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Patient safety hotlist.

Bar Coding

Bridge Medical Inc.

120 S. Sierra Ave.

Solana Beach, CA 92075-1811


Founded: 1996

Product: MedPoint is a bar code-enabled point-of-care system designed to eliminate errors in the medication administration, specimen collection and blood transfusion blood transfusion, transfer of blood from one person to another, or from one animal to another of the same species. Transfusions are performed to replace a substantial loss of blood and as supportive treatment in certain diseases and blood disorders.  processes. MedPoint guides caregivers through positive patient identification and safe patient care, issuing alerts and warnings where clinically warranted and automatically documenting the process as a byproduct by·prod·uct or by-prod·uct  
1. Something produced in the making of something else.

2. A secondary result; a side effect.

Noun 1.
 of bar code scanning. Users benefit from a workflow-sensitive user interface and documentation tools.

Bar Coding

Omnicell Inc.

1101 E. Meadow Dr.

Palo Alto Palo Alto, city, California
Palo Alto (păl`ō ăl`tō), city (1990 pop. 55,900), Santa Clara co., W Calif.; inc. 1894. Although primarily residential, Palo Alto has aerospace, electronics, and advanced research industries.
, CA 94303


Founded: 1992

Product: SafetyPak is a fully automated unit-dose and multidose bar code medication packaging system thai allows pharmacies to improve dispensing accuracy, increase productivity and reduce costs. The system's labeling of oral solid medications with bar codes helps facilitate bar code checking at patient's bedside. SafetyPak enables pharmacies to automate replenishment of decentralized de·cen·tral·ize  
v. de·cen·tral·ized, de·cen·tral·iz·ing, de·cen·tral·iz·es
1. To distribute the administrative functions or powers of (a central authority) among several local authorities.
 cabinets and the filling of individual patient medication bins.

CPOE CPOE Computerized Physician Order Entry
CPOE Computerized Provider Order Entry
CPOE Computerized Prescriber Order Entry

Cerner Corp.

2800 Rockcreek Pkwy.

Kansas City Kansas City, two adjacent cities of the same name, one (1990 pop. 149,767), seat of Wyandotte co., NE Kansas (inc. 1859), the other (1990 pop. 435,146), Clay, Jackson, and Platte counties, NW Mo. (inc. 1850). , MO 64117


Founded: 1979

Product: Cerner PowerOrders. Cerner CPOE includes a physician-centric ordering solution that coordinates order communication across a health system. It works seamlessly with Cerner Millennium's clinical data repository A Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a real-time database that consolidates data from a variety of clinical sources to present a unified view of a single patient. It is optimized to allow clinicians to retrieve data for a single patient rather than to identify a population of , documentation tools and clinical decision support functions to enhance patient safety. The solution provides a tool to unify the closed loop medication process, linking physicians, nurses and pharmacies.


Eclipsys Corp.

1750 Clint Moore Rd

Boca Raton Boca Raton (bō`kə rətōn`), city (1990 pop. 61,492), Palm Beach co., SE Fla., on the Atlantic; inc. 1925. Boca Raton is a popular resort and retirement community that experienced significant industrial development in the 1970s and 80s. , FL 33487


Founded: 1995

Product: SunriseXA is a comprehensive, knowledge-driven information solution used by healthcare organizations to streamline workflow and improve patient safety.

Bar Coding

Care Fusion Inc.

1430 Spring Hill Rd., Ste 510

McLean, VA 22102


Founded: 2001

Product: wCareMed and wCareCollect utilize an integrated bar The process of organizing the attorneys of a state into an association, membership in which is a condition precedent to the right to practice law.

Integration is usually attained by enactment of a statute that grants authority to the highest court of the state to integrate
 code scanner to confirm positive patient identification. Once patient identification is confirmed, actions can be taken to administer and document medications with wCareMed and collect and con firm specimens for patients with wCareCollect. Both will assist the hospital in complying with JCAHO JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, see there  and CAP patient safety standards Safety standards are standards designed to ensure the safety of products, activities or processes, etc. They may be advisory or compulsory and are normally laid down by an advisory or regulatory body that may be either voluntary or statutory. .


