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PMDN and PMA projects approved in the first and second weeks of September, 2004.

Domestic Investment (PMDN PMDN Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri )

In the first and second weeks of September September: see month. , 2004, BKPM BKPM Badan Pengawasan Pasar Modal (Indonesian investment coordinating board)  issued licenses to at least five PMDN projects. The largest among the projects is that of PT Agaro Agaro is a town in southwestern Ethiopia, and the administrative center of Gomma woreda. Located in the Jimma Zone of the Oromia Region, this town has a latitude and longitude of , and an elevation of 1560 meters above sea level.  Putra PUTRA Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)  Perdana with a planned investment of Rp 652 billion. The new company will operate in sugarcane sugarcane, tall tropical perennials (species of Saccharum, chiefly S. officinarum) of the family Gramineae (grass family), probably cultivated in their native Asia from prehistoric times.  plantation Plantation, city (1990 pop. 66,692), Broward co., SE Fla., a residential suburb of Fort Lauderdale; inc. 1953. The city has grown rapidly along with the development of S Florida.  and sugar industry with an annual capacity to produce 750,000 tons of sugar refined, 900,000 tons of raw sugar and 65,000 tons of molasses molasses, sugar byproduct, the brownish liquid residue left after heat crystallization of sucrose (commercial sugar) in the process of refining. Molasses contains chiefly the uncrystallizable sugars as well as some remnant sucrose. . The project to be built in North Lampung, Lampung will provide jobs for 5,726 Indonesian workers and 3 expatriates.

The second largest project is that of PT Central Korporindo International, which will operate in electric power industry from Steam Turbine Steam turbine

A machine for generating mechanical power in rotary motion from the energy of steam at temperature and pressure above that of an available sink. By far the most widely used and most powerful turbines are those driven by steam.
 Power Plant (PLTU PLTU Pct Line and Trunk Unit ) with an annual capacity to produce 11,256,000 Kwh of electric power (in Riau), 11,256,000 Kwh in Indragiri Hilir Indragiri Hilir is a regency (kabupaten) of Riau, Indonesia. It has an area of 11,605.97 km² and population of 624,450.

The regency is divided into 17 subdistricts (kecamatan). The seat of the regency is located at Tembilahan.
, and 11,256,000 Kwh in Kota Waringin Barat. The project to be built in Riau and Central Kalimantan Central Kalimantan (Indonesian: Kalimantan Tengah often abbreviated to Kalteng) is a province of Indonesia, one of four in Kalimantan - the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Its provincial capital is Palangkaraya.

The province has a population of 1.
, will provide jobs for 132 Indonesian workers and 7 expatriates.

Foreign Investment (PMA PMA (papillary-marginal-attached),
n a system of epidemiologic scoring of periodontal disease devised by Schour and Massler in which the symbols denote the areas involved in gingival inflammation.

PMA Progressive muscular atrophy

In the same period, BKPM issued licenses to 18 PMA new projects and three for expansion projects. The largest among the projects is that of PT Felima Al Bina Al Saudia which is a joint venture between PT Felima Orient o·ri·ent
1. To locate or place in a particular relation to the points of the compass.

2. To align or position with respect to a point or system of reference.

 Pacific Construction Company and foreign investor company partner Al-Bina'a Contracting Establishment from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (sä`dē ərā`bēə, sou`–, sô–), officially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, kingdom (2005 est. pop. . The company which will plans to operate in oil refinery industry. It hopes to product 73,000,000 barrel of LPG LPG: see liquefied petroleum gas.

1. LPG - Linguaggio Procedure Grafiche (Italian for "Graphical Procedures Language"). dott. Gabriele Selmi. Roughly a cross between Fortran and APL, with graphical-oriented extensions and several peculiarities.
, gasoline gasoline or petrol, light, volatile mixture of hydrocarbons for use in the internal-combustion engine and as an organic solvent, obtained primarily by fractional distillation and "cracking" of petroleum, but also obtained from natural gas, by , kerosene kerosene or kerosine, colorless, thin mineral oil whose density is between 0.75 and 0.85 grams per cubic centimeter. A mixture of hydrocarbons, it is commonly obtained in the fractional distillation of petroleum as the portion boiling off , gas oil/diesel, and fuel. The project is estimated to cost US$ 3 billion in Cilacap, Central Java Central Java (Indonesian: Provinsi Jawa Tengah) is a province of Indonesia. The administrative capital is Semarang. It is one of the six provinces of the island of Java. Central Java is both a political entity and a cultural concept. . It will provide jobs for 707 Indonesians and 4 expatriates.

