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PRINSERTER Presents the Printer Which Folds and Inserts Into an Envelope; The Finishing of Letters Will be so Easy

The First Laser Printer Which Folds and Inserts Your Letter Into an Envelope
 Just by Mouse-Click

DUSSELDORF, Germany, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Now your office work becomes easier with the printer which folds and inserts into an envelope. A new laser printer which not only prints, but also folds letters and inserts them into envelopes is a world-novelty at CeBIT 97 in Hannover. A dream comes true for secretaries and office clerks who previously had to fold and insert many pages by hand every day. With the PRINSERTER, you can reduce tedious work and stress and save time.

Especially for small, medium sized, and large companies a new laser printer with high resolution, and an integrated folding and inserting unit is now ready to deliver. This printer can be connected directly to an office computer or an existing network together with a normal printer cable. With the PRINSERTER, the new computer peripheral, you can print letters and have them automatically inserted into an envelope to be sent with just one mouse click. It is a compact and quiet PC laser printer with its cabinet already on the market.

The PRINSERTER offers many application possibilities. It can be used either as a regular laser printer with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a printing speed of 12 pages per minute, as a automatic print, folding and inserting system or it can be used as an inserting system for already printed information. There is no need to purchase further printers or machines for folding and inserting letters for your office and department.

The PRINSERTER offers a flexible and wide range of functions and applications. It is especially suitable for personalized letters, serial letters, invoices, confidential letters and documents which have to be sealed immediately, salary statements, invitation letters or simply for your normal daily mail with or without enclosure. The PRINSERTER offers a wide range of applications and solutions.

The operation of the PRINSERTER is as easy as a simple print job. Typical users such as secretaries and office clerks who are working with standard application softwares like MSWord, don't need any special training.

The PRINSERTER can be connected to all common computers and integrated in existing networks. Different interfaces and printer drivers make it possible to work with operation systems DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Apple Macintosh.

Therefore it is sure that all documents which were finished by standard application softwares can be printed and automatically inserted into an envelope, ready to be sent.

Thanks to a wide range of possibilities of connectivity, the PRINSERTER will be used as a powerful printer as well an automatic system that makes your letters ready to send.

 -0- 3/19/97

/CONTACT: PRINSERTER Deutschland GmbH, +49-0-2131-23-83-0, fax: +49-0-2131-23-83-50, or e-mail: 106

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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Mar 19, 1997
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