A4 Health Systems

5501 Dillard Dr.

Cary, NC 27511


Founded: 1970

Product: HealthMatics ED has order entry and results reporting, including instantaneous order notification to the emergency department's or other hospital departments' staff, including lab, radiology and pharmacy using an HL7 or custom interface. A4's drug-interaction module checks for interactions with other medications, allergies, food or duplicate therapies. Order/results status is indicated in real time on a tracking board using hospital-defined icons.


CliniComp Intl.

9655 Towne Centre Dr.

San Diego San Diego (săn dēā`gō), city (1990 pop. 1,110,549), seat of San Diego co., S Calif., on San Diego Bay; inc. 1850. San Diego includes the unincorporated communities of La Jolla and Spring Valley. Coronado is across the bay. , CA 92121

800 350-8202

Founded: 1983

Product: Essentris CPOE allows for the entry, classification and management of orders for the general staff, particularly the physician. It provides rules and alert driven decision sup port while screening medication and therapeutic orders for adverse interactions, duplication and other errors. An accounting of order error reductions as a result of medication screening is automatically provided. Essentris also integrates directly with ancillary systems.


MEDCOM MEDCOM Medical Command (US Army)
MEDCOM Mediterranean Regional Committee for START
 Information Systems Inc.

2117 Stonington Ave.

Hoffman Estates Hoffman Estates

A village of northeast Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Population: 49,700.
, IL 60195


Founded: 1991

Product: Emirj Order Entry meets the needs of a startup to a full, multisite facility with integrated electronic medical record capability. It allows medical staff to turn more of their attention to direct patient contact With all major system activities integrated, duplicate patient entry errors are greatly reduced. Orders to outside labs will carry the necessary Medicare billing information for quick claims processing.

Bar Coding

Numbers Only Inc.

850 US Hwy. 1

North Brunswick, NJ 08902


Founded: 1997

Product: @ParMobile applications suite for drug administration, sample management, patient charges and materials management Materials management is the branch of logistics that deals with the tangible components of a supply chain. Specifically, this covers the acquisition of spare parts and replacements, quality control of purchasing and ordering such parts, and the standards involved in ordering, . Works on Windows CE (Windows Consumer Electronics) Microsoft's version of Windows for handheld devices and embedded systems that use x86, ARM, MIPS and SHx CPUs. Windows CE .NET superseded Windows CE 3.0.  devices and is Web-based.


Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

2401 Commerce Dr.

Libertyville, IL 60048


Founded: 1986

Product: Allscripts provides clinical software and information solutions for physicians. The CPOE functionality of the TouchWorks EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation) The emanation of energy from everything in the universe. Although the EMR from electrical and electronic devices is typically measured for practical, every-day situations, every object, including humans, emanates energy.  helps physicians reduce chart pulls while improving turnaround time (1) In batch processing, the time it takes to receive finished reports after submission of documents or files for processing. In an online environment, turnaround time is the same as response time.  for order processing. TouchWorks offers personalized order sets, clinical practice guidelines clinical practice guidelines Clinical policies, practice guidelines, practice parameters, practice policies Medtalk Systematically developed statements to assist practitioner and Pt decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances. See Psychology.  and medical necessity checking at the point of ordering. This CPOE functionality works as a standalone or as an integrated part of the-TouchWorks EMR.


CPSI CPSI Computer Programs & Systems, Inc. (Mobile, Alabama)
CPSI Creative Problem Solving Institute
CPSI Certified Playground Safety Inspector
CPSI cells per square inch
CPSI Configurable PostScript Interpreter

6600 Wall St.

Mobile, AL 36695


Founded: 1979

Product: CPSI's CPOE expands the functionality of our Internet-based virtual chart, ChartLink. CPOE complements ChartLink's up-to-the-minute patient information with a real-time order placement function that immediately communicates care orders to the proper clinical departments. Full integration with the CPSI clinical modules enhances patient safety by providing comprehensive order alerts and verifications.




Westwood, MA 02090


Founded: 1969

Product: Physician Care Manager. MEDITECH's CPOE solution is licensed as a part of the Physician Care Manager suite, which includes the Provider Order Management application. The system helps with patient safety by providing system alerts, up-to date information, drug-specific information, improved physician-department communication and reduced healthcare costs. The CPOE provides customers with an affordable tool that is integrated and efficient.