The second largest PMA project is that of PT Sanly Industries, which is wholly financed by foreign investors Tsai Tung Ying from Taiwan. The company will plans to operate in technical equipment industry made of plastic. It hopes to product 2,880,000 tons of plastic injection in a year. The project is estimated to cost US$ 7 million. The company will be based in Bekasi, West Java and will provide jobs for 104 Indonesians and 2 expatriates.
Table - 1
PMDN projects final approvals from BKPM during the
first and second week of September, 2004

   a. Name of company      a. Line of business      a. Investment(Rp)
   b. Location             b. Production            b. Manpower


1. a. AGARO PUTRA          a. Sugarcane             a. 652,000
      PERDANA, PT             plantation               million
                              and processing        b. Ind.  : 5,726
   b. North Lampung,          industry                 Expt. : 3
      Lampung              b. Sugar refinery
                              - 750,000 tons
                              Raw sugar
                              - 900,000 tons
                              - 65,000 tons

2. a. BAKOM METAL          a. Motorcycle            a. 14,884 million
      INDUSTRI, PT            component industry    b. Ind.  : 51
   b. Boor, West Java      b. Piston                   Expt. : --
                              - 700,000 units

3. a. CENTRAL KORPORINDO   a. Electric power        a. 449.266 juta
      INTERNATIONAL, PT       industry (Steam       b. Ind.  : 132
   b. Riau and Central        Turbine Power Plant      Expt. : 7
      Kalimantan              (PLTU))
                           b. Electric power
                              Riau - 11,256,000
                              Indragiri hilir
                              - 11,256,000 Kwh
                              Kota Waringin Barat
                              - 11,256,000 Kwh

4. a. DAEYU INDONESIA,     a. Garment industry      a. 30,897 million
      PT                   b. Sweater - 1,800,000   b. Ind.  : 477
   b. Bekasi,                 pcs                      Expt. : 7
      West Java

5. a. MITRA SELARAS        a. Wholesaler trading    a. 14,884 million
      SEMPURNA, PT         b. Service value         b. Ind.  : 214
   b. Jakarta                 - Rp 20,000 million      Expt. : 4

Source: Data Consult

Table - 2
PMA projects final approvals from BKPM during the
first and second week of September, 2004

    a. Name of company         a. Line of business    a. Investment
    b. Indonesian party        b. Production          b. Manpower
    c. Foreign party              capacity               per annum
                                                      c. Location

1.  a. ASIA EXPRESS            a. Travel agent        a. 115,000
       INDONESIA, PT              services            b. Ind.  : 6
    b. --                      b. Travelling             Expt. : 1
    c. Tan Hwa Poh                service             c. Jakarta
       (Singapore)                - 5,000 peoples

2.  a. BLUE ROSE BARADO, PT    a. Leather products    a. 400,000
    b. --                         industry            b. Ind.  : 100
    c. Kim Ki Bong             b. Bag - 500,000 pcs      Expt. : --
       (South Korea)                                  c. Bogor,
                                                         West Java

3.  a. CISARUA MOUNTAIN        a. Milk processing     a. 1,100,000
       DAIRY, PT                  industry            b. Ind.  : 32
    b. Bambang Sutantio        b. Yoghurt                Expt. : 1
    c. Theodorus Cornelis         - 1,000,000         c. Bogor,
       Johannes Swart             liters                Jawa Barat
       (Netherlands)              Acidified milk
                                  - 4,000,000
                                  pasteurized milk
                                  - 500,000 liters

4.  a. EASYNESIA, PT           a. Furniture and       a. 800,000
    b. --                         export trading      b. Ind.  : 31
    c. Alessandro Corvi           services               Expt. : 5
       (Italy)                 b. Furniture           c. Tabanan, Bali
                                  - 1,500 m3
                                  Service value
                                  - US$ 600,000

5.  a. FELIMA AL BINA AL       a. Oil refinery        a. 3,000,000,000
       SAUDIA, PT                 industry            b. Ind.  : 707
    b. Felima Orient Pacific   b. LPG, gasoline,         Expt. : 4
       Construction               kerosene, gas       c. Cilacap,
       Company, PT                oil,                   Central Java
    c. Al-Bina'a Contracting   b. LPG, bensin,
       Establishment              minyak tanah,
       (Saudi Arabia)             gas oil diesel
                                  and fuel
                                  - 73,000,000

6.  a. GUSTAVEIRA              a. Export and import   a. 200,000
       INTERNATIONAL, PT          trading services    b. Ind.  : 6
    b. --                      b. Service value          Expt. : 2
    c. Richard Kamgna             - US$ 1,200,000     c. Jakarta

7.  a. INDO TECTONA, PT        a. Moulding and        a. 1,000,000
    b. Kurnadi Sanusi             building material   b. Ind.  : 150
    c. Goh Ah Tee                 component              Expt. : 2
       (Singapore)                industry            c. South Konawe
                               b. Wood floor             Southeast
                                  - 5,000 m3             Sulawesi

