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Panel sizing equipment.


Altendorf America, Div. of Stiles Machinery Inc.'s 3800 Series sliding table saw provides a 12-ft, 5-in. sliding table cutting length; the sliding table supports the entire weight of even the heaviest of materials, the company says.. Prescoring for chip-free cutting is a standard feature. The saw is available in both tilt arbor (ALT F-and 45 3800) a non-tilt arbor (ALT F-90 3800). Circle #821

SCMI introduced the S13800, its newest sliding table saw with scoring at IWF. According to the company, consistent accuracy and durability is guaranteed along the entire 3800mm stroke. The saw comes standard with power lifting and tilting of the saw blade group and has an electronic readout of it position. Circle #822

The Lazzari USA Juno 3000i sliding table saw features tilting shafts and aluminum carriages. The scoring unit is powered by a 1-hp motor. An electronic blade tilt angle readout speeds up positioning from cut to cut, while a blade tilting regulator for the scoring blade and blade height adjustment are located on the right-hand side of the machine and can be easily reached by the operator. Circle #823

Unique Machine & Tool Co. offers overhead panel saws designed for a variety of applications. Cut lengths are available from 48 in. to 144 in., with hold-downs and custom tables available to meet customers' specific needs. The saw carriage is fitted with ball-bearing bushings which ride on hardened steel shafts for consistent quality. Circle #824

The Digital Cutting Systems' DIGIRIP system can be used as an alternative to computerized beam saws. DIGI-RIP automates the rip and crosscut fences of sliding table panel saws through the use of a "touch screen" monitor. Dimensions can be set in 1/32-in. increments. Quality control tests have established that DIGI-RIP consistently sets a measurement within ten-thousandths of an inch, the company says. Circle #825

Holz-Her's Super Slide 1245 sliding table saw features: adjustable table height, conveniently located controls and tools, single-lever scorer adjustment and easy-to-read digital displays. Circle #826

Wadkin USA's SP130 sliding table panel saw handles panels up to 51 in. by 98 in. and solid materials up to 4 in. thick. Features include: a unique scoring saw mechanism which has automatic height adjustment, 10-in. diameter blade, 4 1/8-in. diameter scoring blade and a heavy-duty motor. Circle #827

The Model MR-21 panel ripsaw from Multiscore reportedly minimizes cutting labor by single-pass ripping an entire panel, even into narrow strips and does simultaneous sawing and grooving. Options include: top or top and bottom sawing arbors, jam-nut arbor/spacer system for close blade spacing, jump-arbor for noncontinuous slotting and combination saw/groover cutting heads. Circle #828

Pistorius Machine Co. panels saws have a repeat stop, which reduces adjustments for horizontal cutting of strips that are the same width and a programming rail to set fixed dimensions for serial work. To avoid chipout, the number of revolutions is brought to approximately 5,800 rpms. Circle #829


The Griggio SC 1400 panel saw with scoring blade, from Atlantic Machinery Corp., features an aluminum sliding table, 6.6-hp main motor with overload protection and magnetic starter, 3/4-in. scoring motor, aluminum sliding table with 63-in. stroke and fully adjustable cross-cut fence with two flip stops. Other features include a 33-in. by 211/4-in. table, 12-in. blade capacity and tilting arbor to 45 [degrees]. Circle #830

Anthon Series LNA/LNB/LNC panel saws, offered by Eurohansa Inc., feature: cutting length of 3 to 25 ft; cutting heights ranging from 4 in. to 12 in., depending on machine and type of board; and [+ or -] 0.006 in. positioning and cutting accuracy. The company says all machine frames are made from vibration free and torsion resistant section steel components. Circle #831

Schelling America Inc. says its Fl panel saw offers a 3-in. book height ability at an affordable price. It is equipped with the computer control Conductor. Automatic length and automatic saw blade projection are standard. The new screen control makes it easy to operate the machine, the company says. Cutting data can be entered easily by hand. Advanced drives also result in fast cycle times, the company says. Circle #832

Available from Richard T. Byrnes Co., the new Scheer postforming saw, Model PA5053, is available with four feed mechanisms - front and back manual feed, front load roller table, rear load with belt loading system and rear load via scissor lift. All these options are CNC-controlled by PC, making it operator-friendly and offering unlimited memory. All saws offer a carriage which is reported to run vibration-free on hardened guides. Circle #833

Available from Quattro-Tech, the MacMazza MCS-P 4500 is a heavy-duty panel saw with a heavily constructed machine base, equipped with a hold-down pressure beam plus an auxiliary set of hold-down cylinders. The saw carriage runs on two accurate machined guides by means of wear-proof "turcite" pads. Tables are covered with an anti-scratching phenolic material to receive gripped-type pusher clamps. The machine is equipped with an air flotation table and automatic loading platform. Circle #834

