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Packaging equipment.

Bowater Trays for EuroDisney Pies

Ovenable board trays from Bowater Foil and Paper Products of Sunbury-on-Thames have helped to bring back a prestige export order from France for a British company. These trays in specially developed profiles and colour form the bases of nine meat, savoury and fruit pies that are served to visitors at the EuroDisney theme park near Paris.

Winning the valuable contract was a considerable coup for Crossfield Foods of Blackburn.

As well as demanding top quality recipes, EuroDisney wanted their pies to have a home-made appearance. The base trays could also contribute to the image with a look of the traditional earthenware pie dish.

To meet the brief, Bowater designed four round trays, 105 to 230mm in diameter, to hold the full range. To give a homely look, they are printed in a pie dish brown. These trays are produced in PET-coated board of 310 500gsm substance according to the size and weight of the contents.

Multipack Range from Peter Holland

Peter Holland Ltd has acquired the UK distributorship for the Multipack range of horizontal sachet and vertical form-fill-seal machines.

The M110-M170 sachet machines offer speeds up to 440 sachets a minute with the option for automatic cartoning to form a monobloc unit. Three or four-side seals are offered, together with duplex sachets and all types of granular, liquid or pasty products can be handled.

All movements are controlled by cams on a single shaft and the filling group on top of the unit can easily be changed for handling different types of product (auger to volumetric pockets, pump to piston, etc) but complete information can be obtained from Hollands of St Peter's Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086.

More Capacity for Courtaulds

Courtaulds Packaging Paragon have boosted capacity by 50 percent at their Grangemouth plant by installing a new six-colour press. As readers will know, this company is a short-run flexible packaging conversion specialist. The |pounds~750,000 they have just invested will now enable them to offer tone/process work to a standard that bridges the gap between line flexo and gravure work, they tell us.

Expansion Plans for Dunn Systems

Dunn Systems Ltd of Ashby-de-la-Zouche have decided to invest in a substantial expansion programme as they continue to enjoy a healthy order book. By the end of this year they will have increased space at their manufacturing and office facility by about 100 percent. This will allow them to improve further conveyor design and manufacturing techniques to fit in with their handling and automation contracts.

Extra Space on Marmite Label

A neat label which provides extra space for promotional information has been produced by Jarvis Porter (Label Systems) Ltd of Leeds for CPC (UK) Ltd to use on their Marmite product. This promotional label completely covers the front label of the yeast extract and is peeled off to give details of an exclusive offer on its reverse and to reveal a replica label underneath.

The set of three sizes of Double-Dri primary labels are printed in a total of 9 colours on a 14-colour modular printing press. Gloss varnished, the construction uses a patented Dri-Release varnish system that allows the labels to peel cleanly apart without any trace of tackiness. The adhesive on the reverse of the extended promotional label is specially deadened to avoid contamination by dust and debris.

More Options on Ink-Jet Printer

The usefulness of the Jet Pen small character ink-jet printer, from Mark-O-Print Ltd, has been enhanced by the introduction of additional options. It now offers 12 alternative type styles - upper and lower case in standard or bold print and in 1.5, 2.5 and 4mm type sizes.

Additional software allows up to 60 texts to be memorised, together with the date, time and consecutive numbering. All can be accessed by a hand-held terminal and used in combination or stored in the Autotext facility to re-appear automatically when the machine is switched back on. Adding greatly to the effectiveness of the Jet Pen is a disposable print-head with integral ink supply.

Complete details can be discussed with the makers of Harlequin Avenue, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, tel: 081-560 2224.

Sessions Labels for Belgian Chocolates

Accurate colour matching and quality reproduction were two of the major factors that won a self-adhesive label order for Sessions of York.

Front and back decorative labels, pack seals and gold price labels were supplied by Sessions' Roll Label Division, whilst the company's Commercial Print Division supplied a matching menu card carrying illustrations of the Belgian chocolate pack's contents.

