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PC Flowers & Gifts Announce 350% Increase in Sales From 1998 to 1999.

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STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 2000

PC Flowers and Gifts.Com, Inc. (, a pioneer in E-commerce e-commerce, commerce conducted over the Internet, most often via the World Wide Web. E-commerce can apply to purchases made through the Web or to business-to-business activities such as inventory transfers.  since 1989, today announced that overall sales from 1998 to 1999 have increased over 350%, one of the largest increases for a privately held major flower and gift E-commerce service to date.

PC Flowers & Gifts ( attributes the major increase in sales due to a variety of key investments and factors. Top reasons for the dramatic and positive increase include the partnership with Fingerhut Companies Inc., which enables PC Flowers and Gifts to offer a broad range of unique gift categories; the ability to provide flowers directly from the grower, which guarantees the freshest flowers; as well as the capability to ship through the top 7% of the retail florist network. In addition, its co-branded methodology (patent pending) and marketing partnership program includes over 2,700 flower and gift Internet and Intranet sites - with many of the largest web sites on the Internet. Thus, PC Flowers & Gifts has become one of the leading corporate flower and gift E-tailers worldwide.

"We are extremely pleased to see the sales results of PC Flowers & Gifts, and we are delighted that the partnership has attributed to the success of the company," said Willie Doyle Father Willie Doyle MC (1873 - August 16 1917) was a native of Dalkey Ireland and the youngest of seven children. He was an ordained Jesuit priest who served in the Army Chaplains' Department of the British Army during World War I. He was killed in action. , Fingerhut's general manager of e-commerce. "We look forward to the continued growth and joint success of our companies in the future."

William J. Tobin, Chairman and Founder, PC Flowers & Gifts (, said that by positioning the company as the global resource for the freshest flowers and most unique gifts, they have experienced rapid growth and increased sales.

"We are proud of our accomplishments this year," Tobin said. "Our dramatic sales increase is a direct result of the many things we do on a daily basis to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide the best quality products and service."

Due to the partnership with Fingerhut, PC Flowers & Gifts ( is able to offer a diverse product offering to a larger customer base, resulting in a low customer acquisition cost to the company. Fingerhut manages the entire process from customer service to product delivery, including product sourcing and fulfillment ful·fill also ful·fil  
tr.v. ful·filled, ful·fill·ing, ful·fills also ful·fils
1. To bring into actuality; effect: fulfilled their promises.

, product returns, processing of Fingerhut Advantage credit card transactions and other credit card processing, as well as the company's direct mail and catalog catalog, descriptive list, on cards or in a book, of the contents of a library. Assurbanipal's library at Nineveh was cataloged on shelves of slate. The first known subject catalog was compiled by Callimachus at the Alexandrian Library in the 3d cent. B.C.  promotions.

With Fingerhut managing the customer support, PC Flowers & Gifts ( is able to focus on its exclusive retail florist network, (PC NET), which guarantees that when a customer chooses PC Flowers & Gifts, they are selecting the top florists or flowers direct from the grower to ensure that the flowers are the freshest available.

In addition, PC Flowers & Gifts' ( major thrust into the corporate market place has helped to dramatically increase sales. With over 2,700 corporate Internet and Intranet sites featuring the PC Flowers & Gifts icon, customers are able to easily access the sites for direct ordering.

Finally, new partnerships with companies such as Rovenet, a wireless technology application provider, enable Palm VII The Palm VII product family consisted of two products, the Palm VII and the Palm VIIx Palm Pilots. These were produced by Palm, Inc., before it was split into PalmOne and PalmSource. They had antennas for wireless data communication on the Mobitex network under the now defunct Palm. (TM) users to access PC Flowers & Gifts ( directly from their connected organizers. Since its founding 1989, PC Flowers & Gifts has been on the forefront of technology and is excited to provide a solution for busy business travelers to connect to the Internet and utilize the PC Flowers & Gifts service.

For more information please go to PC Flowers & Gifts service:

About PC Flowers & Gifts (

Founded in 1989 by William J. Tobin and launched on the Prodigy An online information service that provides access to the Internet, e-mail and a variety of databases. Launched in 1988, Prodigy was the first consumer-oriented online service in the U.S.  Network, the award winning PC Flowers & Gifts ( is the premiere website for interactive flower and gift marketing. Due to a partnership with Fingerhut Companies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary Wholly Owned Subsidiary

A subsidiary whose parent company owns 100% of its common stock.

In other words, the parent company owns the company outright and there are no minority owners.
 of Federated Connected and treated as one. See federated database and federated directories.  Department Stores This is a list of department stores. In the case of department store groups the location of the flagship store is given. This list does not include large specialist stores, which sometimes resemble department stores.  Inc. (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
:FD), PC Flowers & Gifts has added jewelry jewelry, personal adornments worn for ornament or utility, to show rank or wealth, or to follow superstitious custom or fashion.

The most universal forms of jewelry are the necklace, bracelet, ring, pin, and earring.
, glassware, toys, household items and cosmetics cosmetics, preparations externally applied to change or enhance the beauty of skin, hair, nails, lips, and eyes. The use of body paint for ornamental and religious purposes has been common among primitive peoples from prehistoric times (see body-marking).  to its existing service. The partnership has also dramatically expanded its gift basket A gift basket, or fruit basket is typically a gift that is delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace. There are different varieties of gift baskets, some which have fruit only, some with dry/canned goods only (such as tea, crackers and jam) although the standard  and specialty food category, and now has an extensive corporate gift category.

PC Flowers & Gifts ( maintains the only marketing partner program on the Internet that builds brand identity for each marketing partner and ensures that they receive a percentage of the first sale and every repeat sale. PC Flowers &Gifts has patents pending in the U.S., Europe and Asia on the co-branded marketing program and currently maintains over 2,700 co-branded corporate flower and gift Internet and Intranet sites for many of the largest web sites on the Internet. The company continues to grow by adding over 200 co-branded marketing partnerships on a monthly basis.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 11, 2000
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