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PPP government is striving for democratic, prosperous Pakistan: PM.

ISLAMABAD, October 01, 2009 (Frontier Star): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Thursday said the PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) The most popular method for transporting IP packets over a serial link between the user and the ISP. Developed in 1994 by the IETF and superseding the SLIP protocol, PPP establishes the session between the user's computer and the ISP using  government is striving for a democratic, prosperous and progressive Pakistan, which is the anchor of peace and stability for the entire South Asian region. "We are taking steps for achieving sustained high trajectory Trajectory

The curve described by a body moving through space, as of a meteor through the atmosphere, a planet around the Sun, a projectile fired from a gun, or a rocket in flight.
 of economic growth, with the objective to reducing poverty and for meeting the targets set-out in Millennium Development Goals “MDG” redirects here. For other uses, see MDG (disambiguation).

The Millennium Development Goals are eight goals that 192 United Nations member states have agreed to try to achieve by the year 2015.
", Gilani said while addressing the participants of 91st National Management Course here at the PM House. Secretary Establishment Division, Muhammad Ismail Qureshi, Rector RECTOR, Eccl. law. One who rules or governs a name given to certain officers of the Roman church. Dict. Canonique, h.v. , National School of Public Policy, Lt. Gen. (R) Javed Hasan and senior officials were also present on the occasion. The Prime Minister said because of the present government's efforts the current economic difficulties have been largely contained and "we have been able to stabilize the economy with all economic indicators Economic indicators

The key statistics of the economy that reveal the direction the economy is heading in; for example, the unemployment rate and the inflation rate.
 showing positive trend". He said reforms are being introduced in every sector of the economy with private sector playing a pivotal role in driving growth and creating job opportunities. The Prime Minister said that current economic situation also demands that the burden on the poor be minimized. The government has increased the funding of Benazir Income Support Programme to Rs. 70 billion to provide direct cash relief to the most vulnerable segments of society, he added. Prime Minister said the most important role of the civil servants is to give policy inputs and to implement government's initiatives and policies. There is a genuine need to address the governance issues in our country. If good governance The terms governance and good governance are increasingly being used in development literature. Governance describes the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented).  is lacking, the system becomes dysfunctional and service delivery at the grassroots level suffers". He said official rules, regulations and procedures should not be allowed to hinder the process of service delivery to the common man, adding, "it is important that out-dated and obstructive obstructive

having the characteristic of obstruction.

obstructive colic
see equine colic.

obstructive constipation
constipation of sufficient severity as to obstruct the rectum.
 rules and regulations are revisited from time to time. All rules and laws that are an obstruction must be weeded out". Prime Minister Gilani said the biggest challenge before the civil service in a developing country like ours is implementation of public policy. Policies are formulated with zeal and enthusiasm but at times their implementation is too slow or delayed to the extent that the original purpose of the agenda is either lost or becomes irrelevant, he said and added this requires additional resources and efforts to get the implementation back on track.

(THROUGH ASIA Asia (ā`zhə), the world's largest continent, 17,139,000 sq mi (44,390,000 sq km), with about 3.3 billion people, nearly three fifths of the world's total population.  PULSE)
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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