Misys Healthcare Systems

4801 E. Broadway Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85711-3609


Founded: 1979

Product: Misys CPR-CPOE manages the entire medication process, from CPOE through the pharmacy, and through the medication administration process. Misys CPR-CPOE employs a single database and rules engine that spans all departments and all venues of care across the healthcare enterprise. The result is an integrated, patient-centered data and process model that manages the quality, safety and cost of medication dispensing and administration.


Wellsoft Corp.

605 Franklin Blvd.

Somerset, NJ 08873


Founded: 1988

Product: Wellsoft's Integrated Clinical Mgmt. System-EDIS provides real-time CPOE for the emergency department, incorporating clinical prompting for patient safety and risk avoidance. HL7 interfacing facilitates processing orders with radiology, laboratory and other ancillary departments. Processing occurs with a single keystroke key·stroke  
A stroke of a key, as on a word processor.

 and alerts responsible staff. Order status is always visible. Results are flagged, abnormal results highlighted and all results are time-stamped.

Decision Support

HealthShare Technology

360 Massachusetts Ave., Ste. 200

Acton, MA 01720


Founded: 1992

Product: Select Quality Care Consumer is a Web-based, hospital comparison tool for members to compare the quality and cost of hospital care across 170 diagnoses and procedures. It provides side-by-side comparisons of outcomes such as patient volume, mortality rates and complication rates. Select Quality Care Professional enables healthcare executives to leverage publicly available inpatient data on cost and quality for evaluating comparative hospital quality.

Decision Support


8425 Woodfield Crossing, Ste. 490

Indianapolis, IN 48108


Founded: 1970

Product: Clinical Decision Support Databases can be integrated into a healthcare organization's existing clinical information system, where life-threatening interactions can be detected--potential drug interactions and drug/allergy reactions. These clinical databases also allow the system to identify inappropriate single doses, total daily doses, or duration of drug therapy; to detect duplications of drug therapy; and to identify potential contraindications.


QuadraMed Corp.

12110 Sunset Hills Rd.

Reston, VA 20190


Founded: 1993

Product: Affinity CPOE is a Wel-based, clinical decision support solution giving physicians access to advanced patient safety and decision support tools. It allows physicians to enter orders and review real-time, patient specific information, Intelligence Manager and Intelligence Care sets provide the ability to customize to individual workflow preferences. Built-in clinical decision support provides for display of significant alerts and reminders.

Decision Support


500 W. Whitestone

Cedar Park Cedar Park could refer to
  • Cedar Park, Philadelphia, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Cedar Park, Seattle, Washington, a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington
, TX 78613


Founded: 1996

Product: Tracking Board automatically triages patient visits, showing patient locations and which patients need to be seen next based on urgency of medical condition.

Decision Support

Initiate Systems

200 W. Madison, Ste. 2300

Chicago, IL 60606


Founded: 1995

Product: Initiate Identity Hub is an enterprise master patient index In medical systems the Master Patient Index (MPI) is an index referencing all patients known to an area, enterprise or organization. The terms Patient Master Index (PMI) and Master Person Index are used interchangeably.  (EMPI) that links up-to-the-moment data about patients and providers across all points of encounter and back-office systems. It leverages and links any volume of information across systems and affiliates without forcing organizations to move large quantities of data or standardize schemes.

Decision Support


777 E. Eisenhower Pkwy,

Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, city (1990 pop. 109,592), seat of Washtenaw co., S Mich., on the Huron River; inc. 1851. It is a research and educational center, with a large number of government and industrial research and development firms, many in high-technology fields such as , MI 48108


Founded: 1981

Product: Performance Expert and Patient Safety Expert can uncover physician practice patterns, patient severity and general resource use fueling costs. Medstat solutions can demonstrate the correlation between excess resource consumption and length of stay, chronic conditions and ancillary resource use, and the data can point to opportunities for improvement. Use of clinical decision support tools fosters professional collaboration that can improve quality.


Sentillion Inc.

300 Brickstone Square

Andover, MA 01810


Founded: 1998

Product: Vergence vergence /ver·gence/ (ver´jens) a disjunctive reciprocal rotation of both eyes so that the axes of fixation are not parallel; the kind of vergence is indicated by a prefix, e.g., convergence, divergence. . Adding CPOE applications to the heterogeneous application set found in healthcare often brings password overload to caregivers. Sentillion's Vergence product suite simplifies this process with its single sign-on An identification system that lets users log into multiple Web sites on the Internet with one username and password. Single sign-on systems are also used within an enterprise, enabling users to access all authorized resources in the local network using the same username and password.  functionality providing users with one secure password for all applications, Secure patient information access is reinforced with Vergence Context Management. Once a caregiver selects a patient in one application, Vergence tunes all applications to that patient.