The new Model HPP 81 panel saw from Holzma-U.S., Div. of Stiles Machinery Inc. features: a high-speed program fence equipped with clamps, high-speed saw carriage and heavy construction, built-in cut/groove sequence system for rabbet and dado joinery, stress relief cutting system and 18-hp motor. Circle #835

Force Machinery, distributor of Mayer panel saws, offers a controller that will link almost any PC with an ASCII format to the panel saw. A direct link goes from the PC to the Mayer program to select cutting lists and download them into the saw. On-board storage in the PC 2000 is suitable for 1,000 cutting steps, which is 70 to 80 normal cutting pictures, the company says. Circle #836

HendrickSaw says its CTCS countertop cutting station panel saw is a valuable tool for any postform countertop fabricator. The saw allows the operator to position postformed countertops with up to a 6-in. high backsplash into the desired angle slot for accurate angled cuts at 90 [degrees], 22 1/2 [degrees] and 45 [degrees]. Other features include a 7 1/2-hp motor, 16-in. blade and maximum cutting length of 54 in. Circle #837

The Midwest/Panhans Model 3270 panel saw from Midwest Automation handles work up to 10 ft long and 3 in. thick, with one-man operation. CNC provides graphic display of the cutting pattern, with optimization software available to maximize yield and download capability. Circle #838


Holz-Her's Super Cut 1270 vertical panel saw features: retractable conveyor rollers in a workpiece support rail for easy, one-man panel movement; automatic saw head movement for vertical and horizontal cutting; automatic plunge and retraction of saw blade at any reset points; a scoring knife system; sound insulation; and an integrated dust collector. Circle #839

Colonial Saw offers the all-new Striebig Standard II, vertical panel saw. Key features include: a stronger, heavier frame, more and larger bearings for smoother operation, more panel support rollers with closer spacing and new two-step locking mechanism, OptiScore single blade scoring system for reportedly longer blade life and a 50% stronger center shelf. Circle #840

Safety Speed Cut's combination panel saw/panel router will be displayed for the first time at IWF. This machine combines the company's standard panel saw with a quick change router lifting platform which enables the user to cut panels to size and make dados on the same basic framework, thus saving both floor space and the high cost of purchasing two machines. Circle #841

The Her-Saf panel router from Safranek Enterprises Inc. offers dependability, accuracy and safety, the company says. Additional features include: pneumatic clamp package, dust system, vertical index, adjustable bar stop and second router mount. The Her-Saf panel router also is excellent for dadoing, according to the company. Circle #842


The FM-200 Series of tenoners, sanders, foilers, edgebanders and softformers from Fietcher Machine Inc. has been designed for the manufacturer of fine reproduction furniture. The tenoning section features top trim bottom jump score and top and bottom tenon capabilities. Circle #843

Danckaert offers the Celaschi Progress, which it says is the only production single-end tenoner utilizing two transport chains, resulting in the squareness and accuracy of a double end. Other features include: flexible unit composition for cabinets, millwork, furniture, etc.; and quick-set sanding and sizing devices. Circle #844

The Cayce Co.'s FWH-100 eight-station sash hauncher can tenon eight different parts at one time. Two cycles produce both top and bottom sashes of a double-hung window. With the hauncher, a cut-off saw and moulded parts, the company says a user can make two window sashes per minute. Circle #845

From Solid Wood Systems, Balestrini's Nova 3 double-end tenoner features a crown gear assembly that the company says never loses its zero reference point for faster, more accurate setup. The system is distributed in the U.S. and is hopper fed, capable of machining up to 1,100 pieces per hour. An expanded internal computer memory has the capacity to store up to 400 setups. Circle #846

Available from Derda Inc., the Friulmac FN-7 features a return conveyor under the machining centers, enabling the workpiece to return to the operator after both ends are machined to the desired configuration. It is completely hydraulic with a variable feed speed. It handles workpieces up to 51 in. in length down to 4 in. minimum. Circle #847

From Richard T. Byrnes Co., the Byrnes / Bacci TSD-D double-sided tenoner features 11 different positioning measurements which can automatically be recalled, for reduced setup time and quicker production capabilities. Precision accuracy on linear and angle measures of the workpiece is assured with an axis position measured to the hundredth degree and tenth millimeter, the company says. Circle #848

The Torwegge CNC double-end tenoner from European Woodworking Machinery features the latest in computer and electronic technology, the company says. All machine parameters can be programmed and controlled by the onboard computer. Operating data can be keyed in and downloaded from a remote computer or by bar code scanner. Production data management and fault finder programs are also available. Circle #849

