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Pearson hits back at Duchess of York

Daily Mail columnist Allison Pearson Allison Pearson (born 1960) is a regular columnist for the British tabloid newspaper Daily Mail. Prior to joining the Mail she was a columnist with London's Evening Standard and The Daily Telegraph.  has continued her spat with the Duchess of York Duchess of York is a title held by the wife of the Duke of York since the first Duke of York in 1384. The title is gained with matrimony alone and is forfeited on divorce. , accusing her of "pushing her two girls into the limelight" and making them "vulnerable to negative comment".

Pearson devoted most of her Daily Mail column today to a counterattack Attacking an attacker. Even though a criminal hacker or other agent is attempting to penetrate a security perimeter or damage systems, the counterattack must not violate applicable laws.  on Sarah Ferguson, after receiving stinging criticism from the former royal.

The feud feud, formalized private warfare, especially between family groups. The blood feud (see vendetta) is characteristic of those societies in which central government either has not arisen or has decayed.  started after Pearson attacked Ferguson's daughter, Princess Beatrice, in an earlier column as a "pampered pam·per  
tr.v. pam·pered, pam·per·ing, pam·pers
1. To treat with excessive indulgence: pampered their child.

 Miss Piggy Miss Piggy is a Muppet character primarily played by Frank Oz. In 2001, Eric Jacobson began performing her, although Oz has not officially retired. She was voiced by Laurie O'Brien in Muppet Babies. " who was "pear shaped", after photographs appeared of her in a bikini Bikini (bēkē`nē), atoll, c.2 sq mi (5.2 sq km), W central Pacific, one of the Ralik Chain, Marshall Islands. It comprises 36 islets on a reef 25 mi (40 km) long. .

Last week a fuming fuming /fum·ing/ (fum´ing) emitting a visible vapor.

Producing or emitting smoke or vapor, as for certain concentrated nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids.
 Ferguson used the the press launch of her ITV1 factual programme The Duchess of Hull to accuse Pearson of "bad manners" after the columnist did not return her calls.

Today Pearson wrote: "By pushing her two girls into the limelight, she makes them vulnerable to negative comment. (Contrast the low profile the Princess Royal achieved for her children – at least until this month's ill-advised Hello! deal for Peter Phillips's nuptials).

"Conveniently, the Duchess forgot to mention that the main thrust of my remarks arose from complaints by Princess Beatrice's detectives about the level of protection the 19-year-old needed as she gadded from nightclub to nightclub, from foreign jaunt to foreign jaunt.

"The public pays for that vast security bill, and we are entitled to express an opinion about whether such ostentatious os·ten·ta·tious  
Characterized by or given to ostentation; pretentious. See Synonyms at showy.

 behaviour is a proper use of taxpayers' money."

Mail Online today again ran the picture of Princess Beatrice in a bikini that attracted Pearson's earlier comments.

Last week Ferguson accused Pearson of not returning calls to discuss her earlier column. "She criticised my daughter. Big mistake. Beatrice is a healthy size 10, a fabulous girl and completely with heart," she told journalists.

"Let's focus on that shall we? This woman in particular, I would like to go to her family and look at the size of her derriere."

Today Pearson said the attacks were to "drum up publicity for her TV show".

"She claims that I, and other journalists, called her daughter fat, which I didn't, though I did express a less-than-flattering, if widespread, thought about an unfortunate bikini her daughter wore on holiday (a garment, incidentally, which Beatrice herself admitted had been a fashion error).

"Regular readers will know that this column tends to take a light-hearted view of all shapes and sizes, from Mrs Beckham's Biro-refill figure to my own far from bikini-ready body."

Pearson denied Ferguson's claims that she had failed to respond to multiple phone calls.

"Last year, before the present spat, the Mail offices took a message from someone claiming to be Fergie's PA. It summoned me to a meeting with her. I chose to ignore it," she wrote.

"Quite honestly, I took the late, great Peter Cook's approach. When he got an invitation to a dinner with the Duke and Duchess
For the real-world peerages, see Duke.

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford are people featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series.
 of York, Cook checked his diary and replied: 'Oh dear, I find that I'm watching television that night.'"

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Date:May 21, 2008
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