Packaged by Wunderbar in 200 and 400g display packs to the design requirements of the supermarket outlet, these chocolate boxes are decorated with gold-blocked labels featuring product information and bar-codes.

Clear Hot-Melt for Clear Labels

To leave a barely noticeable glue line on Spa Mineral Water's new clear PET bottles, the clear polypropylene labels are bonded with BAM 414 hot-melt adhesive.

Spa is one of the first bottlers to enhance the appearance of its products by using a clear plastics label to make it look as though the bottle itself is printed. At the same time, such a technique highlights the clarity and sparkling freshness of the water.

Spa's requirement was to bond absolutely clear wrap-round and reel-fed plastics labels to PET bottles containing either still and carbonated mineral water. In the case of carbonated drinks, the containers can expand due to a rise in temperature or shaking. Normally, labels would tear or flap loose but the BAM 414 adhesive, from Beardow and Adams (Adhesives) Ltd of 32 Blundells Road, Bradville, Milton Keynes, tel: 0908 315474, allows the labels to slip and overcome such a problem.

CMB's Latest Microwaveable Packs

A new concept in microwaveable packs has been introduced by CMB Closures (UK) Plc of Lake Road, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset, tel: 0202 674321.

The pack features a new tinplate cap laminated with plastisol and with a non threaded polypropylene band. This cap has been designed for use with a specially developed bowl-shaped container that incorporates a heat-resistant foam label.

Manufactured with a tamper-evident button, this new cap doubles as a splash-guard while the product is being heated in the microwave. The heat-resistant label that covers the bowl enables the pack to be handled straight from the microwave without fear of burning one's fingers.

Sessions' Gold Blocked Labels for Moonlight

Gold blocked self-adhesive labels were the focal point of a successful sales promotion involving United Biscuits product Terry's Moonlight chocolates.

Precisely gold blocked lettering against the familiar purple background projected a prestigious and elegant image at the point of sale for special presentation boxes.

These labels, which appear on the front face of each box, were produced by William Sessions Ltd of York.

Reclosable Multi-Dose Packs

Safta, the Italian converters of Piacenza, have developed a pouch they have called the Mono +. This sachet is similar to a mono-dose sachet but is larger and reclosable, due to its built-in spout, which also provides tamper-evidence. Basically, it can be used two or three times, provides accurate pouring, gives the product contained a good shelf-life and can carry good quality printing.

For this pack, Safta uses Melinex 813 polyester film from ICI, aluminium foil and low density polyethylene, and it can be supplied with or without print, to suit the packer. Safta believe this size of pack is particularly suitable for promoting products and will also act as the solution to the problem of what container to use for a quantity between a few millilitres and 100ml.

Sessions Heavy Duty Labellers

Accuracy, high speed and reliability are qualities claimed for the new programmable Eurolabeller from William Sessions Ltd. Designed to operate around the clock, this labeller is geared to fast continuous in-line operation. As to speed, such machines are capable of placing at least 250 labels a minute on to a pack with great accuracy.

Flexible modular construction around the Eurolabeller heads allows rapid custom building to suit various labelling applications. Control panels display mimic diagrams for clarity of operation and membrane touch-pad controls are used to monitor operating data, such as label speed, position and print signals. Memory facility, speed control, predispense and label and product position are all input by using a set of four buttons.

To check on the units available and their exact characteristics, readers should talk to Sessions at The Ebor Press, York, tel: 0904 659224.

Blowmoulded Containers Through the Wall

The UK's first hole-in-the-wall operation for blowmoulded dairy containers has begun production.

A full range of both Imperial and metric sizes is now being produced by Bowater Liquid Packaging at County Dairies' Kidlington plant. From this plant, Bowater Liquid Packaging will also be feeding bottles on to the open market via a new central warehouse at Brackley, to enable future HiW partners to use such bottles in the interim.

