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 WESTBOROUGH, Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Proteon, Inc., (NASDAQ: PTON), reinforcing its commitment to provide device management and enterprise systems support, today announced a major expansion of its network management capabilities. This expansion includes:
 -- Support in its family of bridging routers for LAN Network Manager (LNM), an IBM product that allows the management of Token Ring networks interconnected by Source Routing Bridges in SNA environments;
 -- The availability of OneVIEW/pc, a cost-effective, full-featured network management tool for Proteon and SNMP-based third-party devices that runs on a 486 personal computer platform; and
 -- A commitment to port its respective Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based router applications to Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenVIEW and IBM's NetVIEW/6000 network management platforms.
 "Expanding our network management capabilities is a critical part of our overall internetworking strategy," said Karyn Mashima, vice president of corporate marketing. "With this initiative we are moving ahead on three fronts."
 "First, we're providing a major link to overall SNA network management. Second, we're giving customers at smaller sites the ability to manage Proteon and third party devices on a powerful -- but inexpensive -- PC platform. And finally, we're setting a strategic direction for large-scale users that will ultimately standardize on HP and IBM management platforms," said Mashima.
 Strengthening Proteon's SNA Connectivity Suite
 Support for IBM's LAN Network Manager (LNM) will be provided in the next release of Proteon's router software. LNM is an IBM product that allows the management of Token Ring networks interconnected by Source Routing bridges. By supporting this layer of software, Proteon users in an SNA environment can monitor the operation of rings, bridges and individual ring stations, configure bridges, and provide a connection to IBM's NetView network manager. This facilitates management from a central site.
 LNM software agents, implemented within Proteon routers, forward collected management information on an LLC2 connection to a LAN Network Manager station. Specific agents implemented include Configuration Report Server, Ring Parameter Server, Ring Error Monitor, and LAN Reporting Mechanism. The newest software release is expected to ship by October 1993.
 Extending Proteon's OneVIEW Product Family
 With the introduction of OneVIEW/pc, Proteon expands the OneVIEW product family (currently running on UNIX/SPARC platforms) to provide cost-effective, entry-level SNMP management for the PC platform. OneVIEW/pc, a DOS/Windows-based product, is targeted for smaller networks of Proteon and third-party devices (approximately 100).
 Key OneVIEW/pc features for timely problem identification and ease- of-use include, point-and-click management, real-time device display, alarm notification through a live network map, event logging with filtering and alarm correlation, performance monitoring and statistics with real-time graphs, and a single graphical icon representing an integrated hub/router on the network.
 Thomas Hall, senior network analyst, Mannington Wood Floors, High Point, N.C., an internationally known manufacturer of high quality flooring products, has been beta testing the product. "Proteon's OneVIEW/pc is a powerful yet cost-effective solution for managing internetworking devices, particularly at smaller sites," said Hall. "With OneVIEW/pc, Mannington has been able to effectively monitor and manage Proteon devices at local and remote sites. The manager allows us to quickly pinpoint any source of network trouble. We have also found the graphical user interface very easy to use. This is a product that rounds out Proteon's network management offerings."
 OneVIEW/pc is available in three basic package options: OneVIEW Network Manager for Proteon hub and router management; OneVIEW Router Manager; and OneVIEW Hub Manager. Prices range from $2,995 to $3,995. First shipments will be in September 1993.
 Expanding Commitment to HP OpenVIEW and IBM NetView/6000 Platforms
 In an effort to make its router management available on enterprise network management platforms, Proteon is further detailing future plans to port OneVIEW management applications to Hewlett-Packard Co.'s OpenVIEW and IBM's NetView/6000 platforms. Currently, OneVIEW runs under UNIX on a Sun MicroSystems Inc. SPARCstation and a 486 PC.
 Today, Proteon devices can be managed by HP OpenVIEW and NetView/6000 SNMP management stations. With Proteon's new application, users will be able to invoke OneVIEW from the topology maps of HP OpenVIEW and IBM NetView/6000, thus providing central configuration management of Proteon hubs and routers and third-party devices. Users will retain all the features and benefits found in the current release of OneVIEW. Support for HP OpenVIEW and NetView/6000 will be included in a future release of Proteon's network management software early next year. Pricing has not been set.
 Full Management For ProNET Boss
 Proteon has also announced that OneVIEW and OneVIEW/PC users can now fully manage the company's Branch Office SolutionS (BOSS) integrated hub router. The BOSS is graphically displayed as a single hub-router icon, thus avoiding the usual clutter of dual icon representations in competitive network managers. Users can view the hub and router separately by a simple click of the command mouse.
 Introduced in January, the BOSS is the industry's first truly integrated, office-ready branch office solution. The BOSS integrates Proteon's "plug-n'-play" DNX 300 bridging router and the Series 90 intelligent hub. It supports all networking traffic and connects seamlessly to any headquarters backbone via the industry's newest and most efficient protocols, PPP and OSPF.
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 /CONTACT: Joe Grillo or Karin Bakis of Proteon, Inc., 508-898-2800; or David Copithorne or David Kitchen of Copithorne & Bellows, 617-252-0606 for Proteon/

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