8.  a. INPUT TANI, PT          a. Seedling and        a. 425,000
    b. Alvin Thiandianto          plastic sheet       b. Ind.  : 105
    c. Designweli Sdn Bhd         industry               Expt. : 6
       (Malaysia)              b. Seed for planting   c. Tangerang,
                                  - 100 tons             Banten
                                  Plastic sheet
                                  (PE mulching)
                                  - 1,000 tons

9.  a. LAKE LAND, PT           a. Property manage-    a. 100,000
    b. --                         ment consulting     b. Ind.  : 15
    c. Tsukamoto Takeyuki         services               Expt. : 2
       (Japan)                 b. Service value       c. Badung, Bali
                                  - US$ 500,000

10. a. MANCHESTER UNITED       a. Restaurant          a. 400,000
       FOOD & BEVERAGE, PT        business            b. Ind.  : 80
    b. Cipta Yudha Utama, PT   b. Restaurant             Expt. : 3
    c. Manchester United          - 120 chairs        c. Jakarta
       Food & Beverage Pte
       Ltd. (Singapore)

11. a. QUANTUM COMPUTING       a. Information         a. 2,335,000
       SERVICES, PT               technology          b. Ind.  : 7
    b. --                         management             Expt. : 2
    c. Quantum Supports           consulting          c. Jakarta
       Services,                  services
       (Foreign Investor)      b. Service value
                                  - US$ 2,500,000

12. a. SANLY INDUSTRIES, PT    a. Technical           a. 7,000,000
    b. --                         equipment           b. Ind.  : 104
    c. Tsai Tung Ying             industry               Expt. : 2
       (Taiwan)                   made of plastic     c. Bekasi,
                               b. Plastic injection      West Java
                                  - 2,880,000 tons

13. a. SINAR MEDIA             a. Advertising         a. 100,000
       ADVERTISING, PT            management and      b. Ind.  : 15
    b. Nina Ainul Mardiyah        consulting             Expt. : --
    c. Utusan Sinar Media         services            c. Jakarta
       Sdn Bhd. (Malaysia)     b. Service value
                                  - US$ 350,000

14. a. TABRIZ ORIENTAL         a. Export and import   a. 250,000
       CARPETS, PT                trading services    b. Ind.  : 15
    b. --                      b. Service value          Expt. : 3
    c. Imranullah                 - US$ 2,000,000     c. Jakarta

15. a. TASIK DEVELOPMENT       a. Business and        a. 100,000
       COMPANY, PT                management          b. Ind.  : 17
    b. Rully Ferdiansyah          consulting             Expt. : 2
    c. Rio Dick Praaning          services            c. Tasikmalaya,
       (Netherlands)           b. Service value          West Java
                                  - US$ 700,000

16. a. VSS PROSPEROUS ABADI    a. Sawmilling          a. 600,000
       PT                         industry            b. Ind.  : 50
    b. --                      b. Sawn timber            Expt. : 7
    c. Dalin Suppipat             - 10,000 m3         c. Sorong, Papua

17. a. WINA SEJATI PRIMA,      a. Restaurant          a. 120,000
       PT                         business            b. Ind.  : 21
    b. --                      b. Restaurant             Expt. : 1
    c. Cristian Froschl           - 70 chairs         c. Jakarta

18. a. WORTH LINK INDONESIA    a. White cigarette     a. 600,000
       PT                         industry            b. Ind.  : 307
    b. --                      b. White cigarette        Expt. : 12
    c. Liu Qihong                 - 2,112,000,000     c. Batam,
       (China)                    sticks                 Riau


1.  a. CENTROTEC JIT BINTAN,   a. Sport shoe and      a. 200,000
       PT                         equipment           b. Ind.  : 165
    b. --                         industry               Expt. : 8
    c. Lim Jit Ian             b. Composite shoe      c. Riau
       (Singapore)                sole
                                  - 100,000 pcs
                                  Reet roof
                                  - 300,000 pcs

2.  a. FUJITEC INDONESIA, PT   a. Export and import   a. 800,000
    b. --                         trading services    b. Ind.  : 10
    c. --                      b. Service value          Expt. : --
                                  - US$ 1,500,000     c. Jakarta

3.  a. TECHNOPIA LEVER, PT     a. Distribution,       a. 7,000,000
    b. --                         export and import   b. Ind.  : 104
    c. Technopia Singapore        trading services       Expt. : 2
       Pte Ltd (Singapore)     b. Service value       c. Bekasi,
                                  - Rp 80,000            West Java

Source: Data Consult
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