County Dairies are using injection-moulded tamper-evident screw caps manufactured at BLP's Gateshead factory where a new 'development' blowmoulder is to be commissioned.

Robinson Exports to Ireland

Chesterfield-based Robinson Packaging Special Products has gained an important export order.

This spirally wound tube is printed in four colours and HR varnished. It is sealed with a metal lid and a seamed metal base. The entire pack has been designed to resemble a monastic tower, a common Irish landmark. It is being used by Fragrances of Ireland for exporting for its traditional Irish toffees called 'A Taste of Ireland.

New Taper from Limpet Tapes

A case taper for end-of-line packaging has been designated the SM26 by the makers, Limpet Tapes Ltd of Bond House, 9a George Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, tel: 0480 459461. This unit incorporates two bottom-located taping heads that apply U seals.

The machine uses tapes up 50mm in width and operates at speeds up to 25 cases a minute handling cartons in the size range 160 to 640mm wide by 150 to 800mm high.

Creating Microwave Packs

A new Lawson Mardon technical centre, dedicated solely to the application of cartons and flexible packaging for microwave oven use, was recently opened at Warmley, Bristol.

In close partnership with food manufacturers, this new centre will also undertake the testing of a wide range of products. Printouts of susceptor and product heating profiles during the cooking programme can be generated for any pack.

Foodcan Wins Medals

At the recent Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association awards ceremony, CarnaudMetalbox, Foodcan Group won no fewer than three medals.

First a gold medal was gained for their new food can, the Quantum, which was introduced as recently as last May. This same entry also won the supreme gold award for the best of all gold medal winners. As readers will remember, this is the can with a vertically fluted shape that combines its distinctive appearance with the benefits of a lithographed steel body and the convenience of a ring-pull easy-open end.

Such a can is already in use for Campbell's Cianto pasta sauce. The vertical flutes not only improve its 'grabability' but they also provide vertical supports to give a strong thin-walled can.

A further success for CMBF was that their new two-piece Ferrolite food can gained a silver medal in the awards. Such a can is currently being supplied to Heinz as a 52 by 70mm portion babyfood can. This can is Drawn-Redrawn and constructed from tin-free steel; it carries a polymer coating. It also features an easy-open ring-pull end and the can itself has a white background.


An acrylic coated film has been developed by UCB Films. Known as RAYOPP RC, it is biaxially oriented polypropylene coated on both sides with an aqueous acrylic (chlorine-free) dispersion. It has been developed at UCB Films' Wigton site.

This new film has a high gloss and good clarity, and these characteristics combined with good printability make it suitable for carton overwrap and all print applications. Because this film uses a low heat-seal temperature and has good hot-tack, it gives good performance in terms of machine speeds and seal integrity but all this can be discussed with UCB Films Plc at Wigton, Cumbria, tel: 06973 42281.

Walsall Stickers for Mint Leaves

Special stickers supplied by Walsall Litho are being sent out to retailers along with boxes of Cadbury's Mint Leaves, so, that customers can add 'Season's Greetings' to packs they purchase as presents.

Carrying a traditional Christmas design, these stickers are printed in six colours on gloss paper with removable adhesive on the underside. This is the first time optional stickers have been supplied with these 'after dinner' mints.

Walsall has supplied 300,000 stickers in sheets of six and three, so that they can easily be inserted into the outer packs used to distribute Mints to retailers. 400g boxes are packed in trays of three and the 200g boxes in sixes.

CMB Containers for Park House

Park House Natural Health Products of St Helens have upgraded the packaging for their Royal Diet Giant Cookies. They now use a CMB Sonoco composite container.

The new pack from CMB Sonoco Composites is one of their Sesame-style containers. High quality graphics can be used on this 603 by 4.5in. pack. Its body walls are manufactured from 100 percent recycled paper and provided with at integral liners. The striking graphics are produced on 95gsm label paper from Waddington of Gateshead; The clear plastics over-cap is produced by RPC of Swindon.

