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Partnership act needs city support to clear hurdles.

The Local Partnership Act (HR 5798) approved by the House Government Operations Committee two weeks ago (see The Weekly, August 17) now confronts a number of hurdles before cities can entertain the hope of seeing any funding.

Hurdles include: passage by the full House of Representatives, Senate action on this or a similar proposal, and acceptance by the president. If these hurdles are cleared the Partnership program would still need to obtain funding through the separate appropriations process which is already well advanced for the federal government budget year 1993 which begins on October 1st.

The next logical step in this obstacle race would be the setting of a date by the leadership of the House of Representatives and the House Rules Committee in order to allow the legislation to be considered on the House floor.

In order for any of these events to occur city and town officials must communicate with their representatives and senators getting commitments for co-sponsorship and pushing for swift action.

Funding would be distributed under a formula, now a substantially modified version of the old General Revenue Sharing formula.

Cities desiring. to know predicted amounts of funding under the proposal can contact their state municipal leagues which should be receiving a print-out by the end of this week.
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Title Annotation:includes related information on other pending legislation
Author:Peterson, Doug
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Aug 24, 1992
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