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For the first time, IT organizations can effectively and reliably consolidate up to hundreds of disparate Microsoft(R) SQL Server An earlier relational DBMS from Sybase and from Microsoft. Sybase introduced SQL Server in 1988 for various Unix versions. In that same year, with help from IBM, Sybase created an OS/2 version that Microsoft licensed and branded as Microsoft SQL Server. (TM) databases into a single, easy-to-manage cluster. With the introduction of the PolyServe Database Utility(TM) for SQL Server, PolyServe renders obsolete the rampant proliferation proliferation /pro·lif·er·a·tion/ (pro-lif?er-a´shun) the reproduction or multiplication of similar forms, especially of cells.prolif´erativeprolif´erous

 of SQL Server databases and empowers the enterprise to substantially reduce costs of SQL Server deployments and eliminate the low server-utilization rates, sub-optimal availability and excessive management requirements created by "SQL Server sprawl."

Other server virtualization (1) Running applications in separate, isolated partitions within a single server. The "virtual machine" method can run different operating systems simultaneously, whereas the "OS virtualization" method runs applications for only one operating system (see virtual machine and OS  alternatives, such as virtual machines, are limited to consolidating SQL Server applications that do not require high performance and availability. PolyServe is the first to offer reliable application failover and the bare-metal performance required for mission-critical SQL Server deployments.

"The PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server represents a no-compromise consolidation solution for SQL Server," said Michael Stankey, president and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board.  of PolyServe. "Virtual machines and other solutions are not ready for the high-performance, 24-by-7 availability demands of mission-critical SQL Server installations. PolyServe's utilities were specifically designed from the bottom up for these demanding, enterprise data center applications."

Customers such as HSBC HSBC Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
HSBC Humane Society of Broward County (Florida)
HSBC Humane Society of Bay County (Bay County, Michigan) 
, Bridgestone, Mayo Medical Ventures, Greif and others have chosen PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server to consolidate their SQL Server databases and realize significant benefits in performance, availability and operating cost.

The Problem of SQL Server Sprawl

"SQL Server sprawl has become a significant problem with a tremendous cost to companies. Faced with the complexity of managing too many disparate systems and the underutilization of server and storage systems, IT managers are frustrated frus·trate  
tr.v. frus·trat·ed, frus·trat·ing, frus·trates
a. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; thwart:
 by the ballooning costs associated with SQL Server sprawl," said Brian Garrett, technical director, ESG ESG Enterprise Strategy Group (Veritas)
ESG Emergency Shelter Grant (Florida, USA)
ESG Expeditionary Strike Group
ESG Electronic Service Guide (used in DVB) 
 Lab. "Until now, there's been no real solution for the consolidation of mission-critical SQL Server environments. With its new Database Utility for SQL Server software, PolyServe solves the problem of SQL Server sprawl and dramatically lowers SQL Server management costs far beyond any other approach in the market."

The widespread accessibility of SQL Server on cost-effective, industry- standard servers has made it easy for companies to deploy SQL Server far and wide. However, this has led to uncoordinated un·co·or·di·nat·ed  
1. Lacking physical or mental coordination.

2. Lacking planning, method, or organization.

 proliferation of SQL Server within organizations, creating sprawl and hidden costs from:

-- Low levels of server utilization (often 5 to 15 percent of CPU CPU
 in full central processing unit

Principal component of a digital computer, composed of a control unit, an instruction-decoding unit, and an arithmetic-logic unit.

-- Sub-optimal availability (due to the expense and complexity associated with deploying and maintaining high availability Also called "RAS" (reliability, availability, serviceability) or "fault resilient," it refers to a multiprocessing system that can quickly recover from a failure. There may be a minute or two of downtime while one system switches over to another, but processing will continue.  clusters)

-- Inefficient management processes (disparate systems managed by many different groups with different processes and resources)

The PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server

"Avanade recently engaged on a very large project involving SQL Server centralization cen·tral·ize  
v. cen·tral·ized, cen·tral·iz·ing, cen·tral·iz·es
1. To draw into or toward a center; consolidate.

 and consolidation. The planned high availability cluster design had been detailed to include more than 1000 SQL SQL
 in full Structured Query Language.

Computer programming language used for retrieving records or parts of records in databases and performing various calculations before displaying the results.
 databases, and complex manual build processes, high maintenance and slow failover were threatening service levels," said David Miller David Miller could refer to any of the following:
  • David Miller (architect), University of Washington, Seattle Professor, FAIA
  • David Miller (Canadian politician), mayor of Toronto
  • David Miller (darts player), an American professional darts player
, director, Avanade Technology & Infrastructure Practice. "PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server was selected to reduce operational costs while maintaining the required performance levels and improving application failover time. Since consolidating our SQL Server databases with PolyServe, our manual build time has been automated from days to hours and our failover time has gone down from five minutes to one; system management is more efficient and we expect to substantially cut overall cost- of-ownership for our SQL deployments."

