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PICK OF THE BOX; Burnside's back on the beat.


Burnside (ITV (1) See interactive TV.

(2) (iTV) The code name for Apple's video media hub (see Apple TV).
, 9.00pm)

BAD GUYS beware ... Frank Burnside is back on the beat - and he's as mean and moody as ever.

Christopher Ellison stars as Sun Hill's former DCI (Display Control Interface) An Intel/Microsoft programming interface for full-motion video and games in Windows. It allowed applications to take advantage of video accelerator features built into the display adapter.  in a new six-part spin-off from The Bill.

Burnside is now the head of a crack police team n the National Crime Squad The National Crime Squad (NCS) was a British police organisation which dealt mainly with organised crime and major crimes. Formed in April 1998 after the amalgamation of six former Regional Crime Squads it merged on 1 April 2006 into the Serious Organised Crime Agency.  - the British police's latest weapon against top level crime.

Joining him in his fight against crime are Detective Sergeant Dave Summers (Justin Pierre) and Detective Constable Sam Philips (Scots actress Zoe Eeles).

The NCS (Network Call Signaling) CableLabs version of MGCP. See MGCP/MEGACO.

NCS - Network Computing System: Apollo's RPC system used by DEC and Hewlett-Packard.The protocol has been adopted by OSF.
 - dubbed the British FBI - tackles organised crime in Britain and abroad. This is a by-the-book cops drama, but there is a hint of humour.

Eeles plays a leather-clad Emma Peel type character and Burnside's nemesis - Ronnie The Razor - is played by Paul Nicholas, last seen in Sunburn sunburn, inflammation of the skin caused by actinic rays from the sun or artificial sources. Moderate exposure to ultraviolet radiation is followed by a red blush, but severe exposure may result in blisters, pain, and constitutional symptoms. .


Battersea Dogs' Home (BBC BBC
 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
 1, 7.00pm)

A VERY pregnant Patsy Palmer launches the new series of Battersea Dogs' Home in her first prime-time presenting role on mainstream role since ditching her Bianca alter-ego.

And she's got a real superstar on her first show - not Lassie Lassie

canine star of popular film and TV series. [TV: Terrace, II, 13–15; Radio: Buxton, 135]

See : Dogs
, but Ringo Starr.

The former Beatle and his actress wife Barbara Bach visit the home, initially just to show their support.

But they end up falling in love with a seven-year-old mongrel mongrel

of mixed or uncertain breeding; said of dogs in particular but also used adjectivally to refer to any species.
 called Monty. Is the dog on a meal ticket to luxury?

We also meet an unusual-looking greyhound called Hercules, a stray who seems to like cats and a tiny three-and- a-half-week old black mongrel puppy who becomes an instant hit among the clinical nursing team.

She is found a new home, but how will the family cat take to the new addition?


Freak Out freak out Substance abuse A verb, popularized in the US in the '60s–to experience nightmarish hallucinations including by LSD or a similar drug. See 'Bad trip.', Flashback.  (Channel 4, 10.50pm)

BRINGING a provocative spin to the world of disability, with humour thrown in for good measure, Freak Out is presented by Mat Fraser and Ash Atalla.

It combines the witty with the subversive and features weekly items from across the globe.

Kicking off the series is Mat's trip to San Diego for a one-day crash course at the Stuntsability school for amputees and the short-limbed.

And four hard-of-hearing clubbers show how they can still enjoy a night out.


Chicago Hope (BBC 1, 11.30pm)

CHRISTINE LAHTI and Adam Arkin return to BBC1 for a new series of the hospital drama. In the first of tonight's double bill, Gins and Roses, a wealthy patient and friend of Watters' deceased wife is in dire need of a heart transplant operation and will pay any price to find a donor organ.

Watters (Hector Elizondo) must decide whether he is willing to help him.

Meanwhile, Wilkes (Rocky Carroll) has requested a transfer to Emergency when a gang member storms the ER.
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Title Annotation:Pick of the Box
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 6, 2000
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