Mereen-Johnson's Model 820 is a one- or two-station double-end tenoner which reportedly will meet most score, trim, tenon, cope, dado, routing or sanding needs. It will handle stock from 6 in. to 120 in. at variable speeds from 15 to 75 fpm. It features a 38-in. chain beam layup area ahead of hold-downs and 7-in. throat clearance beyond the feed chains. Circle #850

Progressive Systems says its double-ender provides profile and part size changes in less than two minutes. An incremental feed system is available for inline boring, routing and drilling of parts and features include adjustable side of the machine and cutting motors mounted on hardened profile rails with linear bearings for fast, smooth and precision positioning. Circle #851

Available from Quattro-Tech, the IDM combination tenoner/bander comes with an indeformable base entirely made of steel with normalized and ground sliding guides. It also features cast-iron fixed and mobile beam's carriages, with automatic and capillary lubrication of all mobile beam's carriage slideways at every beam movement. Feeding tracks are composed of steel chain and pads made with a special anti-friction material. Circle #852

Wadkin USA says its tenoners offer a good track system and a variety of head configurations on a base of ribbed cast-iron construction, which will reportedly ensure continued accuracy, joint after joint. Circle #853

Biesemeyer Mfg. Corp. says its blade guard is the guard you should use because it won't get in your way. It has full clearance for the workpiece with a hood that can be parked above the table saw when using jigs, etc. An alarm system is standard with options of a dust collecting hood and floor mounting. Circle #854

Introduced at IWF, Mini Max's new S300 sliding table panel saw with scoring features 3 to 5.5-hp motors, 300mm saw blade and 120mm grooving blade, driven by two independent motors for 50-in. rip capacity to process 4-ft by 8-ft sheet stock. It offers the accuracy and versatility of larger, more expensive saws without requiring a large workload capacity, the company says. Circle #855

Danckaert's Steton Model SC 400/32001 sliding table saw features: 10-ft panel capacity, 10-hp main motor, 3/4-hp scoring motor, exterior adjustment of scoring blade, 45 [degrees] titl and 30mm dado. Options include powered height and inclination adjustment with electronic readout of angle and fence position. Circle #856

Available from Tekna, the Gabbiani throughfeed panel saw features a power-driven roller table with freewheel-coupled faced rollers. operating in conjunction with belt-contact guide sectors and with a split longitudinal alignment system. The traverse alingment system permits reassembling of panels and the cutting head comprises a blade carriage with independent units, driven by a brushless motor. Circle #857

Adwood's vertical panel saw has self-supporting frame which is bolted instead of welded; no special floor preparations are necessary, the company says. The self-supporting frame reportedly gives the machine increased stability and precision with cut tolerances within 0.008-in., the company adds. The saw has a totally enclosed for safety and features a scoring unit and patented dust control system for dust-free sawing. Circle #858

Tekmatex now distributes Heian double-end tenoners. The CNC version features 26 axis of automatic setup; several models are available depending on the stock size and work to be performed. Circle #859

The Homag FLO 22/23 double-end tenoner from Stiles Machinery Inc. has a unique design, including a shorter chain tract and easier infeeding, the company says. Other features include: maximum working width of 102 in., 16-82 fpm feed speed, easier panel infeeding because dogs run in front of the panel rather than behind, and motorized width adjustment. The scoring/hogging unit process veneered or laminated panels without tearing, the company says, and the entire unit can be swiveled to process inclined edges. Circle #860


The MK2 angular system from Giben North America features cross and rip pusher with clamps to allow complicated cutting patterns with accuracy, the company says. Programs can be down loaded from a personal computer. The MK2 is said to bridge the gap between single line saws and angular systems. Circle #816

Casadei has redesigned all of its beam saws, including the addition of a new postforming device. Other improvements include automatic adjustment of the saw blade to panel thickness and quick locking/unlocking mechanism for changing the blade. Circle #817

Accurate Technology was the only company with a U.S. address listed in the Interbimall '92 exhibitors' program. The company displayed its ProScale line of digital linear measurement systems. The ProScale has an LCD display, which can be read in fractions, decimal inches or millimeters. Sliding table saws and tenoners are among its applications. Circle #818

The Gabbiani GDG Delta panel saw from Stefani Group America features bottom cut for the rip and cross processing of panel stacks up to 115mm thick. The saw is available manual, semi-automatic and automatic with clamps, with or without lifting table. Circle #819

The Selco WNA CNC programmable panel sizing center from Biesse America offers a solution to handling of narrow strips with staggered cutting patterns, the company says. The center has three stations: rip, cross cut and a waiting station for accumulating strips left temporarily in parking status. The three stations are connected by the Shuttle Transfer which is computer controlled. The transfer which is computer controlled. The transfer moves strips in accordance to the cutting pattern without interfering with the next cut to be performed. Circle #820
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