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Patent News.

Molding system for rubber tractor tracks U.S. patent: 6,086,811 Issued: July 11, 2000 Inventor: Louis T. Fike Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Recycle of vulcanized fluorinated elastomers U.S. patent: 6,087,406 Issued: July 11, 2000 Inventors: Allan T. Worm, Erik D. Hare and Paul N. Nelson Assigned: Dyneon LLC Keywords: Recycle component of a fluorinated elastomer, a fluoroaliphatic sulfonamide, free radical scavenger, a crosslinking agent

Rubber-to-metal adhesion promoter, metal reinforcement, composition made of rubber, metal reinforcement and rubber-to-metal adhesion promoter, and use of the rubber-to-metal adhesion promoter U.S. patent: 6,087,519 Issued: July 11, 2000 Inventors: Francis Garnier, Philippe Lang, Richard Michalitsch, Gerhard E. Nauer and Bernd Kaiser Assigned: Continental AG


Vulcanizable rubber composition and seal for Freon U.S. patent: 6,087,453 Issued: July 11, 2000 Inventor: Koichi Nishimura Assigned: Nippon Zeon Keywords: A butadiene acrylonitrile-unsaturated dicarboxylic acid dialkyl ester copolymer, an [Alpha],[Beta]-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid, an organic peroxide vulcanizing agent

Fuel transporting hose having inner layer made of fluorine-contained resin U.S. patent: 6,089,277 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventors: Tsutomu Kodama and Kazuhiro Kato Assigned: Tokai Rubber Industries

Precured tire tread for a truck tire and method of assembly U.S. patent: 6,089,290 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventors: Lawrence Edward Chlebina, Gary Edwin Tubb and Thomas Andrew Laurich Assigned: Goodyear Tire & Rubber


Tire containing reinforcement ply with parallel extensible reinforcing members and method of manufacture U.S. patent: 6,089,293 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventor: Kevin John Niderost Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber


Pneumatic tire with carcass cords having particular viscoelastic characteristics U.S. patent: 6,089,295 Issued: July 18, 2001 Inventors: Masato Komatsuki and Shinichi Miyazaki Assigned: Sumitomo Rubber

Mission adaptive inlet U.S. patent: 6,089,505 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventors: Cynthia Ann Gruensfelder and Robert Henry Wille Assigned: McDonnell Douglas Corp. Keywords: Reinforced elastomer system, including an elastomeric skin capable of elongation and rods sliding freely inside the elastomer skin


Extrusion device for retreading tires U.S. patent: 6,089,844 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventor: Paul Meyer Assigned: AZ Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH


Fluid dispenser with fill adapter U.S. patent: 6,090,071 Issued: July 18, 2000 Inventor: Marshall S. Kriesel Assigned: Science Inc.

Fluid and elastomer damper U.S. patent: 6,092,795 Issued: July 25, 2000 Inventor: Dennis P. McGuire Assigned: Lord Corp.

Secondary seal for a sealing arrangement U.S. patent: 6,092,809 Issued: July 25, 2000 Inventors: William N. Keifer, Stephen J. Pierz and Gregory M. Wetterich Assigned: Caterpillar Inc. Keywords: For sealing lubricating oil in and debris out of an earthmoving machine

High shock absorbing rubber compositions U.S. patent: 6,093,767 Issued: July 25, 2000 Inventors: Fred Davis and Zbig Z. Zivny Assigned: Purchasing Inc. Keywords: Nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, silica, free of oil, rebound of 25% or less
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