Decision Support

First DataBank First DataBank, Inc. (FDB), currently owned by Hearst Corporation, is a publisher of pharmaceutical industry market information and information technology. The firm, headquartered in San Bruno, California, is best known for its controversial drug pricing surveys of the McKesson  

1111 Bayhill Dr.

San Bruno San Bruno (săn br`nō), city (1990 pop. 38,961), San Mateo co., W Calif., a suburb on San Francisco Bay; inc. 1914. There is light manufacturing and petroleum refining. , CA 94066


Founded: 1978

Product: National Drug Data File Plus provides context-relevant drug information for integration into varied healthcare applications, with particular expertise in clinical decision support within the workflow. Advanced clinical modules support healthcare professionals in making critical decisions about dosing, drug/drug and drug/food interactions, allergy alerts and drug/ disease contraindications to help reduce the incidence of medication errors.

Decision Support

MEDal Inc.

4901 Vineland Rd., Ste. 450

Orlando, FL 32811


Founded: 1987

Product: Pinpoint Quality incorporates disease-focused severity adjustment, benchmarking and evidence-based processes of care to improve outcomes.

Decision Support

PatientKeeper Inc.

Brighton Landing E., 5th Flr., 20 Guest St.

Boston, MA 02135


Founded: 1997

Product: PatientKeeper Clinical Applications. Essential patient information is delivered at the point of care. Medication histories, lab results, alerts, vitals vi·tals
1. The vital body organs.

2. The parts that are essential to continued functioning, as of a system.
 and I/Os, and other information are available on physicians' mobile devices, delivering immediate access to the most current patient data at the bed-side Up-to-date patient lists with accurate patient locations streamline rounding and eliminate the need for pre-rounding.

Decision Support

Reliance Software Systems

30500 Northwestern Hwy., Ste. 415

Farmington Hills Far·ming·ton Hills  

A city of southeast Michigan, an industrial suburb of Detroit. Population: 81,400.
, MI 48334


Founded: 1999

Product: CDR-Web receives, normalizes and stores information from any number of existing departmental information systems into an enterprisewide, fault-tolerant, secure, common-access point for all clinical data. It combines a clinical data repository and portal technology with the ease of use of Web browsers The following is a list of web browsers. Historical
Historically important browsers
In order of release:
  • WorldWideWeb, February 26, 1991
  • Erwise, April 1992
  • ViolaWWW, May 1992, see Erwise
 and portability of mobile devices for secure, fast access to patient data.

Decision Support

Salem Health Solutions

119 Brookstown Ave., Penthouse 1

Winston Salem, NC 27101

866 747 7574

Founded: 2000

Product: Salem Health Solutions offers clinically focused healthcare information management solutions that enable providers to predict trends, benchmark best practices, and track and analyze outcomes.

Decision Support

SAS (1) (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, A software company that specializes in data warehousing and decision support software based on the SAS System. Founded in 1976, SAS is one of the world's largest privately held software companies. See SAS System.  

SAS Campus Dr.

Cary, NC 27513


Founded: 1976

Product: Strategic Performance Management for Healthcare allows executives to measure and evaluate performance relative to clinical care. Administrators can establish baseline performance with key metrics monitored through an executive dashboard. With SAS' analytical and data mining capabilities, executives can improve patient safety through provider profiling, evidence-based healthcare, benchmarking, quality reporting, research analysis and patient-error reduction.

Electronic Prescribing

Intelligent Medical Systems Inc.

HC-65, Box 21-B

Alpine, TX 79830


Founded: 1992

Product: SmartDoctor Patient Care System integrates all of the data in the EMR, demographic data, past medical history, allergies, drug interactions, pregnancy status, breastfeeding status and pediatric pediatric /pe·di·at·ric/ (pe?de-at´rik) pertaining to the health of children.

Of or relating to pediatrics.
 weight. The doctor can write the prescriptions in half the time with greater patient safety.

