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PICK OF THE BOX: Watch out, kids - the teachers are back.


Teachers, Channel 4, 10.00pm

THEY are the teachers no sensible parent would ever want let loose near their offspring - and thank goodness they're back.

A third series of the irreverent comedy-drama about the dysfunctional teachers of Summerdown School starts tonight.

It's business as usual for the classroom clowns who specialise in immaturity rather than the traditional subjects.

Brian and Kurt are still dreaming of getting laid, but Brian seems to be a little picky pick·y  
adj. pick·i·er, pick·i·est Informal
Excessively meticulous; fussy.


[pickier, pickiest] Brit, Austral & NZ
 about who the lucky lady should be.

On the surface, new biology teacher Lindsay should be Brian's perfect match - she can drink a pint in 1.3 seconds, she likes curry and she can out-blunt any of the boys.

Unfortunately, Lindsay is also a bit on the plump side, so Brian steps aside and lets Kurt make the moves.

Back in the photocopier photocopier

Device for producing copies of text or graphic material by the use of light, heat, chemicals, or electrostatic charge. Most modern copiers use a method called xerography.
 room, Matt (married with kids) and Penny have managed to find the perfect work/play balance and are enjoying some extra- curricular activity of their own.

Teachers stars Navin Chowdhry, Adrian Bower Adrian Bower (born 20.08.1970).

Trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

He is sometimes credited as A. D. Bower is an English actor, best known for his role as physical education and geography teacher Brian Steadman in the British comedy series
, Tamzin Malleson Tamzin Malleson (born 1973 in Manchester [1]) is an English actress. She trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

She played one of the starring roles (Penny Neville) in the Channel 4 comedy, Teachers, for three of the show's four seasons and also
, James Lance and Vicky Hall.


Watching The Detectives, BBC BBC
 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 10.55pm

THIS new documentary series was four years in the making as film-makers gained unprecedented access to the criminal justice system from the first 999 call to the outcome of the trial.

Operation Discovery covers the case of a battered woman who was so afraid of her violent partner that she helped him cover up an horrific murder he committed in her home as her children slept upstairs.

Father-of-one Shane Collier was stabbed to death by Colleen's ex-boyfriend, Danny Thompson, after he broke into her house and found him asleep on the sofa.

Colleen and her four children were woken by the sound of Thompson kicking down the door. They came downstairs to find Shane lying in a pool of blood.

During questioning, Colleen denied the murder ever happened and it was the children's statements which helped police piece together the horrific story.


What Are You Staring At?, BBC2, 9.00pm

THE real-life stories of people with disfigurements are told in this new series.

These are people who have decided to have their faces rebuilt and those who have rejected surgery for a variety of reasons.

Tonight's opener focuses on the tragic story of former model Barbara Alvez.

Barbara went into a hospital on the continent to have an abscess abscess, localized inflamation associated with tissue necrosis. Abscesses are characterized by inflamation, which is due to the accumulation of pus in the local tissues, and often painful swelling.  operated on. When she woke up, half her face was missing.

The film follows her as surgeon Iain Hutchison, of the Royal London Hospital The Royal London Hospital, formerly the London Hospital, founded in 1740, is a major teaching hospital in Whitechapel, London. It is part of the Barts and the London NHS Trust, alongside St Bartholomew's Hospital ("Barts"), located approximately two miles away. , attempts to restore her looks.

Vikki Lucas, who has a rare genetic condition called cherubism, refuses to have surgery.

She says people with facial disfigurements should not feel pressured into having operations because of society's intolerance.


Other People's Houses, Channel 4, 8.00pm

DESIGN and architectural expert Naomi Cleaver is back with a second series of the show in which she passes her very frank opinions on Britain's homes and tastes.

Tonight Naomi joins Chris and Amy, who have very ambitious plans for the re- design of their Victorian cottage in Maidstone.

They plan to turn their property into a minimal yet cosy dream home, but this couple are not always in agreement along the way.

And to make matters worse, Naomi has strong fears that they will end up with a cold and stark, characterless home.
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Date:Aug 6, 2003
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