HDPE Containers for Orange Boy

Scottish juice supplier, Orange Boy UK Ltd has selected HDPE containers from RPC Containers Raunds for its range of freshly squeezed juice products that include orange and grapefruit.

The naturally coloured HDPE provides an effective oxygen barrier that helps to provide a shelf-life of around 7 days. These containers are decorated with labels produced in-house by Orange Boy (with artwork supplied by Better Packages UK Ltd) and feature tamper-evident caps.

The container sizes used range from 1/4 up 5 litres.

Ultimate's Produce Tray Liner

Following recent development work in the fresh produce sector, Ultimate Packaging Ltd has now turned its attention to the produce tray liner.

To-date the function of a tray liner has been simply to provide a barrier. Ultimate has redesigned a super-thin 15 micron linear low density material for use as standard liners.

They tell us there are significant cost-savings to be made over the thicker liners that are widely used. These liners can be produced with eight rows of standard 6mm diameter holes or 10mm holes in a continuous pattern. Ultimate of 3/4/5 Springs Parade, Brigg, South Humberside, tel:0652 650456 will be pleased to tell you all about this latest development.

New Frozen Food Film

Venus Flexible Packaging Ltd have developed Frosthene, a high performance light-weight co-extruded linear low density polyethylene. This three-layer material has been designed to run on high speed automatic packaging machinery used for frozen foods.

The new material apparently offers packers reduced material usage by up to 20 percent, downgauging with improved strength, increased packaging speeds, more film per reel therefore less downtime, enhanced point of sale presentation and improved pack integrity. Frosthene is also perfectly suitable for post-consumer recycling schemes.

Venus Flexible of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, tel: 0602 324391 tell this material uses a blend of special resins for combining the inner and outer layers of the laminate.

New Vistapac Baguette Box

Linpac Plastics International Ltd have introduced a high clarity hinged-lid baguette box. Called the VP24, this box has been added to the Vistapac OPS food container range, which is obtainable from their Lindis Food Service Packaging Division whose sales office is based at Featherstone in Yorkshire.

This attractive box will suit the makers of baked goods and sandwiches, and will accept products up to 4in. in diameter and 8.5in. long. Whilst it is very light, it is still strong enough to prevent the contents from being crushed.

Drop-Nose Reject System from Cintex

An innovative drop-nose reject system has been developed by Cintex Ltd. This new air-powered mechanism has been developed to overcome the difficulties of moving heavy or bulky products using conventional plough, ram or air-blast systems.

It can be incorporated in the company's wide range of metal detection systems. Positioned in the outfeed conveyor, it consists of a 600mm horizontal section of Intralox conveyor belting that is vertically pivoted. This automatically converts to a powered 30|degrees~ ramp when triggered by the presence of metal contamination in the product. Suspect product is then positively driven down through the conveyor framework to a secondary roller system for inspection; the drop-nose section then reverts to its normal operating role as a horizontal conveyor.

As readers will know, Cintex Ltd are located at Unit 12, Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colnbrook, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 685261.

Alcan Ekco Packs for Hollands

A new range of multi-portion dishes for the catering trade has been launched by Walter Holland & Sons. Alcan Ekco square aluminium trays are being used for their lasagne, chilli con carne, shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie, and chicken and vegetable pie. These 9 by 9in. foil containers have an interrupted curl lip for easy opening and the board lid is printed with the brand name of the dish against a coloured background.

Multivac Zipseals French Product

Jean Baptiste Delpierre of Boulogne-sur-Mer is now packing whole sides of smoked salmon in vacuum packs that can be securely closed after opening. Such a technique allows left-over product kept in a domestic refrigerator to suffer only minimal drying out.

