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Peachtree goes green.

PEACHTREE GOES GREEN Rather than "fill up more landfills," Peachtree Software recently set up a company-wide program to recycle paper, soda cans, and even diskettes (which it resells in bulk through Computer Shopper ads). But Peachtree's conservation efforts don't stop at the colleciton bin: The company has also found a growing number of ways to use recycled and biodegradable materials in its own packaging.

Mike McBayer, Peachtree's production services manager, says he successfully tested recycled paperboard in two new products "that came out looking pretty good." In fact, he adds, "the mills seem to be racing toward higher quality in the recycled stock they're selling--and what they were giving us was already more than acceptable."

McBrayers says he expected to pay a premium for using recycled paperboard, but--surprisingly--"the recycled stock turned out to be cheaper." However, says McBrayer, recycled materials aren't always available from his regular suppliers in large quantities, so he's still force to use virgin stock for Peachtreehs primary titles. "We'll use 800,000 pounds of paper a year for printing the manuals for a big product," he says. "I can't take a chance that we'll run out of paper in the middle of the job."

In addition, Peachtree recently switched from using styrofoam pellets for packing in its shipping cartons; now, McBryer uses a Dow Chemical material that breaks down when exposed to strong sunlight. "Of course, I'm not sure how much light is going to reach this stuff buried in a dump," McBryer admits. "But it's a step in the right direction."

Mike McBrayer, production services manager, Peachtree Software, 1505 Pavillion Pl., Norcross, Georgia 30093; 404/564-5700.
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Title Annotation:Peachtree Software uses recycled and biodegradable materials in the packaging of the its software products
Date:Nov 30, 1990
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