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Pakistan a "black hole" for US funds : Report.

Washington Washington, town, England
Washington, town (1991 pop. 48,856), Sunderland metropolitan district, NE England. Washington was designated one of the new towns in 1964 to alleviate overpopulation in the Tyneside-Wearside area.
, Oct.6 (ANI): Despite the US providing huge amounts of funds to Pakistan to enable it fight the menace MENACE. A threat; a declaration of an intention to cause evil to happen to another.
     2. When menaces to do an injury to another have been made, the party making them may, in general, be held to bail to keep the peace; and, when followed by any inconvenience or
 of terrorism, Islamabad has failed to ensure that the monetary assistance is utilized exactly for the purpose it is meant for.

A large portion of international aid has been misutilised by Pakistan, and the assistance meant for enabling the country's security forces to fight against the extremists vanishes into a proverbial pro·ver·bi·al  
1. Of the nature of a proverb.

2. Expressed in a proverb.

3. Widely referred to, as if the subject of a proverb; famous.
 'black hole', a report in the Boston Globe said.

Pakistan has barely used the US assistance for the purpose it is meant for. It is estimated that between 2002 and 2008, only 500 million of the 6.6 billion dollars in military aid meant to help Pakistan fight militants was actually spent on its intended purpose. This clearly shows that Islamabad is playing a 'shell game' with US aid, the report said.

Experts have raised concerns over Pakistan's sincerity in acting against the terror threat emanating from its own soil and the misuse of US aid.

Azeem Ibrahim, a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, in his report, has underlined how the US has been undermining the prevalent massive corruption in Pakistan, describing the troubled country as a 'black hole' for US funds.

"Pakistan is a 'black hole' for US funds, where individuals are getting richer while Pakistani frontier soldiers have been seen standing in the snow in sandals, wearing World War I-era pith pith, in botany, core of the stem of most plants. Pith is composed of large, loosely packed food-storage cells. As the stem grows older the pith usually dries out, and in some it disintegrates and the stem becomes hollow.  helmets, and using barely functional rifles," Ibrahim said Ibrahim Said (Arabic: ابراهيم سعيد) (born October 16 1979) is Egyptian football (soccer) player, who plays for Ankaraspor in Turkey. .

Ibrahim pointed out that the Pakistani military received 80 million dollars a month even during cease-fires 'when troops were in their barracks bar·rack 1  
tr.v. bar·racked, bar·rack·ing, bar·racks
To house (soldiers, for example) in quarters.

1. A building or group of buildings used to house military personnel.

The report stressed that the Obama Administration should refrain from releasing more funds for Pakistan until it adopts a more serious approach against the extremists and make use of effective accountability tools to check the misuse of assistance being offered.

"Pakistan should get no more money until it becomes serious about accounting for the aid it receives. All Pakistan has done so far is toy around with our tools," the report stated. (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Oct 12, 2009
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