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PCs Will Be Able to Receive Faxes and Voice Messages "In Their Sleep".

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 1, 1998--

Networld+Interop, Booth No. 3010

Motorola is the First Modem Technology Vendor to Offer a

Desktop Power Managed Modem; Intel Applauds Motorola's Efforts to

Allow End Users to Take Full Advantage of its Innovative

"Instantly Available PC" Technology

Desktop PCs will soon be able to receive faxes and voice mail messages "in their sleep," enhancing end user productivity while supporting the industry's move toward energy-saving "power managed" equipment.

Reflecting Motorola's continued technology leadership in the analog modem A common device that converts the computer's digital pulses to tones that can be carried over analog telephone lines. See modem.  marketplace, the company Friday announced its MS143455ASK, the industry's first desktop power-managed modem that supports full ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) A power management specification developed by Intel, Toshiba and Microsoft that makes hardware status information available to the operating system.  "Wake-On-Ring" technology. With wake-on-ring capability, PCs that have been put into the low-power, suspended-state mode of Intel's "Instantly Available PC" technology will automatically turn themselves on upon receiving a phone call. This modem feature -- an enhancement to Motorola's MS143455SK PCI (1) (Payment Card Industry) See PCI DSS.

(2) (Peripheral Component Interconnect) The most widely used I/O bus (peripheral bus).
 Controller-less Modem Chip Set and Software -- allows the PCs to receive incoming messages such as faxes and voice mails that would otherwise be missed, thereby enabling end users to take full advantage of their equipment's functionality while also enjoying the energy savings provided by Intel's power-management technology.

Many of the key building blocks that make up Instantly Available PC technology are requirements listed in the PC 99 System Design Guide draft revision 0.7 and PCI specifications. With Motorola's new power- managed modem, equipment manufacturers can develop products today that will meet tomorrow's specifications, effectively shrinking their time to market and providing them with a competitive advantage.

"We applaud Motorola for being the first to market with this revolutionary technology, and for its dedication to enabling end users to get the most out of their PC investments," stated Jim Pappas, director of technology initiatives for Intel. "Intel's Instantly Available technology, coupled with Motorola's power-managed modem, means end users no longer have to trade off energy savings against being constantly connected to the fast-moving world we live in today. From being essentially 'off,' your PC can be fully operational in just a few seconds, waking to answer a call, receive a fax, download the latest news from the Internet, or perhaps even take voice commands over the phone," continued Pappas.

"Today's end users are increasingly aware of the power savings and cost benefits that power-managed, Instantly Available PCs offer, and they are also concerned with maintaining productivity," said Matt Nelson, Product Line Manager of Analog Modem Chip Sets for Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector. "Our new desktop power-managed modem provides a solution to all of these concerns, and is a natural extension of our demonstrated expertise and leadership in analog modem technology."

Motorola's Analog Modem Family

Backed by Motorola's world-class customer service -- including product compatibility, homologation Certification, confirmation or approval. Data communications equipment is often subject to the homologation requirements of various countries.  parametric testing and worldwide agency certification support -- the analog modem family of solutions includes: ACPI Power Management Supported MS143455ASK PCI Controller-less Modem Chip Set and Software MS143450SK External/Embedded Modem Chip Set and Software MS143452SK ISA (1) (Instruction Set Architecture) See instruction set.

(2) (Interactive Services Association) See Internet Alliance.

(3) (Internet Security and Acceleration) See .NET.
 Controller-less Modem Chip Set and Software.

Pricing and Availability

Motorola's ACPI-compliant MS143455ASK PCI Controller-less Modem Chip Set and Software is scheduled to be available in Q2 98 and will be priced at $28 in volume quantities. Other members of Motorola's family of analog modem system solutions are available immediately in volume and are priced in the $20-$30 range in volume quantities. To acquire a complete reference design kit or for pricing information, customers can contact their Motorola representative. Additional information on Motorola's analog modem products is available through Motorola's Web site at

About Motorola

Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector is the number one global producer of embedded processors A CPU chip used in a system other than a general purpose workstation, desktop or laptop computer. Such chips are used by the billions every year in a myriad of products. See embedded system.  and develops the essential building blocks to help its customers create new opportunities for a digital world in the consumer, networking and computing computing - computer , transportation and wireless communications wireless communications

System using radio-frequency, infrared, microwave, or other types of electromagnetic or acoustic waves in place of wires, cables, or fibre optics to transmit signals or data.
 markets. Motorola's worldwide semiconductor sales were $8.0 billion in 1997.

In the global marketplace, Motorola also is one of the leading providers of wireless communications, advanced electronic systems, components and services. Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way radio A voice network that provides an always-on connection enabling the user to just "push the button and talk." Also called "dispatch radio," two-way radio has traditionally been used by police, fire, taxi and other mobile fleets. , paging and data communications data communications, application of telecommunications technology to the problem of transmitting data, especially to, from, or between computers. In popular usage, it is said that data communications make it possible for one computer to "talk" with another. , personal communications, automotive, defense and space electronics and computers. Corporate sales in 1997 were $29.8 billion. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: Motorola will be demonstrating "Wake-On-Ring" technology in Booth No. 3010, at Networld+Interop, May 5-8 in Las Vegas Las Vegas (läs vā`gəs), city (1990 pop. 258,295), seat of Clark co., S Nev.; inc. 1911. It is the largest city in Nevada and the center of one of the fastest-growing urban areas in the United States. . To schedule an appointment, contact Tabitha Bailey at 805/230-8206. Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc. All other brand or product names are the trademark or registered trademark of their respective holders. Photos of Motorola's Analog Modem Family are available by contacting Bailey.

CONTACT: Motorola, Austin

Tracy Reed Tracy Reed may refer to:
  • Tracy Reed (English actress) (born September 21, 1942), an actress from London
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, 512/934-5555



Motorola SPS (Standby Power System) A UPS system that switches to battery backup upon detection of power failure. See UPS.

SPS - Symbolic Programming System. Assembly language for IBM 1620.
 (inquiry response)

P.O. Box 17927

Denver, CO 80217


Intel Public Relations public relations, activities and policies used to create public interest in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. By its nature, public relations is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in the most  

Deborah Paquin, 916/984-1921



Capital Relations Inc.

Tabitha Bailey, 805/230-8206

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