Their pack utilises Multivac's Zipseal system. This reclosable grip is itself covered with a tamper-evident strip that provides customers with the benefit of security as well as convenience. These packs are produced on a Multivac R7000 thermoformer, the 225 by 542mm packs being formed by laying the zip on to the base web in the space provided alongside the formed pocket. As the machine indexes forward, the zip is sealed into place as part of the pack sealing operation.

To open the pack, one first tears off the tamper-evident strip before parting the zip and breaking the inner seal to reveal the product. The closing operation merely required one to run the fingers along the zip to produce a tight reclosure.

Readers will know that in the UK Multivac UK Ltd are located at Rivermead, Swindon.

Lindis Sheet for Cakes and Gateaux

A new material that seems to be most suitable for packaging a wide variety of cakes, gateaux and pastries is now available from Linpac Plastics International Ltd. Called Lindis sheet, it provides temperature insulation and cushioning properties, and is proving successful in custom-made boards. It is also suitable for printed or unprinted cartons or trays.

Lindis sheet is a foamed polystyrene carton board designed not only to provide high performance packaging but also to meet the legislative and environmental challenges facing package users in this day and age.

Linpac tell us that Lindis sheet is CFC-free, uses only about 50 percent of the energy content of comparable packaging materials, is extremely light in weight and fully recyclable.

Readers wanting more information should contact the company at A1 Business Park, Knottingley, near Pontefract, West Yorkshire, tel: 0923 211499.

New bag from Ultimate Packaging

A multi-perforated internally-printed wicketed and gusseted bag is now obtainable from Ultimate Packaging Ltd of 3/4/5 Springs Parade, Brigg, South Humberside, tel: 0652 650456. This particular packaging was developed for a major cauliflower packer in Lincolnshire.

The bags have more standard air holes than usual, so giving the product extended shelf-life. They are printed in four colours on the inside and have been designed for use with the prepacking rigs now commonly used for packaging many types of produce out in the fields instead of back at the warehouse.

Each cauliflower is cut, trimmed and cleaned, then placed in the bag curd-up. The bag is drawn back over the cauliflower with the print on the outside and sealed below its base with tape. The bag's 6mm perforations mean that even when the product is steam cleaned prior to packing, the bag demists very rapidly and the greater number of holes allows good circulation of air around the product during transit. At the retail outlet, the curd is fully visible through clear polyethylene.

Smudgeproof Thermal Label Paper

Fasson UK Ltd have brought out a smudgeproof thermal paper designed for applications where labels may come into contact with grease, oil or water.

Called FasThermal SKS, it features a facestock with optimal thermal sensitivity to allow very fast printing speeds and it is available with a choice of acrylic or rubber-based permanent or removable adhesive.

Readers wanting more details of this latest addition to their FasRoll range should contact the company at Eastman Way, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, tel: 0442 60211.

Klockner Bartelt now Through Klockner Hansel

As from the beginning of October last the UK business of Florida-based Klockner Bartelt is being handled by Klockner Hansel UK Ltd of Peterborough.

At Peterborough, Andrew Stevenson is the sales manager, Bartelt portfolio, Peter Shorey deals with spare parts and Ian James and Jason Cowley with new project enquiries. Kim Menzies, the UK-based Bartelt service engineer, will continue to service UK customers.

Readers will know that for many years the Bartelt business was handled by Engelmann and Buckham in the UK.

Larger Choice of Labels for NOR Equipment

A wider choice of label materials is now available for use with NOR Systems hand-held labelling equipment. The company offers six special materials as part of its standard range. These now include Normac, a plastics material with good weathering characteristics, tear-resistant Tyvek, Aquapeel that washes off cleanly, Aquasolve that dissolves without clogging drains, Super Nortex that peels off any surface, Coldpak for sticking on damp or frozen surfaces and Coverall that has a dark backing to ensure opacity.

For more information readers should contact NOR Systems at Harwich, Essex, tel: 0255 240000.

