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PHILADELPHIA, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- PECO Energy Company (NYSE: PE) said it is offering a comprehensive new program for residential customers to protect their homes from damaging electrical surges and other common disturbances.

PECO Energy has begun notifying customers by direct mail about its Home Surge Protection and Home Surge Plus programs, services that combine protection against surges at the house electrical meter and against disturbances inside the house or from cable or telephone lines. The total home protection plan guarantees repair or replacement up to $5,000 for an appliance damaged by surge and $2 million per household.

Seventy-five homes in Montgomery County currently participate under a free pilot program begun in December 1995. Introduction of the program follows extensive market research and review of similar programs offered by other utilities around the country. These programs, the first of which was offered in Florida in 1989, have been gaining in popularity with the increasing use of vulnerable home computer equipment and highly-sensitive electronic appliances, like microwave ovens, televisions, VCRs, and stereos.

"Our investment in appliances and other equipment is greater today than years ago, and these plans provide the most effective and reliable protection for homeowners who want to protect these investments," said Ken Silva, PECO Energy director, Marketing. "Home equipment is less mechanical and more likely to rely on electronic circuits and computer chips, which are much more sensitive to electrical disturbances that can happen anytime and originate internally or outside the house."

Silva said power disturbances can cause an instant appliance breakdown, or less noticeable, gradual deterioration over time. The two new PECO Energy services, he said, provide "peace of mind" and the highest level of home surge protection.

Under the Home Surge Protection program, PECO Energy will have a surge suppressor installed at the electric meter to stop unwanted surges before they enter the house. The meter suppressor, supplied by LEA International, of Tampa, Florida, is the most advanced home protection device on the market available with a repair/replacement warranty.

The Home Surge Protection program specifically protects mechanical appliances such as refrigerators, rangers, washer/dryers, heater and air conditioning systems, and garage door openers. The meter-attached device is available through an annual service arrangement with no charge for installation.

Added safety is offered with Home Surge Plus, which provides plug-in suppressor units to guard against surges that originate inside the house or enter the house through cable television or telephone lines. These premium units, which are available for purchase, specifically protect televisions, VCRs, telephone answering machines, games systems, computers, and facsimile equipment.

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