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Rubber dam rubber dam,
n See dam, rubber.

rubber dam clamp,
n See clamp, rubber dam.

rubber dam clamp forceps,
n an instrument used to place a clamp on a tooth, adjust a clamp, or remove it from a tooth.
 and method of application thereof U.S. patent: 6,102,620 Issued: August 15, 2000 Inventor: Tateo Muramatsu Assigned: Bridgestone

Semi-pneumatic tire for mine service U.S. patent: 6,105,641 Issued: August 22, 2000 Inventors: Shirish Rasikchandra Jasani, Jerry Malin, William Earl Rayman and Richard Henry Richard Henry is a name that may refer to several people:
  • Richard Henry (pseudonym), pseudonym credited on collaborative works of authors Richard Butler and Henry Chance Newton
  • Richard Treacy Henry (1845-1929), New Zealand naturalist and conservationist
 Reisinger Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Siloxane-polyether copolymers with unsaturated unsaturated /un·sat·u·rat·ed/ (un-sach´ur-at?ed)
1. not holding all of a solute which can be held in solution by the solvent.

2. denoting compounds in which two or more atoms are united by double or triple bonds.
 functionalities, and process for making them U.S. patent: 6,103,847 Issued: August 15, 2000 Inventors: Kenrick M. Lewis and Hua Yu Assigned: Witco

Tire magnetization method, tire magnetized by the tire magnetization method, tire magnetic field detection method, tire revolution detection signal processing See DSP.  method and tire revolution detection apparatus U.S. patent: 6,104,593 Issued: August 15, 2000 Inventors: Masahiro Kawase and Shinichi Tazaki Assigned: Canon Denshi Kabushiki Kaisha Kabushiki kaisha or kabushiki gaisha (株式会社  Keywords: Magnetization on a steel belt

On/off road radial pneumatic light truck or automobile tire U.S. patent: 6,105,643 Issued: August 22, 2000 Inventors: Efimia Ellen Rohweder, Frederick William Frederick William, elector of Brandenburg
Frederick William, known as the Great Elector, 1620–88, elector of Brandenburg (1640–88), son and successor of George William.
 Miller, Michael Alois Kolowski and Stephanie Carol Brown Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Removal of protein from natural rubber latex articles U.S. patent: 6,107,455 Issued: August 22, 2000 Inventors: Peter Rosholm, Kai Chuang Heng and Soren Hojfeldt Lund Assigned: Novo Nordisk Wikipedia is not the place for advertisement or self-advertising. Novo Nordisk (, NYSE: NVO) manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services. Founded in Denmark in 1923, the company has since become a world leader in diabetes care with the broadest  A/S Keywords: Washing with an aqueous solution comprising a water-soluble silicate silicate, chemical compound containing silicon, oxygen, and one or more metals, e.g., aluminum, barium, beryllium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, or zirconium. Silicates may be considered chemically as salts of the various silicic acids.  

Gear extruder for a caoutchouc caoutchouc (kou`chk), natural rubber obtained as a latex from various tropical plants, e.g., the Pará rubber tree. It is much more elastic than balata or gutta-percha.  mixture U.S. patent: 6,106,266 Issued: August 22, 2000 Inventor: Wolfgang Ruger Assigned: Paul Troester Maschinenfabrik

Process for producing sealant-incorporated tire tube U.S. patent: 6,106,647 Issued: August 22, 2000 Inventors: Toshio Yamagiwa, Noboru Makisaka and Tomoyoshi Hino Assigned: Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha and Inoue Rubber

Heavy duty pneumatic tire Noun 1. pneumatic tire - a tire made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air; used on motor vehicles and bicycles etc
pneumatic tyre

bicycle wheel - the wheel of a bicycle
 including narrow rib U.S. patent: 6,112,787 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventors: Tetsuhiro Fukumoto, Yukihide Ouya and Kiyoshi Ueyoko Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber

Pneumatic tires made with textile cords comprising two portions, the filaments in the second radially inner portion being compacted or fused U.S. patent: 6,112,789 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventor: Rene Francois Reuter Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Puncture-durable tire structure U.S. patent: 6,112,790 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventor: Chai-I Hsiao Assigned: Taiwan Kings Glory

Sound-dampened automobile interior components and methods for making same U.S. patent: 6,112,848 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventors: Leoncio C. Ang and Tim F. O'Brien Assigned: Chrysler Corp. and UT Automotive Dearborn Keywords: Thermoplastic elastomer self-adhered to dampen the noise

Tire having improved tread portion for reducing formation of anomalies causing user dissatisfaction U.S. patent: 6,109,316 Issued: August 29, 2000 Inventor: Ibrahim Mustafa Janajreh Assigned: Michelin Recherche re·cher·ché  
1. Uncommon; rare.

2. Exquisite; choice.

3. Overrefined; forced.

4. Pretentious; overblown.
 et Technique S.A.

Tear propagation-resistant rubber compound U.S. patent: 6,114,465 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventor: Georg Vasic Assigned: Paguag GmbH & Co. Keywords: Silanizing polychloroprene with amorphous silica

Rubber compositions containing zinc hexasulfide complexes U.S. patent: 6,114,469 Issued: September 5, 2000 Inventors: Thomas Bigley Rauchfuss, Otto William Maender and Frederick Ignatz-Hoover Assigned: Flexsys America L.P.

Method for endurance testing of pneumatic tires U.S. patent: 6,119,513 Issued: September 19, 2000 Inventor: Kenichi Tanaka Assigned: Bridgestone Corp. Keywords: Deterioration with concentrated oxygen

Tire with beads designed to ease removal from rim U.S. patent: 6,116,313 Issued: September 12, 2000 Inventors: Pedro Costa Pereira and Jean-Jacques Pradelle Assigned: Compagnie Generale des Etablissementis Michelin-Michelin & Cie

Wiper blade for a vehicle windscreen wiper device U.S. patent: 6,119,300 Issued: September 19, 2000 Inventors: Eckhardt Schmid, Jurgen Bommer, Klaus Fischer and Bruno Egner-Walter Assigned: ITT ITT Initial Teacher Training (UK)
ITT I Think That
ITT Invitation To Tender
ITT Individual Time Trial (professional cycling)
ITT Intention-To-Treat
ITT In This Thread (forums) 
 Manufacturing Enterprised Inc.

Heavy duty radial tire with steel cord bead reinforcing ply U.S. patent: 6,129,128 Issued: October 10, 2000 Inventor: Tetsuhiro Fukumoto Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber

Tire carcass anchoring U.S. patent: 6,109,321 Issued: August 29, 2000 Inventors: Pedro Costa Pereira and Yves Herbelleau Assigned: Compagnie Generale des Establissements Michelin-Michelin & Cie
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Author:Samples, Bob
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Oct 1, 2001
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