Decision Support

RL Solutions

3771 Raleigh St.

Hollywood, FL 33021


Founded: 1997

Product: Risk MonitorPro is a risk management information system that records, manages and analyzes adverse events and patient safety issues. It features automated alert notifications and drill-down analysis drill-down analysis - drill down  to augment traditional risk management practices. By using RM Pro, healthcare organizations can improve responsiveness to adverse events increase productivity in risk management, and produce meaningful reports for patient safety.

Electronic Prescribing


Eight Cambridge Ctr.

Cambridge, MA 02142


Founded: 1998

Product: NaviNet Rx is a Web-based application See Web application.  for electronic prescription management. Giving providers access to prescription histories, formulary formulary /for·mu·lary/ (for´mu-lar?e) a collection of recipes, formulas, and prescriptions.

National Formulary  see under N.

 guidelines and medication information, it offers a real-time, paperless vehicle for processing prescriptions directly with health plans and with retail and mail-order pharmacies. It strengthens patient safety by eradicating legibility leg·i·ble  
1. Possible to read or decipher: legible handwriting.

2. Plainly discernible; apparent: legible weaknesses in character and disposition.
 issues and preventing drug interactions.

Evidence-Based Medicine evidence-based medicine Decision-making 'The use of scientific data to confirm that proposed diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are appropriate in light of their high probability of producing the best and most favorable outcome'. See Meta-analysis.  


6200 S. Syracuse Way, Ste. 300

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

303-486-6400 / 800-5259083

Founded: 1974

Product: The new Healthcare Series Online provides clinicians intuitive, logical navigation and enhanced product functionality that will save time, increase efficiency and improve best practices. These improvements are designed to strengthen and increase clinician usage, leading to enhanced patient care, lowered costs and reduced medical errors.

Medication Management

Lifecare Technologies Inc.

4710 Eisenhower Blvd, Ste. 10-A

Tampa, FL 33634


Founded: 1988

Product: Performance Pharmacy System. Pharmaceutical care documentaton, clinical decision support, drug use evaluation and patient focused outcomes documentation are key elements of Performance. Clinical screening monitors include drug/drug interactions, drug/food integration, duplicate therapy, allergies to-drugs and dose/range checking. An electronic medication administration record medication administration record Hospital practice A computer-generated schedule for administering medications to a Pt for a defined period of time, including physician's orders and time to adminster the agents  alerts nurses to drug dosing schedules.

Outcome Assessments

Axis Clinical Software Inc.

5201 SW Westgate Dr, Ste. 216

Portland, OR 97221


Founded: 1980

Product: PATS (Patient Analysis & Tracking System) is a multispecialty, clinical outcomes management system, It offers analytical tools, trend analysis, predictive methodology, risk stratification risk stratification Medical decision-making The constellation of activities–eg, lab and clinical testing used to determine a person's risk for suffering a particular condition and need–or lack thereof–for preventive intervention , actuarial ac·tu·ar·y  
n. pl. ac·tu·ar·ies
A statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums.

 curves, statistical analysis and built-in graphics Import/export capabilities allow interfacing with other systems and national database submission. PATS is used by specialists in cardiac surgery Cardiac surgery is surgery on the heart and/or great vessels performed by a cardiac surgeon. Frequently, it is done to treat complications of ischemic heart disease (for example, coronary artery bypass grafting), correct congenital heart disease, or treat valvular heart disease , orthopedics and by hospitals.

Electronic Prescribing

WEBeDoctor Inc.

1144 S. Diamond Bar Blvd.

Diamond Bar, CA 91765


Founded: 1998

Product: WEBeDoctor is a comprehensive database of medications and is available with full posting to the patient's electronic medical record.

Medication Management

Baxter Healthcare Corp.

One Yorkdale Rd, Ste. 310

Toronto, Ontario, Canada MCA MCA
 in full Music Corporation of America

Entertainment conglomerate. It was founded in Chicago in 1924 by Jules Stein as a talent agency. In the 1960s it bought Decca Records and Universal Pictures, and today it produces films, music, and television shows.


Founded: 1997

Product: Baxter's Patient Care System is a wireless medication management system that assists healthcare professionals providing enhanced patient care. The integrated system consists of pharmacy, point of care and connectivity to the colleague infusion pump infusion pump A device designed to deliver drugs and/or 'biologicals', at low doses and at a constant or controllable rate; ↑ rates of delivery in such devices may be associated with local hemolysis, compromising the potential benefits of a calibrated delivery  at the bedside. The system helps promote the reduction of medication errors, impaired workflow and operational efficiencies.

