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Pakistan nuke scientist says limits on him lifted

Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, NI & BAR, HI (Urdu: عبدالقدیر خان) (born April 1, 1936 in Bhopal, British India) is a Pakistani Scientist and metallurgical engineer widely regarded as the founder of
, who has admitted leaking leak  
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1. To permit the escape, entry, or passage of something through a breach or flaw:
 nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea Korea (kôrē`ə, kə–), Korean Hanguk or Choson, region and historic country (85,049 sq mi/220,277 sq km), E Asia.  and Libya, said Tuesday restrictions on his movements by the government had been lifted.

Asked if reports in local newspapers that restrictions on his movements had been lifted, Khan khan

Historically, the ruler or monarch of a Mongol tribe. Early on a distinction was made between the title of khan and that of khakan, or “great khan.” Later the term khan was adopted by the Seljuq and Khwarezm-Shah dynasties as a title for the highest
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In February, a Pakistani court declared Khan a free man, five years after the reputed reputed adj. referring to what is accepted by general public belief, whether or not correct.  father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb was effectively put under house arrest for operating a proliferation proliferation /pro·lif·er·a·tion/ (pro-lif?er-a´shun) the reproduction or multiplication of similar forms, especially of cells.prolif´erativeprolif´erous


Last Friday, the 72-year-old Khan complained to a high court that his movements were still being restricted by the government's security arrangements on his behalf. The court ordered the government to respond to Khan's claim on September 4.

Local media have quoted Khan as saying that these restrictions have now been withdrawn.

"The reports that you have read in newspapers are correct," Khan told AFP, adding that he could not elaborate because the court had barred him from giving interviews to foreign media. He was, however, free to speak to local press.

Media reports quoting an Islamabad police spokesman said that restrictions on Khan's movement had been lifted before the September 4 hearing.

Contacted by AFP, a senior Islamabad police official said that his force was not restricting Khan's movements.

"As far as Islamabad police is concerned we are not restricting his movements," said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Khan's lawyer Syed Ali Zafar said that if his client continued to be free of restrictions by Friday's court hearing then he would not proceed with his legal action.

"If the current situation remains on the fourth of September also, then it would mean that our prayer has borne fruit," Zafar said, adding that there would then be no need for further court proceedings.

A spokesman for the interior ministry was unavailable for comment.
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Publication:AFP Asian Edition
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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