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PERV WHO SEXUALLY ABUSED 15 CHILDREN JAILED FOR 13 YEARS; Paedo shows 'no remorse' and is re-offend risk.


A SERIAL paedophile who waged a campaign of sexual terror against 15 children - the youngest aged two - was caged for 13 years yesterday.

Monster Kevin Scully was a teenager when he abused five boys and 10 girls - threatening some with death if they told their parents what he was doing.

Judge Patrick J Moran said the offences were extremely serious involving children "of a tender age" and told of his concern at a doctor's report saying Scully showed "no evidence of empathy, remorse or guilt".

And a garda added he believed the pervert was of "the highest risk of re-offending" and he would have very serious worries about him going back in to the community.

Depraved Scully was sentenced having previously pleaded guilty to 16 counts of sexual assaults. His victims ranged in age from two to eight when Scully was aged between 15 and 17. But the pervert, of Caheragh, Drimoleague, Co Cork, could be free by 2014 because his sentence was backdated to 2003 and if he behaves in prison, he will have more time slashed off.

The court heard the offences first came to light in April 2000 when Garda Bart O'Leary was told by the Southern Health Board (SHB) that a four-year-old girl had been sexually abused.

Scully was arrested and detained for questioning at Bantry Garda station where he told gardai he had abused the child and also voluntarily admitted the abuse of several other children.

Detective Garda O'Leary told Cork Circuit Criminal Court how Scully "flooded" him with information and he believed Scully was of "the highest risk of re-offending".

He told the court that at first, Scully came across as a "simple country boy" but then a "can of worms opened up".

Det Gda O'Leary stated he felt very sorry for Scully's parents as they were decent and honourable people. He said some of the children's parents didn't want to make victim impact statements as they were hoping they were too young to remember it, while others felt it was too early to assess if the sexual abuse had any effect on them.

The court heard Scully was arrested in June 2000 in relation to another abuse case and was deemed a suitable candidate for a programme at a specialist centre for sex offenders in Cambridge in the UK.

He had more than two years of treatment at Glebe House at a cost of EUR368,224 to the SHB but the feedback was the treatment proved to be of no benefit and Scully was sent to the Central Mental Hospital.

He was returned for trial in November 2002 but his fitness to plead became an issue and the jury based on medical evidence deemed him unfit for trial.

The case came before the courts again this year when with the introduction of a Criminal Law Insanity Act (2006) it was ruled Scully could now stand trial.

Yesterday Scully's lawyer Marjorie Farrelly said her client had materially assisted the administration of justice, saying: "It was Kevin Scully who volunteered details of other victims."

Judge Moran jailed him for 20 years, suspending the last seven on the condition Scully abide by the directions of the Probation Service for 10 years after his release.

He also backdated the sentence to May 2003 when Scully became a patient of the Central Mental Hospital where he remained until 2007 when he was deemed fit to plead to the charges.

The ISPCC yesterday said the 13-year sentence reinforced the severity of the crime and the unacceptability of child sexual abuse.

Advocacy manager Mary Nicholson added: "This man underwent a rehabilitation programme but continues to pose a serious risk to children, a long sentence with strict supervision post-release is therefore appropriate."


MONSTER Kevin Scully abused child aged just two; DANGER Scully could be free by 2014
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john kavanagh
john kavanagh (Member): strict supervision 10/28/2013 3:29 PM
The matter of 'strict supervision' becomes a tad anomalous when the miscreant is granted a pseudonym and is left living with people who know nothing of his past...people who would unwittingly have children on the same premises as the convicted has become the case since his release. I have good reason to object to this. This sort of creature cannot re-integrate, and should be sectioned permanently. Absurdly and numbingly, his 'needs' remain a priority over the rest of the community.....a situation which irritates the unfortunate society which is forced to host him.....intensely... I would suggest a dedicated camp for such creatures, where they live after incarceration, it would be cheaper, and appears to be the only possible solution. No doubt that is further proof of my inhumane if the costs covering existing arrangements were considered borne by the tax payer on top of the bank fiasco? Bah.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 6, 2009
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