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DANBURY, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 24, 1995--Praxair, Inc. (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
: PX) announced today that it has completed construction of a new, patented on-site ultrahigh ul·tra·high  
Exceedingly high: an ultrahigh vacuum. 
 purity (UHP UHP Université Henri Poincaré (French: Henri Poincaré University)
UHP Ultra-High Performance (projector lamps)
UHP Ultra High Pressure (waterjet)
UHP Utah Highway Patrol
) nitrogen generation plant at NEC (NEC Corporation, Tokyo,, An electronics conglomerate known in the U.S. for its monitors. In Japan, it had the lion's share of the PC market until the late 1990s (see PC 98).

NEC was founded in Tokyo in 1899 as Nippon Electric Company, Ltd.
 Electronics, Inc.'s (NECEL) semiconductor manufacturing facility in Roseville, California.

Praxair currently has commitments totaling over $85 million to build five more on-site nitrogen plants (N-plants) that use this new technology, which features plant sizes from 10,000 standard cubic feet per hour (scfh) to over 300,000scfh and an optional UHP oxygen production capability. The new plant meets NECEL's requirements to upgrade nitrogen purity, expand plant capacity, without increasing energy consumption. With the new, upgraded N-plant from Praxair, NECEL will be able to generate 80 percent more nitrogen at no additional energy cost.

"It's win-win for our customers, who receive higher purity product, gain production efficiencies, and add capacity without additional site investments. With its innovative design, this process also brings as much value and reliability to customers requiring new nitrogen production facilities as it does for customers looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 upgrades," says David Thompson, product manager, bulk gases and nitrogen plants.

The new plant at NECEL has the capacity to supply 180,000 scfh of nitrogen, at a purity level of less than 1 part per billion. Praxair currently supplies NECEL with nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon argon (är`gŏn) [Gr.,=inert], gaseous chemical element; symbol Ar; at. no. 18; at. wt. 39.948; m.p. −189.2°C;; b.p. −185.7°C;; density 1.784 grams per liter at STP; valence 0. , specialty process gases, along with comprehensive site gas services.

Praxair is the largest supplier of on-site nitrogen plants in North America, and has supplied over 30 electronics customers with on-site high purity nitrogen for over 30 years, and over 170 customers in steel, glass, food, chemical an other industries.

NEC Electronics, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, Tokyo, producing a wide range of metal oxide semiconductor See MOS.

(electronics) Metal Oxide Semiconductor - (MOS) The three materials used to form a gate in the most common kind of Field Effect Transistor - a MOSFET.
 (MOS (1) (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) See MOSFET.

(2) (Mean Opinion Score) The quality of a digitized voice line. It is a subjective measurement that is derived entirely by people listening to the calls and scoring the results from
) dynamic memories, microprocessors and application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Praxair is the largest industrial gases company in North and South America, and one of the largest worldwide, with 1994 sales of $2.7 billion. The company produces, sells and distributes atmospheric, process and specialty gases, and high-performance surface coatings. Praxair is a leader in the commercialization of new technologies that bring productivity and environmental benefits to a diverse group of industries.

CONTACT: Donna J. Pierpont, (203) 837-2135
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 24, 1995
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