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Partnership to help green firm power ahead; Mast makers target pounds 40m turnover.

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A RENEWABLE energy Renewable energy utilizes natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat, which are naturally replenished. Renewable energy technologies range from solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity to biomass and biofuels for transportation.  company aiming for pounds 40million turnover has joined forces with the UK's leading meteorological me·te·or·ol·o·gy  
The science that deals with the phenomena of the atmosphere, especially weather and weather conditions.

[French météorologie, from Greek
 mast supply group.

The partnership will strengthen Welshpool-based Dulas Ltd's ability to manufacture, distribute and install masts across Europe.

By combining the resources and expertise of Dulas and Scotland's Chillwind wind developers and operators will benefit from the shared technical knowledge and full UK installation coverage provided.

The businesses will work together to provide a number of services, including SecondWind's Triton SoDAR rentals, Chillwind's tilt-up towers up to 90 metres, instrumentation services for onshore and offshore lattice (theory) lattice - A partially ordered set in which all finite subsets have a least upper bound and greatest lower bound.

This definition has been standard at least since the 1930s and probably since Dedekind worked on lattice theory in the 19th century; though he may not
 towers and full bankable resource analysis.

Jonathan Say, head of wind monitoring at Dulas said: "Chillwind has developed a superior met mast product that far exceeds other designs on the market.

"The company has a strong reputation for innovation and engineering quality and we are pleased to be partnering with them to offer the UK''s wind industry access to quality met mast and remote sensing Deriving digital models of an area on the earth. Using special cameras from airplanes or satellites, either the sun's reflections or the earth's temperature is turned into digital maps of the area.  services.

"This partnership will further enhance the service offering to developers, enabling rapid response to clients all across the UK and will see both organisations grow from strength to strength as market leaders in the sector."

As part of the full UK installation coverage, a stock of met masts, instrumentation and remote sensing systems will be held, ready for immediate installation upon consent of met mast planning.

For developers that already own Chillwind met masts, a structural analysis can be undertaken and certificate provided, so the bare mast can be re-used with new guy wires and anchors.

Richard Tarves, Chillwind''s managing director, will remain in place ensuring continuity.

He said: Dulas has led the renewable energy industry for over 30 years, and this partnership is a natural progression from our close working relationship.

"Our combined wind monitoring services offer the flexible, rapid deployment options that wind developers need, with a choice of tower heights or full turbine blade wind measurements with the Triton SoDAR. "I am very much looking forward to being involved in the exciting new phase of growth for both companies."

Business Post reported last year how Dulas was to restructure its business in a bid to take advantage of the booming market for wind and solar power technology.

Bosses predicted its turnover would reach pounds 21million and almost double to pounds 40m in 2012.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 13, 2012
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