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Parliamentary Kashmir committee endorses Gilgit Baltistan reform package.

ISLAMABAD, September 08, 2009 (Frontier Star): Parliamentary Kashmir Committee All India Kashmir Committee was set up by prominent muslim leaders of India on July 25,1931. Dr Mohammad Iqbal, an eminent Kashmiri and a number of other leaders were invited by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad to form the committee.  on Tuesday endorsing the Gilgit-Baltistan ( Empowerment em·pow·er  
tr.v. em·pow·ered, em·pow·er·ing, em·pow·ers
1. To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority. See Synonyms at authorize.

 and Self-Governance) Order, 2009 and has asked the government to remove any apprehensions of the Kashmiri leadership The National Assembly Special Committee on Kashmir met here on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman in the Parliament House. Secretary for Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern areas Ihtesham Khan briefed the Committee on the new dispensation DISPENSATION. A relaxation of law for the benefit or advantage of an individual. In the United States, no power exists, except in the legislature, to dispense with law, and then it is not so much a dispensation as a change of the law.  in the Northern Areas. He said that President Zardari had signed the Gilgit-Baltistan ( Empowerment and Self-Governance) Order, 2009 under which the Areas had been named as Gilgit-Baltistan, with its own Governor and Chief Minister. The Assembly of 33 Members, 24 elected direct by the people would elect the Chief Minister, who would be assisted by six Ministers and 2 Advisors. The Secretary observed that the people of the areas were pressing for the provision of the rights. Therefore, the recent measures have been taken on their insistence. This is a step for democratization de·moc·ra·tize  
tr.v. de·moc·ra·tized, de·moc·ra·tiz·ing, de·moc·ra·tiz·es
To make democratic.

 and autonomy of the Areas. The Members of Kashmir Committee actively took part in the discussion. They said that all out efforts should be made to develop the Gilgit-Baltistan, so that the people should not have any feeling of deprivation DEPRIVATION, ecclesiastical Punishment. A censure by which a clergyman is deprived of his parsonage, vicarage, or other ecclesiastical promotion or dignity. Vide Ayliffe's Parerg. 206; 1 Bl. Com. 393. . However, care should be taken that these measures should not affect the Kashmir cause thick and thin. The Members further added that Kashmiri leadership should also be briefed appropriately. Later in a quick chat with Journalists, Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, Chairman of the Committee expressed his sheer concern over the non-participation of Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Qamar Zaman Qamar Zaman (born 1952, in Quetta, Pakistan) is a former squash player from Pakistan. He was one of the leading players in the game in the 1970s and 1980s. His biggest triumph was winning the British Open in 1975.

Qamar won the Pakistan junior squash championship in 1968.
 Kaira urging that he is not taking Kashmir Committee seriously. He was of the view that we summoned the meeting on 8th September instead of September 5 but still Kaira did not participate in the meeting which is not an enriching sign. He said that we have suggested Government of number of proposals/suggestions regarding Gilgit-Baltistan issue.

(THROUGH ASIA Asia (ā`zhə), the world's largest continent, 17,139,000 sq mi (44,390,000 sq km), with about 3.3 billion people, nearly three fifths of the world's total population.  PULSE)
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Sep 8, 2009
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