CMB's Lane Combiner

To reconcile the slower line speeds associated with the hand-packing of cartons with the high speeds of carton erecting and closing equipment, CMB Carton Systems have added a lane combining unit to their range.

Designed to allow two streams of cartons to converge into one at very high speeds, this lane combiner uses a vacuum system to hold back a head of either empty or filled cartons, whilst the other stream is allowed to progress. The method of batching can either be preprogrammed or activated by line requirements.

This unit works well with their C90 three-flap top-load carton closer and with the C90J but exact details should be discussed with CMB Carton Systems Plc Swindon Engineering, Cheney Manor Trading Estate, Swindon, tel: 0793 529266.

Bar-Code Scanning with Berkel Units

Berkel Ltd have added integral bar-code scanning for bar-code quality control to their 900 Series non contact labelling systems.

This bar-code verifier operates before the label is applied, rejecting and setting aside any label that fails to scan or decode. The 900 is also fitted with the Berkel rotary applicator that is designed to be compatible with a whole range of retail weight/price labelled products.

Large installations of the Berkel 900 system include all 8 lines at the new Lloyd Maunder poultry packing plant at Willand in Devon, with a capacity of up to 250,000 birds per week in whole or portion packs.

Promotional Pack for Penguin Bars

We understand that McVitie's latest Penguin biscuit bar promotional campaign has been the most successful ever. The '9 for 7' offer, giving two free bars away in a pack, has generated |pounds~5.5m. at least.

Film converters UCB Packaging of St Helens printed the design for the Penguin pack on 32 MB 600 Mobil film in five colours flexo plus patterned cold seal and all-over release lacquer.

Close co-operation between the biscuit-makers and the packaging suppliers was a vital element in the success of the campaign, say United Biscuits.

Fast Turn-Round at Douglas Labels

Douglas Labels have introduced a fast turn-round service for those companies who do not want to invest in in-house label printing.

Known as Variprint, this system ensures that customers can have bar-codes, including sequential ones, OCR characters, graphics and text in a choice of formats printed on to labels and delivered within 48hr. For more details, contact the company at Unit 5, Hayhill Industrial Estate, Sileby Road, Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicestershire, tel: 0509 812403.

HP Winners in the Lid

The increasing use of printing on the inside of can ends for promotional purposes is illustrated by a current competition for HP Pasta Shapes.

Pechiney Packaging are producing the cans for a competition, the prizes for which include bicycles, helmets and bags. Printed on the inside of the end are the words "Congratulations, you've won a children's Rayleigh bike (or cycle helmet or cycle bag)", with details of how to claim the prize.

Strict security measures are observed during the printing and can production runs, with a customer representative present.

Bio-Pak Boxes from Novabox

Only about a month ago Novabox Ltd introduced the USA manufactured Fold-Pakfood pails. Now they have added Bio-Pak boxes, from the same manufacturer, to the range of products they can supply.

Bio-Pak boxes are constructed from a single sheet of liquid-proof board. Their integral locking lids are safe and simple, and any let any steam out whilst the outside of the pack remains cool.

Bio-Paks come in two sizes from Novabox of 55 Park Lane, Suite 7, London W1, tel: 071-408 2402. They are 130 by 65 by 105mm and 215 by 65 by 155mm, giving capacities of 760 and 1950cc, respectively.

Latest Utz Plastics Box

George Utz Ltd, the manufacturers of injection-moulded containers, have now brought out a new plastics pallet box.

As readers may know, Utz already had a plastics pallet box in their range but users did not seem to be using it to its full loading potential. This box has dimensions of 1200 by 1000 by 765 mm and a capacity of 600kg. Their new unit is exactly the same size as the earlier model but is 25 percent lighter! With less plastics being used in the new pallet boxes, they are very competitively priced and are available in solid or perforated versions, with or without skids, and also with castors if required from Utz of Amber Business Centre, Greenhill Lane, Riddings, Alfreton, Derbyshire, tel: 0773 540980.
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