Medication Management

McKesson Information Solutions

5995 Windward wind·ward  
1. Of or moving toward the quarter from which the wind blows.

2. Of or on the side exposed to the wind or to prevailing winds.

In a direction from which the wind blows; against the wind.

AIpharella, GA 30005


Founded: 1974

Product: Horizon Admin-Rx is a point-of-care application that helps caregivers improve mediation safety. Caregivers use handheld scanning devices to identify themselves, the patient and medications at the point of administration. The solution provides a fullscreen view of the patient's medication profile, daily drug administrations and overall care unit reviews. It also provides an online clinical flow sheet documenting the patient's vital signs and medication profile.

Outcome Assessments


1565 Carling car·ling  
One of the short timbers running fore and aft that connect the transverse beams supporting the deck of a ship.

[Middle English, from Old French calingue and from Old Norse
 Ave., Ste. 300

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z 8R1


Founded: 1995

Product: Databeacon Collaboration Edition is Web reporting and data analysis software designed for organizations whose core business involves providing data over the Internet to large communities of information consumers who want to view, create and collaborate.

Evidence-Based Medicine

MEDecision Inc.

724 W. Lancaster Ave

Wayne, PA 19087


Founded: 1988

Product: Integrated Medical Management includes a member identification tool to help MCOs improve the effectiveness of case-and disease management programs by identifying at-risk members before their conditions and risks escalate. Using predictive modeling and evidence-based clinical triggers, MCOs can improve clinical outcomes by proactively enrolling members in case- and disease-management programs; promoting best-practice healthcare,

Medication Management


1800 Gateway Dr., Ste. 300

San Mateo San Mateo (săn mətā`ō), city (1990 pop. 85,486), San Mateo co., W Calif., on San Francisco Bay; inc. 1894. It is a commercial and retail center with some high-technology manufacturing. San Mateo, Spanish for St. , CA 94404


Founded: 1998

Product: ePocrates Rx Pro is a handheld drug reference with more than 2800 drug monographs, 400 alternative medicines, 50 tables and an ePocrates ID infectious disease Infectious disease

A pathological condition spread among biological species. Infectious diseases, although varied in their effects, are always associated with viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, multicellular parasites and aberrant proteins known as prions.
 guide. The reference allows users to look up information on dosing, cautions, interactions, adverse reactions adverse reactions, unfavorable reactions resulting from administration of a local anesthetic; responsible factors include the drug used, concentration, and route of administration.
 and manufacturer and cost information.

Medication Management

Siemens Medical Solutions Siemens Medical Solutions (Siemens Med) is a supplier to the healthcare industry, and is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany. Its U.S. division, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., is a Delaware corporation, with headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania.  Health

Services Corp.

51 Valley Stream Pkwy.

Malvern, PA 19355


Founded: 2000

Product: Siemens Medication Management supports the cycle of medication delivery, including ordering, clinical checking, drug dispensing, positive patient and drug identification at the time of administration, online documentation and supply chain management. This approach is achieved with products such as the pharmacy system, Clinical View for physician medication order entry, med/IV charting and materials management.

Outcome Assessments

Velos Inc.

2201 Walnut, Ste. 208

Fremont, CA 94538


Founded: 1994

Product: Velos Essentials is certified by both the American College American College is the name of:
  • American College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  • The American College in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • The American College of the Immaculate Conception, Leuven (also known as Louvain), Belgium
 at Cardiology cardiology

Medical specialty dealing with heart diseases and disorders. It began with the 1749 publication by Jean Baptiste de Sénac of contemporary knowledge of the heart. Diagnostic methods improved in the 19th century, and in 1905 the electrocardiograph was invented.
 and the Society of Thoracic thoracic /tho·rac·ic/ (thah-ras´ik) pectoral; pertaining to the thorax (chest).

Of, relating to, or situated in or near the thorax.
 Surgeons for use by participants in the ACC-NCDR and the STS (Synchronous Transport Signal) The electrical equivalent of the SONET optical signal. In SDH, the European counterpart of SONET, STS is known as STM (Synchronous Transport Module).  National Database. In addition to cardiology/ CV surgery, we specialize in renal, transplant, oncology and clinical trials, and research markets. Essentials is designed to eliminate data entry redundancy with one entry point for patient demographic information.
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No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
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