The Database Utility for SQL Server integrates PolyServe's innovative shared data clustering technology to deliver the industry's first real consolidation solution for mission-critical SQL Server applications. With PolyServe, server consolidation delivers immediate and long-term benefits that redefine the economics of SQL Server deployments: reducing by half the number of servers and software installs needed for SQL Server, cutting cluster configuration and management time as much as 75 percent and lowering total cost-of-ownership by often more than 50 percent over three years.

With full support for 64-bit computing and Microsoft SQL Server A relational DBMS from Microsoft that is a major component of the Windows Server System. It is Microsoft's high-end client/server database and is closely integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft Office System.  2005, the PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server delivers effective consolidation for any SQL Server deployment. Users also benefit from:

-- Scalable capacity: PolyServe's Dynamic Re-Hosting(TM) enables fast responses to changes in capacity needs. Users purchase only the hardware they need, stacking multiple instances onto single servers for maximum utilization, and can shift workloads between servers in 30 seconds.

-- Guaranteed high availability: All servers have access to all drive letters, eliminating complicated reconfigurations to the environment in the event of failover, obviating ob·vi·ate  
tr.v. ob·vi·at·ed, ob·vi·at·ing, ob·vi·ates
To anticipate and dispose of effectively; render unnecessary. See Synonyms at prevent.
 the expense of traditional active-passive combinations and assuring high availability for all applications.

-- Single-click maintenance: Through Matrix Manager, PolyServe's powerful cluster management tool, managing a cluster of resources is actually easier than a single server: Users can easily set up and maintain failover targets, add server and storage capacity with applications online, monitor system performance and storage usage and perform other management tasks with significantly less time and labor.

-- Simplified migration: PolyServe's SQL Server Consolidation service accelerates the process of migrating from earlier versions of SQL Server to SQL Server 2005 while eliminating the burden from IT staff.

PolyServe shared data clustering offers a unique approach to SQL Server consolidation. Unlike traditional virtual machine technologies, where software overhead limits performance, and "big iron" consolidation approaches that increase the risk of application failure and incur more cost, PolyServe runs directly on Microsoft Server System with no performance degradation and reliably re-hosts SQL Server instances to another server upon system failure. With all servers in a cluster as possible active-active failover targets for other servers, re-hosting is simple, assured and comes with no additional price penalty. PolyServe's Dynamic Re-Hosting feature allows instances to be moved to other servers, regardless of size or vendor, for capacity increases or server maintenance with less than 30 seconds of user downtime The time during which a computer is not functioning due to hardware, operating system or application program failure. . With online capacity upgrades and assured high availability, companies can comfortably stack multiple instances on a single server to take full advantage of their IT assets.

The PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server supports up to 16 SQL instances per node, for a total of 240 in the cluster, and consolidates Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 and 2005 databases. The software package includes PolyServe's proven Matrix Server(TM) software, a cornerstone of the Database Utility for SQL Server's functionality that enables shared data clustering, and Matrix Manager, the cluster-wide console that provides an easy-to-use single point of management. PolyServe's Matrix Volume Manager enables multiple storage arrays to be treated as a single unit, and the SQL Server solution pack provides a portable, virtualized environment in which to assign SQL instances to any hardware footprint in the cluster.

Pricing and Availability

The PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server is available immediately. For information about pricing and configurations, please contact PolyServe at 877-476-5973.

About PolyServe

PolyServe, Inc. is a leading provider of software for enabling utility computing (1) Pay-per-usage processing provided by a service organization that uses its own computers and facilities. Customers access the computers via a private network or over the Internet and are charged according to how much computing time they use, such as CPU seconds, minutes or hours.  on Linux and Microsoft Windows See Windows.

(operating system) Microsoft Windows - Microsoft's proprietary window system and user interface software released in 1985 to run on top of MS-DOS. Widely criticised for being too slow (hence "Windoze", "Microsloth Windows") on the machines available then.
(R) in enterprise data centers. PolyServe software consolidates servers and storage into manageable, available and scalable utilities for databases and file serving. In addition to its headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., PolyServe has a Microsoft development center in Bellevue, Wash. It also has sales and support offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, London, Minneapolis, New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
, San Francisco San Francisco (săn frănsĭs`kō), city (1990 pop. 723,959), coextensive with San Francisco co., W Calif., on the tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, which are connected by the strait known as the Golden  and Washington, D.C.

For more information, visit, or call 877/476-5973 or 503/546-1000.
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