitates Knowledge Reuse across Customer Service Channels. Company Profile Feb 13, 2006 863
Accton Uses Trolltech's Qtopia for Embedded Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi VoIP Phone; Global Provider of Telecommunications Solutions for Top Tier Vendors Uses Qtopia Technology for Its Range of Wi-Fi Enabled Devices. Feb 13, 2006 466
Openera Announces Global Licensing Agreement with Samsung to Deliver IMS Mobile Client & Peer to Peer Video Sharing on Samsung's Mobile Phones. Feb 10, 2006 309
ATI Partners with Audible Magic to Assure Content Rights in Advance of Launch of ATI's Qtrax Ad-Supported Legal P2P Music Service. Feb 1, 2006 622
Warner Bros to sell films via P2P network. Brief Article Jan 31, 2006 211
Cascada Mobile Announces Peer-to-Peer Distribution Solution for J2ME Applications. Jan 24, 2006 648
Nareos unveils legal p2p mobile service. Jan 23, 2006 198
Digimarc Supports Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Industry Initiative to Identify and Protect Copyrighted Entertainment Content with Digital Watermarking. Jan 12, 2006 704
Sky Chooses Kontiki's Legitimate Peer-to-Peer Delivery Management System to Deliver Sky Movies and Sky Sports Highlights via Broadband to Sky Digital Customers. Jan 10, 2006 581
GameAccount Brings Skill Gaming to Sky; Top P2P Supplier Chosen by Leading Digital TV Provider. Jan 9, 2006 391
Launching Peer-to-Peer, Cutting-Edge VoIP and Bluetooth Offerings, Uniden Marks 2006 Trends at CES. Jan 5, 2006 814
UBA Technology Inc. and Wall Street Journal Agree-Kiosk Based P2P Sports Betting Software May Change Casino Sports Betting. Jan 5, 2006 592
iMesh Enhances Authorized Peer-to-Peer Service with Introduction of Mobile Ringtones. Dec 21, 2005 550
TelTel Launches High-Quality PC-to-Any Phone, Anywhere Calling; New Services, Including Call Forwarding, Now Available To Consumers And Service Providers Via TelTel's Managed Peer-to-Peer SIP Backbone. Dec 19, 2005 386
UBA Technology Inc. Announces Kiosk-Based P2P Betting Exchange Platform for Land-Based Casinos. Dec 9, 2005 368
Openera Debuts IMS Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing for Mobile Operators; Mobile Users Leverage Openera's IMS Mobile Client, Presence-Powered Active Phone Book and New Video Sharing to Contact, Connect and Communicate. Dec 6, 2005 779
LOGNet: peer-to-peer info sharing. Dec 1, 2005 115
The iMEDIA Market Report Publishes Interview Segments on CDN IPTV Initiatives, Flash Streaming and Advertising, CDN Pricing, Plus Subscription Music and P2P Downloads. Nov 3, 2005 353
Akonix Security Center Publishes IM/P2P Threat Watch for October 2005; Monthly Report Highlights Increase in P2P Security Attacks From September to October. Oct 31, 2005 503
Peerflix Members Offer More Than 100,000 DVDs for Trade; Investment in Legal Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform Ensures Continued Growth and Expansion. Oct 26, 2005 654
iMesh Delivers on the Promise of Peer-to-Peer with Groundbreaking Beta Launch of iMesh 6.0, Offering a Blend of Premium and Free Content in a Traditional P2P Environment. Oct 25, 2005 762
The SOA Leaders Council Shares Results from Surveys of Leading Corporate Implementers; Industry's Largest End-User Peer-to-Peer Community of SOA Visionaries Releases Survey Results, Announces Upcoming Chapter Meetings. Oct 17, 2005 598 Swansong for Peer to Peer? Oct 11, 2005 383
Applying peer-to-peer technology to the building of distributed educational systems. Muldner, Tomasz Sep 22, 2005 8283
UNC Begins Fueling P2P Shuttles With Biodiesel. Sep 12, 2005 115
I want my MP3: secondary copyright liability in a hidden peer-to-peer network. Carroll, Wayne Essay Jul 1, 2005 11533
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US Senate to Discuss "Dark Side" of P2P. Brief Article Jun 10, 2003 107
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