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Paddy and Mandy take the plunge.

FORGET Maxine and Ashley, there's another soap wedding this week, and it's much more believable.

At last, after loving each other for so long, Emmerdale's Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and Mandy (Lisa Riley) tie the knot.

Of course, all doesn't go smoothly in this week of the Yorkshire drama. It's on every night, and it's great.

Chris (Peer Amory) is still kidnapped. Pollard (Chris Chitell) is still up to his mischief and the Dingles are still getting into trouble with the law. The wedding is on Thursday and it's filled to the brim with drama. Miss it, and you'll miss out.

In Coronation Street, there's a big party going on at the Rovers for Ken Barlow (Bill Roache) who is 60. God, is that all? He's been in the street since about 1900 has he not? I mean it was black and white when he started out!

The one really bad thing about this party is that Ken's estranged daughter Tracy (Dawn Acton) turns up for the party. Oh, God, please, no, not her. What have we done to deserve this? Thankfully, you can rest easy; she's only with us for one episode. But,yes, I know, it's still one episode too much.

Ken, later on in the week, shocks everyone when he reveals what he's going to do with his pension money. Blimey, Ken shocks someone. Hope it's not too much for Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride), or her eyes and neck veins'll pop, know what I'm saying?

Poor old Rita's (Barbara Knox) not a happy lady this week at all. She gave Sharon (Tracie Bennett) the Kabin but she didn't reckon on Ian (Jonathan Guy Lewis) sticking his oar in all the time did she?

Along the road a bit in Liverpool's Brookside close, things are not going very well for Margi (Bernadette Foley) at all. What I want to know is when does she leave? I thought all the Shadwicks bar the girls were going. Oh, I'm so callous, but she's bugging me now. This week she smashes the patio window in her grief.

The big news of course in Brookie this week is Max. Good old Max, eh? He's been away in the Mediterranean for a year, sailing boats, hence the beard and, well, he's come back because of his guilt at his affair with Faye, I suppose.

And did you know that the original plan when actor Steven Pinder left, was to have had Max having an illicit affair with WARREN, Faye's wife, for 20 years. Blimey! Now that would have been a Brookside plot gone mad.

As it is, we've got another lesbian. Will Lindsey (Claire Sweeney) succumb to Shelley's (Alex Wescourt) charms? Not if Jimmy (Dean Sullivan) has anything to do with it. Talking of Ma Corkhill, she thinks she's got rid of Callum (Gerard Kelly) for good this week. Yeah, and I'm the Queen of Sheba.

Hollyoaks is one of my favourite soaps, and I am so pleased it's on three nights a week now. I just hope that this week after a violent row, Cindy (Stephanie Waring) realises just what a pig Sean (Daniel Pape) is. You can tell Hollyoaks comes from the creator of Brookie because we've had this ongoing incest thing with Kate (Natasha Symms) and Joe (James McKenzie Robinson). More interesting is the evil Rob (Warren Derosa) being back. Just when will he get his comeuppance and stop terrorising poor Lucy (Kerrie Taylor)?

What about Family Affairs then? The Affairs bit is right enough, and this week it's the turn of Declan (Quentin Jones) and Julie- Ann (Chloe Howman) to indulge in some tonsil tickling, and he's supposed to be dating Siobhan (Jemma Walker), Julie- Ann's sister. What a world, eh?

And poor Roy (Miles Petit), just when he's getting his life back together his estranged dad Vinnie (Stephen Yardley) turns up. More trouble in Charnham, methinks.

Down under, in Neighbours, Harold (Ian Smith) collapses when he's out being a lollipop man, and has to undergo tests, and Anne (Brooke Satchwell) is furious at Bill (Jesse Spencer) when she finds out he's been reading her diary. What is it with people? Honestly.

So, back to our soap of the week, EastEnders. Is Jamie (Jack Ryder) okay after an explosion in the Arches? What will Matthew (Joe Absolom) do now? And is Grant (Ross Kemp) really dead? Will we keep watching? You bet.
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