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Paul, the Letter Writer.

M. Luther Stirewalt's expertise in ancient epistolography E`pis`to`log´ra`phy

n. 1. The art or practice of writing epistles.
the art or practice of writing letters. — epistolographic, adj.
See also: Literature
 has produced the excellent book Paul Paul, 1901–64, king of the Hellenes (1947–64), brother and successor of George II. He married (1938) Princess Frederika of Brunswick. During Paul's reign Greece followed a pro-Western policy, and the Cyprus question was temporarily resolved. , the Letter Writer (Eerdmans, $22). He argues that Paul's letters adapt the form of the "official Roman letter," a novel view. He discusses the logistics of letter writing and delivery, then turns to five aspects in the classification and form of the official letter and Paul's modified use of them, then to a more detailed examination of the seven certainly authentic letters. He compares 1 Corinthians Corinthians (kərĭn`thēənz), two letters of the New Testament. They were written to the church at Corinth by Paul whose stay in Corinth is recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. First Corinthians, written probably at Ephesus early in A.  to the Emperor Claudius's letter to Alexandria and Philippians to a letter of Antiochus to Erythrae. He identifies Romans as a "letter-essay." His final chapter assesses the significance for the interpretation of Paul. An appendix contains text and analysis of sixteen relevant letters. An extensive bibliography bibliography. The listing of books is of ancient origin. Lists of clay tablets have been found at Nineveh and elsewhere; the library at Alexandria had subject lists of its books.  and index of Scripture passages complete the book. This analysis illuminates many facets of Paul's letters, though it does not give a compelling argument for preferring official letters over others as parallels to Paul.

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Title Annotation:Briefly Noted
Publication:Currents in Theology and Mission
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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