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Paying the price.

Paying The Price

When the news broke last week that Worthen Banking Corp. CEO Curt Bradbury would receive a $1.25 million bonus over the next five years, Worthen's stock price took a little tumble of 37 cents in the morning.

The stock dropped when some shareholder let go of 2,000 shares. Was it ire about Bradbury's pay package that spurred the sale?

With the annual bonus, Bradbury's salary is now more than $600,000 a year, making him the highest paid banking executive in the state.

Is it too much? We doubt it.

Since turning around $2.1-billion Worthen from the dire days of 1985 when the bank lost $50 million in the BBS collapse, Bradbury's bottom line banking record at Worthen has been a steady climb upward to record $19.3 million profits last year.

That progression to fiscal health is called a turn around and any top executive who can pull one off generally gets a reward (either on the front end, or when it's all over).

But there's more to this whisper than that.

Bradbury's proven skills are worth plenty in the national banking marketplace where big banks are bleeding red all over.

Headhunters call Bradbury's office constantly with job offers and we've heard some have even been tempting enough to investigate. No wonder Worthen's board of directors wants to make sure Bradbury is well-fed, well-cared for and happy.
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Title Annotation:stock price tumble over $1.25 million bonus for Worthen Banking Corp' chief executive officer Cirt Bradbury
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:May 6, 1991
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